Speak Out: First Dates on Valentine’s Day, Yay or Nay?

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Happy Valentine’s Day, guys! Will you be going out on a date today—maybe with friends, family, or boyfriend or partner if you have one, or with yourself, why not? Personally, I’m not averse to spending quality time with myself but that’s just me.

Speaking of dates, would you go on a first date on Valentine’s Day? More importantly, have you ever done this before? If so, how did it go for you? Admittedly, I have not, hence the curiosity. 

But to answer my own question, well, it depends on who I am going on a date with. If it’s a blind date set up for us by mutual friends or if the man is someone I met here on Adam4Adam, then sure. However, if he’s a friend who suddenly confesses he has romantic interests in me and asks me out on a date, I’d only go if we pick a different date unless of course, the feeling is mutual.

I guess it all boils down to expectations? I mean, if you’re meeting a guy for the first time…yes, you are excited, there’s a bit of anxiety, maybe fears, awkwardness… but at the end of the day, both of you have realistic expectations. 

Maybe you guys may end up not liking each other, maybe you will; but as strangers, the two of you know these things from the get-go. Having a Valentine’s date with a friend who has romantic designs for you on the other hand, is an entirely different matter in the sense that saying yes might lead him on. And what if, after said date (and many, many dates after) you find out that though you like each other, there was no chemistry and no spark between you at all?  

Maybe I’m overthinking this and I’m probably already rambling, so let’s go back to the question: would you go on a first date on Valentine’s Day? Why or why not? Maybe you already have? Share with us your Valentine’s date stories in the comments section below.

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  1. Ken

    Valentine’s Day is overrated regardless of whether you’re single or coupled. It makes some single people feel lonely or lonlier looking up over the fences of the couples next door, delusional, they got it going on! When in fact, they’re probably over all they hype and hoopla, priced gauged Roses, over priced restaurant menus hard to get in, $10 for a piece of Hallmark’s cardboard card, and staying home and watching reruns like the rest of us! But to answer the question asked in the blog, I don’t see anything wrong with meeting someone new on VD, hoping they don’t give you VD on your first encounter!!

    • bjjj

      Well put, I am tired of all the hoopla concerning Valentines Day. It’s just more hype to get people to spend money on stuff. After all Valentines day became popular when Hallmark started promoting it back in the 50’s to increase their sales. Since then, it’s become expensive roses, dinners, candies, fancy clothes, cards, and all kinds of knickknacks, etc. The word that bugs me most is “sweetie” I think I heard that word a hundred times on radio today. My BF is my lover, boy friend, companion, sex partner, travel companion, etc, but he’s not my “sweetie”. Not everyone celebrating Valentines Day, is a male/female couple. My BF is my “Valentine” everyday. We share our good and bad times, up’s and downs, and help each other out. Yes, their’s nothing wrong with a nice dinner, or giving some one a nice gift, or candy, but it doesn’t have to be done just because it’s Valentines Day. Valentines day has somehow become an expatiation or obligation.

  2. Wayne

    Gay guys wanting to go on a date are pretty rare! So if a first date happens to fall on Valentine’s Day, so what? Gotta take those rare opportunities when they come!

  3. Hunter0500

    Sentimental. Romantic. But dumb for a first date. Why add a whole layer of emotional plastic pressure on to an all ready awkward first time event? Hey it’s great if it happens to work out. A Valentine’s day first date decreases the chances of that happening. Pick your own special first date, not one trumped up with some kind of cotton candy meaning.

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