Speak Out: What Are Your Valentine’s Day Plans?

Love is in the air, guys. Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans? More importantly, what does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Do you believe in the spirit of Valentine’s Day or is it, for you, just another day?

For me, it’s the former. I do have people who I love and well, while I’m not exactly the type who says “I love you,” I do greet them “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Yes, we love our friends and family 365 days a year but Valentine’s Day is extra special because it gives us the opportunity, the excuse, to express that love. 

I am, obviously, neither expressive nor am I vocal about my feelings so I guess greeting them on Valentine’s Day is just my roundabout way of saying that I remembered them that day and yeah, that I love them. For me, it’s not exactly about the cards, or gifts, or flowers, or chocolates although I have nothing against those of course. Like others, I’ve been on the receiving end of sweet gestures and I can honestly say that it made me happy. I guess it’s about knowing that they took the time and effort to do these things for me and vice versa. That being said, here are some suggestions on what to do on Valentine’s Day. 

  • Spend Valentine’s Day with friends or family, maybe do dinner together or watch a movie in a theater.
  • Give back on Valentine’s Day by making a donation to an LGBT organization. Check here and here).

What is your plan for Valentine’s Day, guys, do you already have one? Who are you spending it with and what are you going to do on the 14th

Happy Valentine’s Week!

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  1. Jer

    I can sense whoever has wrote this blog isn’t the biggest fan I’m assuming and possibly single from the sound of this blog
    Let me say this
    you have some great ideas of how to spend it possibly and I can tell you myself -I get it . Showing some love to others
    I myself – I’ve been single for ten years and it’s partly my own fault for seeking more from a guy then hookup sex and other nonsense that gay boys seem to engage moreso but then the rest lies in that guys are either taken, play games or are after hookups and other nonsense .
    So my plan is to possibly make some Heart shaped,Cupid shaped,lip shaped Sugar cookies like my mom use to make( as she is no longer around as of a year ago three days after Valentines)
    I’d frost them different colors- red, pink and purple and then like I seen a post on Twitter posted by the English chef Jamie Oliver of his asking what everyone’s doing for Valentines
    I tweeted as I love him and his cooking/recipes and cooking methods which is throw stuff in a pan and keep things simple . I’ll cook one of his recipes for dinner
    Then later on watch a good couple of romance flicks more than likely a couple of Good 80s injections of love on the big screen John Hughes flicks -Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles , Some Kind of Wonderful ,
    But then I’m thinking boy Cant Buy Me Love should suit the night fine- Hope all have a good night with that special someone ,if not with their friends, family or those they might be surrounding themselves with and if not and you’re flying solo . Hope it’s a decent evening a nice dinner, movie or whatever – even if it’s done a night in at home

  2. Nathan

    Since the “Major Love-Of-My-Life” died long ago, I shall stick with the practicality of St. Valentine’s Day…

    1. Rise, in unison, with the sun and a certain part of my anatomy.

    2. Continue to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen;

    3. Deal with the ongoing, cumulative effects of “Agent Orange”.

    4. Drink a cup of the blackest espresso coffee, replete with milk and 1/4 t. of sugar.

    5. Eat breakfast of a well-formed omelette, replete with spinach, onions, tomatoes and cheese with
    toast smothered with butter and marmalade.

    6. Listen to the fabulous Supremes… while looking at my fabulous McIntosh THX Surround System..

    7. Take a nice, long shower with a bar of hard-milled soap and a rough washcloth…and take matters into my own hands.

    8. Lie down to take a late, morning or early afternoon nap.

    9. Hope I wake up from the nap?

    10. Continue my existence for the rest-of-the-day… .

    11. Segue into evening and eventually into night-time… .

    12. Retire to-the-bed… .

    Last, by not least…

    13. Rise the next morning!


  3. Wes

    I’m very much looking forward to seeing my man on Valentines Day!! A little candy, a little kissing and a whole lot of sexual healing!! Can’t wait!!

  4. Rashad Derico

    Single here, so I’m treating myself to a nice candlelight dinner, with cheesecake for dessert, and champagne (the whole bottle).

  5. Rashad Derico

    I’m single here, so I’m treating myself to a nice candlelight dinner, with cheesecake for dessert, and champagne (the whole bottle).

  6. Cody

    Just your normal average guy here very simple easy-going just looking to go out to eat basically a date with a guy prefer you to be a 20 to 30 yo, and I would like to come back to my place we talk while we lay in the bed and just talk just cut all and just make out and just see where it goes nothing complicated here I am actually very fun guy to be with I will leave my information of them not wasting my time when I can find somebody thank you gentlemen

  7. Solo Guy

    Valentine’s Day has always been just another day for me, but I’ll usually buy myself a heart shaped box of chocolates that gets eaten well before the 14th. I’m going on my first cruise today by myself, and it just so happens to coincide with Valentine’s Day. I expect to see a lot of love birds on the cruise, but I’ll just be there to relax and enjoy reading my book over the next four days.

  8. Dennis

    Loving the single life!! Today is a work day then heading to Hamburger Mary’s for charity Drag Queen bingo. Tonight charity is Johnson County Disabled Services.

  9. Hot-Dad-2

    For me, it’s another work day. Always glad to see others enjoy the day with their Significant Other. Time is precious and enjoy the day the most fun way you can.

  10. Brad

    one should not need a Hallmark day to enjoy the love of his life. Valentine’s Day is so contrived, it is more special when you surprise him on a different day with something special. Just show him you love him daily and realize how lucky the two of you are or how lucky you may be if you treat him right nd he treats you right. Just enjoy each other , today no more so than nay other.

  11. anonimatovato

    I had the most regular boring v day at home. I didn’t have a date to begin with and the weather was really hard. Raining hard outside, so it’s a major mood killer.

  12. Ben

    Wine, flowers, chocolate, a nice dinner, and a three day getaway the weekend following. Oh and lots of sex. Won’t all be the same guy, I’m single than God!

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