Sex Toys: Five Sex Toys To Use With Your Buddy

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be enjoying something frisky.

If you and your partner are one of the friskier types, let us help you out with some recommendations from the Adam4Adam Store. Here’s a bunch of sex toys that should probably be in your bedroom repertoire!

  1. Beginner Fleece Bed Restraints Kit

If you or your partner want to get all tied up, this is the right tool to do the job. Made of nylon, fabric, and plastic, these restraints just need to be slid under the mattress and then pulled out when it’s time to play. The velcro is secure, while the fleecy material makes sure the one restrained is comfortable. It’s worth $25, but we’re currently selling it for only $19.95

2. The Ride Me Double Dildo Mouth Gag

Here’s a toy that does double duty. It’s a strap that has a small dildo and a larger one. The small dick gag goes inside the mouth, with the bigger one sticking out so the other guy can sit on it. If you’re the Dom in the bedroom, you get to keep your sib quiet while getting your ass fucked at the same time. You can buy it for $35.95 at the Adam4Adam Store.

3. Crimson Tied Steel-Enforced Paddle

Engaging in a little S&M play with your partner? You can start out with this paddle, which has a red embossed side and a faux leather black side. It’s 12 inches in length, steel reinforced, and sells for only $12.99, less than the $16.99 it usually retails for.

4. Vibrating Fox Tail Plug

If one of you has to stay home while the other has to work, the person staying home can keep their hole loose with this plug. Not only does it have a soft faux fur tail, its also got a vibrating bullet that ads an extra sensation that massages the ass. Rather than paying its usual $45 price tag, you can buy it for only $33.99 at the Adam4Adam Store.

5. Jolt Electro Puppy Trainer Shock Collar

Planning on having the sex be really kinky? This sex toy is sure to add a little kick to the proceedings. After the batteries have been put in both the remote control and the shock unit, lock the collar onto whoever the slave is in the bedroom and prepare to be in control. It can deliver a series of stinging electrical pulses or just vibrate menacingly. It sells for $74.99 on the Adam4Adam Store, less its usual $99.99 retail price.

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  1. bjjj

    I’m just not into bondage, shocks, gags, and spankings. My BF and I are free to do as we please, no need to tie him up!! I do understand though that it is a turn on for some guys. Each to their own.

  2. Marcus

    Anything new and creative is a good thing. Add spice to the bedroom. Think they all are great. Couples wonder what went wrong after they break up. Keep the ideas coming.

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