Speak Out: Tell Us Your Straight Guy Stories

Just by looking at the amount of gay porn sites featuring ostensibly straight actors, one would be able to determine that having sex with a straight guy is a popular fantasy. You don’t even have to go to a porn site — just take a look at some of the comments on posts like “Fantasy: Straight Guy Fetish” and it’ll be hard to deny that gay men fetishize sex with straight men.

Sometimes, these men end up coming out as gay or bisexual. And sometimes, the experience truly was just a phase and they guy stays very much in the straight column when it comes to sexual orientation.

But what’s been slowly changing over the years is how straight men are becoming more and more open to gay sexual experiences — and talking about them. Take, for instance, Connor Hunter and Jacob Rowland, two twenty-something Brits featured in an Attitude article. Both experimented sexually with other guys, and both have moved on to women.

Connor tried it out with a friend, and while it did nothing for him, he says he was still glad he did it. “If anything, it brought us closer together,” he shares. “It was a big thing for him to come and ask me like that, and I’m glad he did.”

Jacob experimented with a Russian roommate and ended up not enjoying it, but he’s not closing himself off to another experience. “It was a one-off. I don’t think it’s for me, but never says never!” he shares.

We know you guys are a sexual bunch, and have more than one story of experiences you’ve had with straight guys. Tell us all about it! Was there experience with you just a one-off as well? Or have you become a regular in their sexual repertoire? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Titepak1

    I was pursuing a degree and was in my Eng 101 class when this fine ass guy wearing a cop’s uniform came in late and was comtplating where to sit. I prayed that he sat close to me so I could ogle him, and my prayer was answered. A couple weeks on, we exchanged words especially since he needed help with the class. I was only intent on “helping” him with school work and had no other intentions and kept it at that. One late evening, after class, I was making a bee line towards my car when he called out to me to slow down and that I was acting like a srranger ignoring him. I was shocked when he said that he noticed how I stared at him in class. I thought I was surreptitious with it but I guess I was wrong. We exvhanged numbers and chatted on the phone and he subsequently invited me to his house to “discuss” a topic for his paper. Needless to say, I eagerly accepted his invite. We did some collaboration; and had a few drinks inbetween. We were both a bit drunk and he suggested that I stay over instead of driving home at peril. He bunked down in the living room to keep me company which surprised me. All lights out, we were close to each other when the urge hit me to fondle his dick. To my surprise, he did not object. I figured my excuse would be that I was drunk; but what would be his? Surely, he was straight because he had girlfriends. I Expertly played with his big ass dick then proceeded to suck the hell out of it. All he did was lay there moaning and groaning until he unloaded the biggest nut I have experienced in quite a while. Needless to say, many more toutoring went on along with hot sex play thereafter. Once, I was in his computer room critiquing his paper when je came upstairs with laundry from the basement and stood in front of me with his dick poking out and in my face. I ate that dick like a champ and he lived it. I eventually told him that we should stop because I only messed with him because I was only curious and curiosity kills the cat. He respond that curiosity may kill the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. It was that response that led to a couple years of great sex. Even to this day, thinking abour it brings a smile to my face. He’s married now and we have lost touch. But, he will always be my “straight” conquest and that dick was awesome.

  2. Matt

    Men like sex.
    Some straight guys don’t get enough sex from their women.
    Sex feels good, so they get head from another guy or do anal that their women won’t.
    Cue the intolerant gays that say that that a straight guy who has sex with men is gay.
    No, he’s a straight guy who is having sex with men.
    Straight is a mindset of wife…kids…mortgage…dog.
    It’s not a sexual orientation and never has been given the number of straight men who have sex with men but who never see themselves as gay which apparently is a political orientation.
    They see themselves as men who help each other have orgasms.
    But hey, the judgmental gays will have a field day on straight me who like cock.

  3. Tired of lame ass topics

    This obsession with bedding straight guys is bizarre, unseemly, and borders on molestation and rape. Grow up already!

  4. Terry Boyd

    In my experience, a lot of straight men seek out gay men for oral sex. Mainly because their wives or girlfriends simply won’t blow them. When CL was up, I’d have straight men come to me around three times a week, just for that reason.

  5. Kevin

    “Just by looking at the amount of gay porn sites featuring ostensibly straight actors, one would be able to determine that having sex with a straight guy is a popular fantasy”.

    Gay porn performers get paid way more than straight porn. The gay for pay dudes are just taking advantage of the better pay scale.

    Not every self identifying straight man is a Kinsey 0 (I’m a solid 6, happily 🙂 and strays from that group do pop up looking to experiment. Since gay men are approximately 6+% of the population it makes for a pretty shallow dating pool. We all are looking around either innocently, casually or actively and there’s the great looking members (define that how you like) of the 90% that will always catch our eye. Highly unlikely they’re looking for man sex though. Waste of time to even fantasize over something that just wont ever really happen let alone pursue it. But, the brain is our biggest sex organ so I get it I guess.

  6. Mike

    I always knew i was attracted to guys and had a few experiences. My friend David 6’tall swimmers build red hair eyes that were crystal blue! Very shy at first until he got to know you. Always straight and although we read penthouse stories from his Fathers stacks of magazines hidden out in the garage i always read the gay or bisexual ones aloud. David always read aloud the very sultry straight female seductress ones. I even got him laid by a dominant whore i knew and she popped his cherry by getting on top and wrestling his shorts off and mounting his pink 8″thick dong and she rode him like a racehorse for a good ten minutes until he popped his nut. Long story short he was in love, she was amused. After she had her way giving him his first pussy. I got the rejected guy that had his cherry popped by the high school whore. David was brooding and edgy for the next month. Our everyday routine of hanging out at his house reading penthouse aloud and verbalizing our physical state of perpetual hornyness was more about why did the slut dump him and how good her pussy was …. Finally i said David it ain’t that great, i and a dozen other guys had hit it and forgot about it… And then i read a variations penthouse story aloud that was a bi guy that gave his roomate head . David said he had never had a blow job before. That the whore had always just pulled his dick out and mounted it ??? That night i got some liquor from my old mans stash and beer from a connection at the store. We hung out by the backyard pool and drank until i was sure he was just drunk enough to be amicable to what i had in mind. We often skinny dipped in his backyard pool and i turned the conversation to s e x. And then i offered him a blow job ! As he sat on the pool coping near the transition from deep end his semi erect cock right at eye level and i moved in ! I gave him about one minute of best bj i knew how to give and he laid back and took it then freaking exploded the biggest and sweetest tasting load that i ever have had in my life ! I did not expect what then happened. He slid into the pool and kissed me , lifted me to the coping and attempted to reciprocate what i just had given him. Attempted but he was clumsily trying to suck the head off and not taking the shaft. Btw i am very thick in cock dept. But i finally assisted him and was able to finish by giving him a facial ! David and i never did more than jo together after that night. And 40 years later we are still friends but he is a Baptist Minister. And i am Gay and openly live with my partner of 20+ years. But David has never married and claims to be Asexual?

  7. JBuck

    In my late teens and early twenties I had sex with more than a few straight guys. I was exclusively into silver daddy types…not only straight but mostly married as well.

    I never thought it being a fantasy roward straight guys, it just so happened they were the guys that answered my postings for hook ups.

    I dont know if any of the guys came out or not…all I know is they loved playing with my cock.

    I am now almost 40, and I have written off straight/married guys

  8. LoneSurvivor

    Str8 and bi tops fuck better than ûbergay tops…sorry, just a fact gathered over my 5 decade plus sexual career. Why? No one really knows, but you get one of them on top of you, you’re in for one helluva ride.

  9. Hunter0500

    “straight men are becoming more and more open to gay sexual experiences”

    You don’t have to look far in Adam4Adam profiles to see that “straight” men are plentiful on the site. These guys present themselves as “straight” in their day-to-day lives, but they actively are “gay’, having sex with men regularly. A possible revealing clue in profiless “your place” when it comes to hosting. Some list “bisexual”. Others will be “out” about it, saying they are married to a woman. Others remain discreet, only connecting with close men friends for sex or other men in hotels when out of town on business.

    For some gays guys, having sex with these “straight” guys is a grand accomplishment, a notch on their bedpost, something to be congratulated over, somehow a big conquest, something that brings attention to them.

    Most of my buds were “straight” for years. They married, had children, became divorced or their wife dies. Very few men are 100% straight. The rest on somewhere on the sexuality spectrum. Having sex with these “straight” guys is not a big deal.

  10. Jake

    I think it basically comes down to the fantasy of having a guy who’s masculine, a regular guy’s guy, that’s only been with or interested in women agree to be with another guy. The idea and appeal of the normally unattainable suddenly becoming attainable given the right circumstances.
    I guess for me in my mind a guy CAN be straight and willing to receive head from another guy and still be straight. Basically because I see it as he’s being serviced and has no interest whatsoever to reciprocate. While guys who will, or have full on sex, or be intimate as far as kissing, are to me bi or possibly in denial and gay.
    The turn on for me are the straight guys who simply enjoy being pleasured and that’s all they want. It’s hot being able to basically show off my skills for lack of a better way of putting it and how good I make them feel, love the verbal feedback when I’m doing it. Being able to give him something he isn’t getting or had before. I get hard hearing a guy moan and groan like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.
    That being said I meet up with a few married or attached guys regularly.
    One is an incredible sexy masculine military guy in his 20’s. He has an athletic body, hairy, 7.5″ thick beautiful cock. I took the chance of hitting up his craigslist ad one night. He was searching at the time for a female to give him head. Guess he wasn’t having any luck and I was the lucky one. We worked out the details and he was still nervous but agreed to meet up. He had his face covered when I walked in which made me laugh. I got between his hairy legs and “got to work”. His cock was hard in no time at all and when I deepthroated him to the balls THAT got the response I was looking for that loud manly groan as he thrust up to bury himself down my throat. I sucked him for a good 45 minutes and he pushed my head into his crotch as he growled and shot his load straight down my throat, his body was just shaking at how intense it must have been. After that his fate was sealed lol. He texted me the next day praising my oral skills and asked me to come over again that day. I’d have been an idiot to say no. Since then he hits me up whenever he’s in need of a release. He’s become cool with me and doesn’t cover his face anymore thankfully. I took it further one time licking below his balls and across his hole, he totally got into it and now even lets me eat his ass if he’s in the mood. In fact he will get up on all fours and present his ass to me and let me have at it. Yes he’s straight in fact he’s never touched me once, let alone even see my cock. I’m cool with all of it and just happy to be his personal cocksucker.

    • Derrick

      Plenty of regular, masculine, “men’s men” are gay. And, no small number are in the military. None of these things define straight. I read stuff like this and it makes my blood boil. It’s tone deaf stereotyping.

      • Jake

        Dude I never said gay men can’t be masculine, lol. I never said it defines being straight either for that matter. You’re reading too much into what I wrote and getting bent out of shape for no reason.
        Not sure what exactly your meaning was about the military but in MY case with the guy I service YES he is straight. He even told me to begin with he’s not attracted to or into guys but he loves oral and doesn’t get it enough and I give the best head he’s ever had.
        I get tired of hearing the negative comments anytime this debate comes up about guys being straight or not when it comes to them having any sort of encounter with another man.

        • Derrick

          I think gay men get tired of hearing bullshit about men who have sex with men being “straight”. And, gay men get tired of hearing bullshit that military men playing with guys are “straight”, athletes playing with other men are “straight”, that men who don’t kiss are “straight”, that men who only top are “straight”. You might be tired of the negativity of gay men getting rightfully pissed; most gay men find the bullshit euphemisms exhausting. Men who play with men are men who play with men and when you decide to play with other men you no longer classify as “straight” whether you get “done” are active or are passive.

  11. Josh

    ..there are certainly times when I crave a man mounting me more than my desire to have another woman. I sometimes go months, many months, without spreading my legs for a man.
    Women turn my head like it’s on a swivel, but when the urge hits to be fucked by a man, it feels like teenaged horniness all over again.
    Ultimately, for me, sex is sex, and a good man IS hard to find! LOL

  12. Bill

    I thought I was straight. I was very young…but I already had an eye for the girls..then we got a new basketball coach… he was the best looking man I had ever seen… he wore gym shorts and t-shirt at basketball practice… he was at lest 6’4″ muscled up…and he filled out them gym shorts so fine… I couldn’t stop looking at him.. I started having doubts about my sexuality. just looking at him I would start getting a hard on… he caught me looking many times.. he would just smile and stand there giving me a good view…I started staying after school just so I could be one on one with coach….we would set in his little office and talk….he would set on his sofa laid back with his legs spread wide apart letting his shorts gape open so I could see up the leg of his shorts.. I couldn’t take my eyes off his big package..and he made sure I got a good view.. one day we walked into his office and he sat down on that sofa spread his legs wide… my mouth fell open, I took in a gulp of air.. I licked my lips…Coach was not wearing a jockstrap his big huge dick and low hanging balls was hanging out the leg of his sorts.. I couldn’t speak, I dropped to my knees in front of him… his big dick was growing bigger and harder as I looked at it…I leaned over and licked the big head. took in my mouth and started sucking it.. it got even bigger and harder sI sucked. coach let out a groan…oh fuck oh fuck yes yes suck my dick.. didn’t take long before coach moaned it cums here it cums and a huge gusher of cum shot out into my mouth and I swallowed. and another gusher shot out and another….I swallowed it all…..looked up at coach…he was smiling looking back at me.. dam, boy, that was a good blowjob..thanks coach, I been wanting to suck your dick for a long time… I know coach said.and now your going to get to suck it all you want.. and I’m going to tap that little virgin ass of your too…

  13. MarkT

    Once i answered an ad on craigslist (back when it still had personals) from a straight guy that wanted to try getting head from a guy, maybe doing it too if he had the courage. I answered and we ended up meeting at his place. We got naked and he said he was really curious about sucking but thought if he came first he’d chicken out, so could he suck me? Sure! I walked him through it, he did a pretty good job. I had him lick the shaft, suck it, lick my balls, etc. Eventually I got close and said I was going to cum, he kept going and ended up swallowing my load. I told him he did great, now I was going to give him his reward. Just as i leaned over and touched my lips to his cock he said “Stop. I can’t. I don’t think I can go through with this”. Lol you already did!

  14. Greg

    I remember reading in a self-help book that people seek out what is familiar to them, not necessarily what is healthy for them. For example, a person who grows up in an emotionally cold household seeks out an emotionally cold partner instead of someone who is more emotionally available. I seek out straight, working-class, uncut Latinos because they are so different from me. The differences in sexuality, economic status, appearance, and culture psychologically reinforce my feelings of not fitting in. I am mature enough now to recognize this, so I don’t pursue impossible romantic attachments anymore, but I still enjoy the thrill of having no-strings-attached sex with this type of fuck buddy.

  15. Bob

    Many years ago I was a waiter. I worked with a really hot straight busboy. We went camping in the mountains one time and drove way up above the snowline. We smoked and drank for hours. Finally, it was time for sleep in separate sleeping bags in the front seat of my car. After a while, I heard this rustling sound and realized he was jacking off inside his sleeping bag. “Do you need some help with that?” I asked him. He allowed as how that would be alright. The next thing I knew we were sharing sloppy deep kisses. Then he was fucking me. I was in heaven! I was hoping we’d fool around the next night after we’d pitched a proper tent, but I guess he was afraid that doing it two nights in a row might mean he way gay. What a shame…

  16. MattK

    I’ve been married for over 30 years and neither my wife or anyone know I have hot gay sex on the side. I’ve had very satisfying sex with a number of other married guys like me over the years, but never “cracked the code’ on scoring with any truly straight guys. Surely, I’ve eyed many gorgeous straight guys, but unless my gaydar doesn’t work right, the look on them always registers to me as “no way in hell he’d be into guys.” Maybe somebody can tell me what the secret is?

    Then again, I find enough nice gay guys or other married/bi guys that I don’t really have any sort of obsession with nabbing a straight guy anyway, though I sure see plenty of cute ones.

  17. Lamar

    You know, I don’t really give it that much energy, anymore; this ongoing debate that it sometimes becomes/ leans toward. I’ve encountered many “straight” men in the past as well as present, just looking to “get-off,” just me, sometimes, with someone. ‘They’, just want to try something/someone different, maybe they’re just adventurous, like me, too. Hell, at this juncture, if, I had any inclination sexually for a woman, I’d more than likely act it, doesn’t make my straight nor necessarily bi, even. Just two souls responding to each other’s needs for a while, leave it at that.

  18. Alan

    I am the straight guy story. I never thought I would like let a guy touch me but I travel a lot for work and when you are horny ……….you are horny. I had a guy approach me off another website and offer to suck my cock and I took him up on the offer. I was very nervous and it was completely anonymous but it ended up being an amazing blowjob.

    After that my curiosity continued to grow and I am now completely hooked into getting sucked, sucking cock, getting rimmed, fucking a tight ass and getting fucked.

    I LOVE IT !!

  19. Ryan

    if a male has sex with another male then they are gay or bisexual and if they deny it then they are in denial, so enough of the straight bullshit. If they are interested in any type of sexual activity with the same sex they are bi-curious at the very least as the entire point of sexuality is the sex part; isn’t that the entire point of the definition heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual ? However, i find if the guy wants to cuddle after they orgasm it makes one gay versus ‘straight’ as the feeling of horniness leaves the body and it would make the other guy feel gay. Those men don’t want to be touched or associated with men afterwards. The fantasy is over. Those guys are kind of hot to fantasize about i think , but i don’t personally pursue men in public as it’s not socially acceptable unlike heterosexual’s that can bait and attract one another.

  20. Joe

    Straight guy here… have had a few experiences with guys.. I received head the first couple times… then more recently had body contact… received head.. Gave head… and was rimmed.

    I’m hoping I find a good guy… good situation… My fantasy is to try receiving anal.. It gets me turned on watching porn… will have to attempt it at some point.

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