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TV: Four Shows/Movies to Watch This Weekend

How do you spend your weekend guys? Here in Montreal there is a huge snowstorm!

Do you work even if it’s a weekend; do you maybe spend your time with friends and family, or go out with your fuck buddy? If you are not into staycation and you’re planning on staying at home for a change, here are some movies and shows that you can watch this weekend:

  1. People Like Us. You can watch this show on YouTube for free. People Like Us is now in its second season, it follows the story of four gay men named Joel, Ridzwan, Rai, and Isaac as they navigate lust, love, and life in Singapore where gay sex is illegal. Check out the first episode of the second season below and also, please note that it’s not safe for work.

  1. Straight A. This short film is a coming out story that is actually based on the filmmaker’s (Todd Lien) real-life experience. Straight A follows the story of a young Asian man named Alex who is torn between coming out to his father and risk losing his dad or staying inside the closet and be the perfect Straight A son that he always is and risk losing his boyfriend.Β 

  1. Milk (2008). This film is about the life and death of Harvey Milk (played by Sean Penn), an American gay activist who fought for gay rights and the first openly gay elected official in California. Milk was murdered by a disgruntled city supervisor in 1978.Β 

  1. Paris is Burning (1990). This classic film gives the viewers a look at the underground gay and transgender Black and Latino ball culture in 1980s New York City. It has won multiple awards and was recently added for preservation in the “United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress for being ‘culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.'”

Happy viewing!

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  1. Nathan


    All I have to do is watch The Ed Sullivan Show and see and hear The Supremes, I and my late brother (Vietnam Casualty ’67) and sister (suicide ’13, she wanted to be with her brother as they were only 22 months apart) and my late parents…all sitting in row six.

    Nothing more beautiful and poignant to a gay boy-to-be than watching The Supremes in December 1964 sing, “Come See About Me,” and “You Can’t Hurry Love,” in September 1966.

    My siblings and my parents are all gone but I do have my happy memories of being all together in The Ed Sullivan Theater and watching The Supremes…!

  2. Hunter0500

    Caught “Jersey Boys” and “Christopher Robin” this weekend. The first had great music with historical insights, the other a new twist on an old storyline with thoughtful life messages. Both had great casts, sets and costumes.

  3. bjjj

    I really enjoyed the Supremes, their music and songs. They were one of many great groups back in the 60s. I think “Baby Love” and “The Happening” were my favorites.

    • Nathan


      My father had a friend who worked in the same precinct as The Ed Sullivan Theater. We got tickets ‘pro bono’ and always sat in row six!

      We went when it was my birthday, August, or for Christmas or when The Supremes would appear. We were all together and I would ask my mother what they were wearing on their heads…and she would say, “Wigs”.

      What a glorious harbinger to this gay boy-to-be! Even at The USMA, I’d play The Supremes…the cadets would look and either run away or join me to sit down to listen. Everyone knew but no one knew.

      I enjoyed myself and they respected me for being myself. Even ‘In-Country’, I’d go drink my coffee and hear “I Hear A Symphony.” The soldiers wouldn’t buy it but they would listen and dance to it…including the nurses and we medics.

      It was glorious but the greatest glory was hearing “You Can’t Hurry Love” in Saigon and the Vietnamese would dance to it and pick up the American Soldiers. ‘Tis true, you can’t hurry love but, you can enjoy the journey and the adventure…while you are waiting for it!

  4. Jack

    Enjoyed watching the trailers of Straight A and Paris is Burning. I will definitely see both. Would love to watch the Milk movie, but will look for another one which tells his story that is absent Penn.

  5. bjjj

    I’m not sure if it’s on TV or video yet, but I really enjoyed seeing Bohemian Rhapsody. Follows the group Queen and lead singer Freddy Mercury (who past away of AIDS). Freddy sang in the Live Aid concert to raise funds for HIV in Africa. Has some very good music in the movie. Freddy Mercury died in 1991. He added a lot to the rock music scene.

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