Politics: Get Out And Vote!

During election years, politicians always like to trumpet that this could be the most important vote you’re ever going to cast. For this year’s midterm elections, it’s pretty much the truth, with no hyperbole.

The past two years has seen enormous changes politically for the LGBTQ community. We’ve seen transgender workplace protections rescinded, transgender people banned from serving in the military, visas for same-sex partners of U.N. diplomats blocked, and the possible erasure of federal recognition of trans Americans.

With seats in the Senate and House of Representatives up for grabs, there’s no better time than now to have your voice heard. The lawmakers we install in office not only determine legislation that affects the LGBTQ community, but also other things like gun legislation, immigration, reproductive rights, and education.

Whatever side of the political spectrum you’re on, election day is when you hold public officials accountable for all the choices they’ve made over the past two years. Don’t let that opportunity pass you by.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to make a change, get out and vote!

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  1. Wayne

    I already voted it’s sad how so many ignore this. Even sadder that so many LGBTQ people will vote against their own good or choose not to vote at all.

    • Frank

      @WAYNE +1.

      The complex moral question gets reduced to this: do you vote your sexual identity *first* or is it somewhere else on the list of things like jobs, national security, diplomacy, medical costs/insurance, etc? How does one strike a balance between his/her/their sudden demotion to 2nd class citizenship while still paying 1st class fare, along with more regional concerns like jobs and economic development? The dilemma of having a good job in a place where you’re not protected against harassment or discrimination?

      A former fuck buddy of mine is a single-issue voter (abortion), based on his religious upbringing. Doesn’t matter if a candidate proposes internment camps for LGBTQetc persons; if the candidate is anti-abortion, FFB would vote for him/her. I’m sure he’s not the only single-issue (any issue that is adopted by our persecutors) voter out there, and he votes in every election. He votes against his own self interest to conform with his religious teaching. It’s an interesting form of self hate.

      • Libertarian Queer

        I’ve noticed the LGBTQetc. community has plenty of self hate to go around. As if that wasn’t enough, society in general has always found homosexuality appalling and has despised it’s practitioners. The stark fact is your sexual identity may just be an oddity and/or an annoyance to most people. It is interesting to see maybe 0.5 to1% of the population always screaming democracy yet when the mob rule of democracy doesn’t go their way they cry about it and complain of being a 2nd class citizen. Perhaps it would be best to learn to protect yourself rather than rely on some machination of government doing it for you.

    • Timothy Perdue


      Lol Vote against our own good? Ok…let me bring you up to speed.
      Gays are not on the minds of America right now.
      Border Security, Economy, Nationalism are the talking points on the table.

      Voting against their own good. Yeah, I’m sorry…I’m not sorry for what I am about to say:
      Until gay men can learn that PreP isn’t a free pass for BB sex. I really could give a rats ass what THEY think is best for other people when they can’t even AS A COLLECTIVE make basic responsible choices about their individuals health? Yeah, tell me again how these people have some kind of great knowledge about what’s good for them?

      I’ll believe you when twinks and dudes dressed as chicks aren’t the poster boys for the all male community and when trans people are not being painted over the all male community. When pride has less to do about sexual liberation and more about developing healthy relationships and families and bringing up citizens that aren’t trapped in habitual drug-sex practices. When our youth are not exploited by the older generation becasue they desire to live the life they were too cowardly to grasp. When Grindr, Scruff, A4A stop allowing themselves to be used for the buying and selling of drugs. When gay men actually hold monogamous relationships for longer than the gestation period of a child…becasue you know we bitched and moaned for how many years for gay marriage only for everyone to be poly and in open relationships?

      Stop pretending our community is not in shambles and that ideologically as a collective gays (men) really need to re-evaluate what matters to them.

      Ru-paul and hyper feminized men, hedonistic sexual practices, the right to spread STI’s and HIV to others, being oppressed at every offense, too helpless to help ones self, perpetual victim hood, or perhaps the development of the man, the working class among the all male community, and maybe normalizing gay men such that they aren’t sexualized symbols ever-present in the limelight so that they can develop functioning families that these women so desperately don’t want, since late term abortion is do damn desirable. Gays don’t need a representative to make these changes within…

      Our community is in shambles and refusal to look at the disgusting underbelly of the gay community is exactly what is going to destroy it. Too many people got too comfortable hiding behind the oppressive media and letting it fight their battles.

      We are not out of the woods yet and when it comes our time to bat again…trust and believe we as a collective better have a damn good reason, and a helacious explanation as to why we believe what we believe…screaming bigot is not going to work, name calling is not going to work, hiding behind the media is not going to work, professing to be a victim is not going to work. When that time comes…the only thing to fear will be the number of gay men who don’t know what really matters to them outside of reckless wanton sex and will have no answer the next time we are in the court of public opinion. It will be at THAT time we should be looking for representation…but as of right now…it doesn’t look good for gays on paper.

      So, let’s keep it 100 if you want to talk about what is more sad than the voting habits of homosexual men.


      There are many of us who consider the fact we like to be intimate with men as a characteristic of ourselves…such that I am a person who happens to also be homosexual…not I am homosexual.
      That is not the over all characteristic of who I am. A part? Yes. Does it represent my entire being? No.

      If you disagree with me: Show me what a gay or homosexual man looks like?

      Therefore to call it self hate would suggest that Homosexuality is the most important aspect about your friend…and I would bet he doesn’t see it that way becasue being homosexual comes later down the line of what makes him…–well him. He is not self hating he doesn’t see himself as victim while you do…for whatever reason. Could it be more so that…we don’t have a complex candidate…he is more complex than the people who are able to represent him. That’s not a problem of his…it’s a problem of the public…and a lack of moderates.

  2. Corey Wilson

    The saddest part about this whole mess is the fact that people tend to turn a blind eye, don’t care, or are just disgusted and don’t vote at all and expect everything to be right as rain, until it isn’t. Then those same people cry foul, when they didn’t even take the time to even try and make a difference. People don’t realize that the ones that don’t vote are the biggest deciding factor for good or bad as they are the unheard voices in politics. It’s not so much about who’s right or wrong as it is get the hell out and vote so you are heard and not just seen. Most people seemed to be incensed by all the bigotry, hate speak, lying, and just straight up he said, she said stupidity. The only way to change that is to vote, don’t vote party line, vote your conscious and for what you believe is best for you not because of what someone tells you, but because of what you believe is right.

    • Libertarian Queer

      I almost always vote for Libertarians in state judge elections. That might be a viable party if more people get out from under the government plantation mentality of the Democrats and the moneyed interests of the Republicans trying to keep it all with no interest in any social responsibility toward the less fortunate. This country is NOT a democracy though the concept does play a significant role in how we choose our leaders. In fact, the USA is a Constitutional Republic and we have a Constitution which recognizes the inherent rights of ALL citizens and not just rights for thee but not for ye. Since the courts are where the extent of rights are decided, I would much rather have a judge in front of me that recognizes that this country was founded on personal liberty and freedom from government intrusion rather than a judge who feels their political party’s agenda is paramount. The Constitution protects us all. Defend it with your very life if necessary because without it you may not have much life left as demonstrated daily in other countries.

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