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In Focus: Tokeyo, a Talented Adam4Adam User

We’ve always believed that the men who use Adam4Adam are a talented bunch, and a recent Instagram message we received certainly proves this to be true.

Tokeyo, who is tokesbadd on Instagram and Tkomarkj on Adam4Adam, told us via DM that he loves the new site and app and that he’s been a member since he was 18. Adam4Adam, he says, has helped him be comfortable with his sexuality.

“Now I’m comfortable owning my sexiness and I owe a piece of that to you guys!” he goes on to say.

His three music videos certainly show him owning his sexiness. His latest music video, “BANKRUPT” (Cuban Doll Remix), has him rapping in a gym in his underwear, slick and shiny and surrounded by other slick and shiny muscle boys. Check out the music video below:

His other music video, “Good Form” (Nicki Minaj Remix), takes on a more aquatic feel. It’s shot at the beach, with Tokeyo wearing a mermaid tail at one point and twerking with two hot guys on the beach at another. Watch that video below:

Finally, there’s his music video for “Itty Bitty Litty” (Nicki Minaj Remix), shot at what appears to be a very fun party with loads upon loads of hot guys. Watch that video below:

Find Tokeyo interesting? Check out his Adam4Adam profile and start chatting with him! And if you feel like you deserve a feature, feel free to send us a DM on Instagram and we just might reach out to you!

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  1. bjjj

    Well, first off I’m not into that kind of rap music, however I will say to be able to rap like that really takes a talent that most of, regardless of race don’t have. All the guys in the videos have very hot bodies, which is great and sexy, but for most of us like me my BF and others I know, generally guys are not that well endowed. (your special) The videos seem to play on the idea that Tokeyo is black and it’s sort of a look at me thing, “I’m black” my body, my race, my ability to rap, etc. Why in so many rap videos are the blacks are ok with calling themselves the “N” word. I feel it’s a very degrading word regardless of what race uses it. Calling someone the “N” word is actually worse than using the “F” word. I do give them credit to be able to work out and have such hot bodies, but wonder what he and his performers are like in real life. It would be interesting to meet them in person for sure. I would hope their at least compassionate, caring about others, and and open to other races, nationalities, etc. In fact I bet their really nice hot guys. The fact that they are black, can rap, and have nice bodies doesn’t make them any better than you or me. We all have talents in different ways, and making those videos is one of there great talents. I say go for it, enjoy doing the rap videos, and yes even” I” of enjoyed watching them. There’s a lot of talent there. Only thing I can say is that don’t exploit the idea of the black racial thing. We are all human, and I personally don’t look at or judge a person by the color or nationality. Yes in case your wondering, I am white, and I have a great BF ( whom is black), that I care about a lot and would do anything for him and he for me. We are just normal everyday looking guys. My BF and I can’t rap, dance, or even sing like a star, but we both have a lot of many different unique talents. To say though Tokyo, the other guys in your videos, and yes your tech crew filming them, I say a great “go 4 it” Enjoy your talents and have fun doing it.

  2. Andrew

    Well he got talent i will admit unlike that previous pornstar that you featured that was a hot mess, all i can say bout this you like your life tokyo, just be safe, the music ain’t my cup of tea all its about is who can fuck better and has a good body and the party life, ain’t my scene, but do ur thing man,

  3. Dean Anderson

    If you are at all familiar with rap music you understand that a huge bravado is part of it’s dna. Bragging about being the best/most and having or only buying the best/most is part and parcel of the MC game!!! It’s what rich people who have unlimited wealth do on a daily basis! As for bragging about their race, their bodies and their talent…uh are you familiar with pop music culture? Not to mention, we still live in a world where people of color and their culture are devalued and seen as less than white/euro culture (see PATRICK’s comment) SO like during the Black Civil Rights movement we talk about how fierce/beautiful/desirable we are both to counteract the “less than” ideology and to let people know that we know that we are beautiful and talented !!! Why would you think that it’s meant to say they’re better than that you? Even if it is, surely you realize that most people think they are superior to black people?

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