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News: Trump Admin Seeks To Erase Trans Americans

In what shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody except hardcore Trump supporters, the current administration has delivered yet another blow against the LGBTQ community. The Department of Health and Human Services seeks to roll back Obama-era definitions of sex and gender identity, possibly having a terrifying impact on the lives of trans Americans.

Currently, the definition of gender in the American legal system recognizes that it is largely an individual’s choice and is not determined by the sex assigned at birth. A Department of Health and Human Services memo obtained by The New York Times seeks to change this, arguing that government departments should define gender “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.”

What this means is that the current administration would define gender as immutably male or female based on the genitalia recorded at birth, and citizen’s disputes about their gender would require genetic testing. Legally, it will erase federal recognition of an estimated 1.4 million transgender Americans.

If the Department of Justice, Department of Education, and the Department of Labor accept the new definition, this would leave transgender Americans vulnerable to discrimination. It will also likely have a terrifying effect on the debates on which bathrooms and locker rooms transgender people can use.

Previous moves made by the Trump administration against the transgender community include a transgender military ban, Jeff Sessions rescinding transgender workplace protections, as well as the withdrawal of Obama-era guidelines on how schools should accommodate transgender students.

How do you guys feel about this new move from the Trump administration? Do you have any transgender friends or family that are now worried or afraid of what is to come? Share your stories with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Casper

    Gender is bullshit! Thinking that you are opposite sex is bullshit. You are the genetic sex you were born: XY or XX. This is fact.

    What Trump is trying to regulate is the unmitigated bullshit that just because you think you are the opposite sex does not mitigated genetics.

    Gender acknowledgement is just a politically correct answer to not admitting that Transsexualism is simply a variance of Homosexuality.

    Many Transsexuals are so grossly homophobic that they rather have a change than admit to having gay sex, and regardless of surgery and chemicals, a Transsexual is nothing more than a surgicalyl and chemically altered male or female to resemble the secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex.

    The male to female still retains his prostate to provide the orgasm; the Premerin redistributes the fat deposits and smooths out the skin; the skeleton isn’t changed, there is no womb just an artificially created vagina.

    Decart only got it half right: “We think; therefore we are,” isn’t always true. Genetics, in this case, is the gospel truth: we are born a sex and we die the same sex, regardless of alterations!

  2. Neutrois Pansexual Cisman

    What? Are you f-ing kidding me!? This transphobe thinks we should look to science to say who’s a man and who’s a woman?!? Some of my biggest idols are trans: Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox, Rachel Dolezal to name a few!

    This monster of a climate-change denier should know that science actually agrees with us. Gender is not stuck in some misogynist binary! There are an infinite amount of genders. Gender is about how you feel, when you feel it. I myself am trans! One minute I’m a perfectly beautiful, healthy demi-transboy, the next, after it starts raining and my depression kicks in, I identify more with my transtransgender (that’s where I’m the opposite of the opposite gender, but I refuse to be labeled by heteronormative slurs like ‘boy’ or ‘man’).

    I just wish America would finally be great… for everyone!!! Stop eliminating transfolks by ‘correctly’ identifying their genitals. Being born with a penis doesn’t necessarily make you a man. I know plenty of gorgeous women with bigger penises than little hands Drumpf could dream of. Also, it’s okay to use gendered pronouns when referring to fascists like Drumpf, but using them to refer to people when you haven’t first asked their gender is an act of violence and you should suffer greatly for it!

    But really I don’t know why I’m wasting any time on this forum. No doubt the majority of the men on here would refuse to date a transman purely on the basis that he has a vagina and breasts.

    Get. Over. Your. Systematic. Oppression. Of. Women. (even when they call themselves men)

    P.S. Wish me luck on my court case this afternoon! The parents of my boyfriend, who’s birth certificate (also a tool of patriarchy) states he was born in 2014, but identifies as having been born in 1984, are suing me for ‘statutory rape’. But the jokes on them because I’m counter-suing as I identified as wolfkin at the time and I take back my consent!

  3. Ronald King

    Seems like this is the first time this administration is using “science”. Of course it suits his persecution methods and rallies his base again. These people just aren’t nice. Ugh!

  4. Wayne

    See I told you guys that so many gays are prejugdice and also supports tRUMP even their party platform has hate for all gays. Racial tensions also are rampant in the gay community as well. LOL As for Jenner he’s a tRUMP supporter too so you can have him.

  5. Casper

    Sex is genetics; Gender is identity. Someone has to explain the difference?

    What Trump is proposing is the separation of Sex and Gender…not the denial of them. On a Birth Certificate, Sex is either Male or Female. That is fact not fiction. Gender along with sex should be stated, unequivocally not denied.

    The truth be told.

      • Jr

        I’m a scientist / there are only 2 genders period
        I do agree that there are people that “ feel” like they were born in the wrong body or “wish” they were the opposite sex/ and that’s ok-
        It takes two people to have a child – a male and a female – not a female and a trans male – sorry but that’s a fact because if it weren’t true my boyfriend and I would have 30-40 kids lol

  6. Randy

    Wow this is horrible!! I even heard he was going to have a gallows built and hang us all. I think we should all escape to one of the Democrat utopias like Cuba or Venezuela where we can feel freedom at last.

    • Lance M

      I agree! I heard that it’s common knowledge that our Vice President is actually gay. I heard this long after I heard about him causing all kinds of trouble to the Gay and Lesbian communities in Indiana, even reversing some laws causing discrimination against the gay and lesbian people of Indiana. The message that keeps getting repeated to me throughout life is “Those that scream the loudest are the biggest offenders”. Here we go again…when I heard Mike Pence was gay it made total sense to me. In the political community he was very openly gay, his wife and kid a part of his earlier life but “looks good to the public” in his current political role. If there’s a God willing way to get rid of Trump permanently, like a heart attack or stroke would do, Pence would be our first Gay President. Either way, he has to be better than Trump. Trump is the worst example of anyone in power and we’ve had enough of history repeating itself without him getting things out of control to a damaging point of Hitler, Gunga Din or whoever.

  7. jc

    I respected the Obama administration, why can’t you people do the same with President Trump? Keep writing about sex on this site and stay away from politics, it’s not good for your image to bash half of your audience and cause stress to a site that is here to bring enjoyment. Be smart and stop writing about this political crap, the county is doing better than ever so just stay out of it.

    • Hunter0500

      Agreed. For 8 years I had to respect the fact that Obama was elected President, even under his term as terrorists blossomed, the Middle East became highly unsafe for it’s citizens, companies moved production overseas, racial tensions in the US exploded, the US economy fell into trouble, unemployment skyrocketed … plus others. Speaking against Obama brought a backlash of “it’s becaude you’re racist.” Yes, Obama inherited issues from Bush. He fixed few and created many others. All I could do was work hard, volunteer, and contribute to actions that would better society.

      I don’t love our current President. I wish he’d stop Tweeting. But when I look at the extent of turnaround from Obama-created issues, US citizens as a whole are far better off than under the last Administration. Hillary Clinton’s campaign made it clear she would only have pushed Obama’s agenda further.

      I wish now that Trump haters would accept the outcome of the election and put the energy they continue to spend on hating Trump into positive social action instead.

  8. Binfloyd

    What a shame this country has come to. “Make America Great Again” is only words when you don’t stand for what you say. We have a sick political country. All we hear on TV is women or men coming forward after they, supposedly, banged them or showed their sex organ to them at a party 50 years ago. Worrying what locker room and restroom one should use. Was he born with a cock or cunt? What a waste of time, energy and not to mention the monies which has been wasted on this. We have some states that have been devistated with fire and floods and tornadoes. But our wonderful elected officials want to spend monies on that crazed ME2 bullshit, or someone made advances at me or what kind of organ one was born with.
    So what if he wants to be like a her or she want to be like a he. It is their American right, their call, their desire. To me we have gone from the American dream to politics telling you what your dream will be. And when politicians open their mouth it is a fucking night mare!

  9. cub68134

    i want a real dick in my ass and my mouth; nothing fake! tried a dildo once, not fun at all. only a real, genetic man gets to mount me.

  10. Me

    Oh no so there isnt 9542 different genders.. male female.. straight gay bi are options of those two.. pretty basic.. stop making up shit as you go trying to make like more difficult then it already is

  11. Canis Lupus

    If a human is born with a Penis it is a MAN = MALE! If a human is born with a Virginia it is a Woman = FEMALE! I think this whole transgender thing is PURE CRAP! Yes I am gay but me being gay applies only to me and the man that loves me. Transgender people want the world to buy into their decision by forcing us to pretend that a genetic man is a woman and a genetic woman is a man.

    I would make an exception if the person saying they are the opposite sex was physically altered to comport with the gender they identify as. However no woman should ever have an intact penis and no man should every have an intact Virginia.

    Honestly its better if people who think they are a different sex be free to act however they want but for all legal and social activities in the public they must conform to the gender identity biologically and genetically assigned at birth. The reason Demoncrats don’t win elections is because they are so busy trying to re-engineer society to benefit people living fantasy sex lives.

    I hate the republicans but at least they limit themselves to issues that actually make a difference in the lives of real people not made up transgender social constructs!

  12. Darryl

    The basis of this new attack on People is pretty much the same dog whistle drumpf has been doing since before he ran for office. It seems the only Americans he likes are the ones who have latched onto his band wagon of fools, only to be pushed out of the wagon when they are no longer needed. Trying to redefine who and what a Trans person is just starting yet another controversy to get us fighting amongst ourselves. Arn’t we tired of doing that yet? We all have to live our lives the best way we know how, and shouldn’t we be allowed to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness? I thought that was being an American is. Remember if we don’t speak up for Trans People, who will speak up for us?

  13. Me

    People can pretend they’re male or female all they like but don’t expect anyone else to believe the lies you tell yourself just because you’re feeling particularly masculine or feminine that day. Let’s say you want to produce a child with your own reproductive system. If you’re providing your sperm, you’re male. If you’re providing your egg, you’re female. That’s what you will be until medical science allows otherwise. Hermaphrodites are a different story and extremely rare. Get the fuck out of here with that wolfkin bullshit. The most wolf-like thing about you is that you like it doggystyle.

    If you’re a guy and feeling feminine, you’re still male. If you’re female and feeling butch, you’re still female. I’m all for equality but some of you have taken this shit way too far. I know… opinions are like assholes, right? Well, they can both be muffled by my dick.

  14. anonimatovato

    This will be a waste of tax payer money even for those against trans. what a waste of time. They aren’t hurting you, most cases people may not even tell he or she is trans and it’s none of your business. lbgtq should be about diversity, so sad to see so many transphobic pricks on our side of the fence! Go ahead and Trump might ban all gay rights all together jerks! Most (not all) die hard republicans are conservative church goers anti-gay pricks that some of y’all vote for. I’m not saying there’s perfection with Dems or any other political party, but the repubs sure like to screw things over and over when it pertains to human and reproductive rights. And for those saying don’t put politics in these apps, well, too bad, we’re still considered “the other”, gay and politics will always go hand to hand. Some of us gay men are very non binary in our ways of expression, so let’s not act we’re not seen as ‘normal’ folks in the eyes of homophobes. They sure as hell wouldn’t mind if Trump banned gay marriage. As for the bathroom debate, hmmm, I wonder if women would feel welcomed having a muscular body builder transman in the ladies room. I think not! Not my president EVER!!!

  15. ScrewU

    Your whole story is fake news. And do yourself a favor, quit believing anything you see in the NY Times. Plagiarism is bad. Propagating a lie is just slimy liberal politics.

  16. Coach

    Adam4Adam, just…don’t. No one is erasing trans-anything. People with gender dysphoria at still welcome to call themselves whatever they want, wear whatever they want, sleep with whomever they want. What they don’t get to do is force others to participate in their illness, and they don’t get to deny their genetics. The knee-jerk hysterics aren’t doing anyone any good.

  17. NativeNYCGuy

    I hope any and all gays/trans who thought they were being “cute” or “special” or “going against the grain” and decided to vote for Trump in 2016 because they had whatever insignificant issue to pick against Hillary Clinton realizes that they helped make this nightmare day a reality. Hope it was worth it.

  18. BC

    When are the liberals going to realize that the country is almost equally divided? Anytime a conservative bashes Obama, half of the population disagrees. Same goes when liberals bash Trump. This is a hookup dating site, is there nothing sacred from politics? Geeze, give it a fucking rest, already.

  19. marc

    Being transgender is a real issue and certainly not a mental one. It is ignorant for people to think that it is as simple as genetics. While biologically people have a genotype(what he or she is made of), but we also have a phenotype(what we show or express). Science doesn’t have it all figured out why people are the way they are. I don’t imagine anyone waking up and deciding that they are the opposite sex and go thru the ridicule faced on a daily basis. Some people look upon the trans community as if they are freaks or abhorrent mistakes in the gene pool, much as some say the same about gays. Ultimately, the US constitution will help direct the path in what happens with the trans community. I feel that they will have their rights protected, like women, blacks, and gays have painfully fought. This administration has certain beliefs and that is okay. If the majority of our country stands up for what they believe in, we will vote in check and balances thru our senate and congress and maybe, with a new president. Until, then people should remember that as much they would like to think they are part of the main pool, you are bisexual/gay/whatever. If you are not a straight, white, educated, upper-class, middle age male you are not part of their club. You never will be. Trans people are only trying to peacefully have the piece of happiness, so why do we need to be so angry and disconnected? There life doesn’t impeded on my happiness and I doubt it impedes on anyone else’s. Hopefully, this administration will understand that everyone deserves humanity regardless of their gender identity.

  20. Hunter0500

    “The Trump administration is considering narrowly defining gender as a biological,…”

    Back up the Truth and Facts bus. Where EXACTLY is the “considering” here?

    Dig into this blog and there’s a whole lotta assuming and conjecturing and political posturing going on. Where are laws are being rescinded. Where are new laws are being promoted?

    Hysterical much?

  21. Paul2

    Wow at the comments of people supporting USA President 45 and his administration policies. It’s true, those who forget (or don’t know) their history tends to repeat it. But of course, nothing matters until it affects you personally.

  22. andy19806

    The sex of a child at birth is an observable fact (except very rare cases) which is typically recorded on a birth certificate and is also recorded in the individual’s genetic code. If at some point is his life, he decides that his psychological make-up is she then she should be recognized and treated as she without discrimination personally or professionally and with appropriate accommodations provided. The problem with the Trump actions are that they encourage (or require) discrimination against some individuals.

  23. HARRY

    OUTFUCKING STANDING, am sooo glad when people realize WTF is truly going on, mind fuck from the left, and the right isn’t so fuckin’ innocent either, appears we have lost our minds, i.e. giving energy for weightier matters, carrying for others, respecting one another, being Stewart to the earth. Everything else is irrelevant and is truly bullish and disrespectful to each other.

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