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Speak Out: What Are Your Biggest No-Nos During Sex?

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Just curious, guys, is there anything you won’t do during sex? We are asking because we stumbled upon this thread with similar topic on Reddit where respondents revealed that yes, there are some sex acts they aren’t willing to do.

Scat, for one, and bareback and food said one respondent. Another said, “spitting (one of them commented that his hookup spat in his mouth which is a no-no for him. For me, too, for the record) and inflicting unnecessary physical or emotional pain,” a comment that was echoed by some netizens. Others on the other hand, don’t like being restrained (he explained that he hyperventilates when he feels trapped) or licking armpits.  Moreover, someone admitted that while he loved being rimmed, he isn’t comfortable or willing to do it for others. Also, one of them said it’s not what he won’t do but what he doesn’t want his boyfriends or hookups to do to him like touching his balls (or even licking it) and nipples.

Why do we refuse certain sex acts? Well, maybe we find it gross, humiliating, degrading, painful, dangerous, or scary even.  For example, others get mortified when choking comes into the equation (I would be, too; to be honest), or bondage, or blood play. Or they may find it awkward (roleplay for example). But other guys confessed that while they may refuse to do certain sex acts for their hookups, they may be amenable to their long-term partners with whom they are emotionally invested to. And depending on their talk, they may be willing or they may be swayed into doing or trying different things in the bedroom.

What about you, guys? What are your limits in the bedroom? I believe we all have one. What’s your absolute no-no in bed and why? In addition, are there any particular sex acts that you aren’t willing to do to your partner or hookup but are open to experiencing it for yourself (like rimming, the example given above)? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. Matt (Black)

    On time subject… I was horny one day and decided to hookup with a very hot middle aged shaved head white guy at his place. He was a bottom and in the middle of him riding my pole facing me he went over the edge and slapped me across my face hard and said fuck me harder n-word. I was more madder about the slap than the n-word. My first instinct was to beat him down because the slap stung and really hurt. Needless to say I threw him off me and cussed him out with my fist balled up. He was so apologetic and tried to explain that it wasn’t pre-medictated. He explained it was done from the excitement from my good dick. The ass was very good and tite and I was still horny so after a while we went back at it and it was even more explosive. We were both quiet going at it rough and vindictive. You could hear a loud clapping noise from my thick long black dick opening up his soaking wet hole…After about 15 mins, he pumped his beautiful dick and squirted out a huge load all over my stomach, chest and some landed on my chin, lip and neck. He stopped but I kept pumping my black cock upward in his wet hole. He was almost in tears shaking his head from side to side as I stopped and squeezed out a huge load in my condom i was wearing with my dick lodged deep deep in his tite ass. We both got up slowly never saying a word and i cleaned up quietly in his bathroom and I got dressed and left never saying goodbye………

    • ME623

      You’re good bro! Slap & NWord?! Oh HELL TO DA NAW! It wouldn’t have been that way for me, but I applaud you for continuing. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    • bjjj

      First off I agree that hard slapping, spanking and pain isn’t necessary for good sex. Also calling you the N word is uncalled for. I am white and my BF is black, and I never call him using the N word and he doesn’t make any “derogatory ” comments about me either. I personally don’t like it, and neither does my BF. Must say though you worked it out and eventually enjoyed each other. I like it when a guy shoots his load all over me. I’m glad you kept your cool, and didn’t get violent or rough with him, but I agree showing your fist made a bold statement that you didn’t like him slapping you or calling you the N word. Acceptance of each other regardless of looks, race, age, etc, is very important. My BF and I don’t even talk about our racial differences, we just know each other so well, that it doesn’t matter to either of us. PS, I don’t care for him because of his race, I love him for who he is, the greatest guy I have ever known.

      • Matt (Black)

        Tony, Firstly, Horny is a common bond that normal human beings that are sexual endure at times. Needy, not really as a nice looking black guy I do pretty good. Degraded, I know my history and I’m fully aware of the hurt and pain that terrible word does to people of color. I illustrated how pissed I was but once he apologized and explained his actions I decided to continue. I’m comfortable in my own skin and I know who I am. I’m a college educated young man and I know I’m not a n-word.

  2. Joe

    I love to slip my cock into a nice clean ass, protected of course, but it has got to be clean, the slightest smell and my cock simply goes limp. I’m a natural slow cummerbund and can go for hours if my partner wants it. I’ve seen many bottoms that I wanted to fuck so bad I could hardly stand it, only to have them drop their pants to expose a smelly ass. No dick for them. Odor is where I draw the line.

  3. Antonio

    I saw that reddit post and I realized a lot of gay men are basic when it comes to sex: just sucking dick, fuck for 15 minutes, bust a weak but then leave. Have some imagination and personality when it comes to sex. A lot of gay men aren’t into foreplay, using sex toys, oils. I get the scat and piss because that’s just gross.

  4. Dyaln

    Don’t even think of grabbing your phone to check a call or text while I’m fucking you. You’ll think you’ve just been raped with the agrsssion of pour on. And the trip to the Apple Store to get your phone fixed will require an appointment and a lot of glue.

  5. PostGayGrandDad

    Just stop talking. Sex is not a porn with a terrible script and lousy delivery. Don’t groan because you think I want to hear you to groan, groan because you can’t help it. Verbal cues are completely irrelevant if there is physical communication.

  6. Brandon

    No-No’s: Bareback, rimming someone, suck uncut cock, watersports, scat

    Yes, Please: getting armpits licked, body rubs, wrestling, ass play

  7. Corey

    If it were possible I’d never touch a freshly showered cock again. Nothing more boring than the smell of plain clean skin, and nothing more revolting than tasting soap or cologne. I honestly wonder how anybody can ever think it’s ok to smell totally bland or fake for a hookup.

    • Dave

      Au contraire. While I totally get the notion of how incredibly hot natural man-scent (and taste)can be (unless the guy is really ripe ‘n’ rancid), I remember from decades ago the great times I had as a teen, messing around with my on-again, off-again best bud and he always smelled so fresh and clean. I loved it. It didn’t hurt that he was gorgeous and had a beautiful cock that was an absolute delight to suck. But to this day the scent of fresh Castile soap lights me up like a football stadium in a heartbeat. Nothin’ wrong with a little clean on the peen. Ah, yeaaaah.

  8. Chopin

    Definitely no scat or blood … Anything on that level is a given no-no… But also calling my man parts with feminine names like “pussy” or “tits”….NO… I have an asshole and a chest … Love slight dominance but I’m still a man … !!

  9. Mark

    As a sub, I hate when guys hold back, and are afraid of turning me off, scaring me or me thinking they are wired. I let you know my limits before hand, if it doesn’t cross one of those lines (and there are very few!) go for it!

    I hate having a vanilla experience and later learning you would have done something but…

    Do what you want, I am getting off on being the one you pleasure yourself with!

  10. Ben

    Amen to no restraints. My Ex playfully held my arms down over my head and would not let go. It brought out something primal in me and I got my legs up under him and LAUNCHED him off the bed. He never did that again. Also nothing that will leave a mark on me, the linens or the furniture.

  11. Rob

    Never been into scat or ws myself. The smell of feces is just a huge turn off to me. And never wanted to be pissed on, and I get pee shy still when around other people so while I’d be willing to give a golden shower of a guy wanted, my body would object.

  12. gtownbottom

    When People Say “They Don’t Do Bareback Sex” But Want Their Dick Sucked, Ass Ate, Vice Versa. That’s Not Safe Sex, That’s Bullshit, Idiotic And Ass Backwards And I Don’t Give A Damn Who Disagrees.

  13. DS

    I just can’t bring myself to rim another guy, but I love getting rimmed. I’ve also never let a guy cum in my mouth, but I’d be willing to give it a try if I were a committed relationship.

  14. Terry

    No fisting! Spitting is a turn off! No scat, blood or piss either. No humiliation or physical abuse. I want to be loved not abused. Just where I’m coming from.

    Role play with a trusted partner may be ok but there are limits still.

  15. Jake

    Spitting is something I won’t do and neither want done to me on my face or in my mouth. It’s degrading and a big turn off. I don’t even like watching porn where guys do this and I don’t understand the appeal. Don’t mind if a guy spits on my cock but that’s where it ends.

    • Marcus

      I agree with Jake 150%. Absolutely no spit at all. Complete turnoff. Also NO smell of piss or human feces whatsoever and I want to smell body wash, deodorant, lotions and cologne on my partner. Freshly showered or right out of the bathtub. Nutts and ass get sweaty and musty real quick. Corey spoke of bums asking for money which from my experiences only applies to young black guys and I’m saying that and whoever don’t like it so what!!!!!! This is my personal respond to the blog.

  16. ME623

    I don’t like being tied up. I can handle holding my arms over my head for a short time, but if I feel like I’m being overly controlled, then I’m breaking free. I love being rimmed, but I won’t eat ass. I think watersports and scat are GROSS! Don’t spit in my mouth, its 1 thing for wet kissing, but don’t hock and spit. UGH! I dated a guy who hated blowjobs, giving and receiving, that was hard for me (no pun intended) because I thought everyone sucked dick. He didn’t like for me to hold it or rub it.

  17. mark

    defintely not nto scat, pnp or bareback. other things are negotiable.
    Not kissing is a no no, as is one sided sex, it needs to be give and take. a guy must be bathed and groomed

  18. latinlust69

    While I’m pretty open and “experienced” I still can’t handle scat or shit in general. Blood play too..yuck! No excessive pain either. Some spanking can be Hot. Nipple play too. But not just to hurt.

  19. Alex

    Well, one of my hard limits is lack of proofreading in published work.
    This article’s title has a glaring grammatical error that should’ve been caught and edited before the piece went live.

  20. Chip

    As a bottom. I get into to most things but
    1) no fisting, ever!!
    2) I don’t rim
    3) there is a difference btw “man scent” and funk. Please clean up, I do

  21. dikkilikki

    Spitting into a mouth – I just dont get why that would be a turn on . No forceful shit either. Yes Ill deep throat but me in control . No grabbing my head and forcing it in . And lastly unclean crotches

  22. Rod

    Right on, Alex. It’s pathetic, and how often do you read “There’s three of them.” and similar sentences? That’s a pet peeve of mine.

  23. Rob

    Limits: Scat, a bottom who is not clean and doesn’t understand that being clean is a prerequisite for anal sex for all men except the scat men, I do not like cum in my mouth–it’s a texture thing, blood, pain, overall poor hygiene–(I am not going to rim you if you smell like toilet paper–get it now). I think great communication and knowing each others desires make for a good time. Happy sex everyone!!

  24. Joel

    I love a bit of pain, i love my nipples pinched hard. Love arm pits, if they are clean. I eat clean ass. And swalllow most loads.

  25. Rob

    Great pic of the two of you. Would love to join and be part to the group. I’m Rob in central
    Madison. Email below.

  26. Hunter0500

    Before I got better at vetting who I get on the workbench with, I connected with a couple of guys (not together) only to find out they behaved like women once in bed. High pitched cries and squeals whenever I hit a pleasure point. And with both, anything they said was right out of bad porn. It was pretty much game over when one yelled “oh Hunter0500! Don’t stop oh Hunter0500!”


  27. Rhysiee

    No to: Scat, Blood, Sounding, Golden Showers, Humiliation, (eg Turkey Slapping, cock worshiping, forced sexual stuff), I like to be rimmed but not into rimming others, Pain – like I hate being slapped on the arse and my fat pinched or grabbed tightly as if I’m the character from The Deliverance squealing like a pig…. grrrrr.

    Yes to: Anything Vanilla hahahahaha. Love a good make out session, love being rubbed up with a guys cock, love my nipples sucked and tongued, if I had flexible foreskin I’d love to try docking. LURRRVE KISSING! If a guy don’t want to make out and kiss, they can go… no matter how hot they are. Love having my body explored with hands, mouth, etc and vice versa. SENSUAL, PASSIONATE SEX whether it’s regular or a one nighter.

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