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Gay Stuff: Are You a Freeballer?

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Hey, Adam4Adam readers! Are you someone who doesn’t wear underwear? If your answer is sometimes or yes, then that means you are a freeballer. According to Urban Dictionary, a freeballer is “someone who doesn’t wear underwear.” The “act of wearing pants without underwear, allowing your balls to hang freely” on the other hand, is called freeballing.

Why do other men dislike wearing underwear? Others revealed it’s because they’re lazy while some say it’s because they simply hate wearing underwear. Or maybe because it’s summer (like right now), a time when the days are way too hot and wearing a pair would prove to be too uncomfortable.

Where and when do men freeball? Well, it depends, for others it’s when they are at home, while alone, or while they are on the beach. But there were quite a few who go commando all the time regardless of where they are—whether they are travelling, outing with friends, at the office, eating at a restaurant to name a few.

On the contrary, some men say they don’t ever dare try freeballing. Mainly because they don’t want to risk flashing anyone, or to risk “spontaneous erections” caused by freeballing, but most importantly, they are afraid of hurting themselves. Yes, penis injuries caused by zippers are very real, very painful too. But anyway, if you are the type who wears underwear every day, you may want to visit and shop from our collection as we always showcase the latest designer underwear in our Adam4Adam store.

How about you, are you a freeballer? Why or why not? If you love going commando, how often do you do it and when? If your answer is no, do you have any boyfriends or hookups who are into freeballing? How does underwear or lack of it affect your sex life? Is the “no underwear, surprise!” hotter for you or do you prefer seeing a guy in his underwear especially if he’s wearing a sexy one?

Share with us your underwear (or lack of it) stories in the comments section below.

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  1. Matt

    I love freeballing in shorts. I’m big flaccid and I have big balls. I love being “Jon Hamm” in slacks. Of course, I act as if I am completely unaware.

  2. paulie jones

    When I first tried freeballing because my cock and balls were literally jangling in my pants I would start to get an erection. This would cause my cockhead to “peek” out from my foreskin (yes, I’m uncut). Then the rubbing on the intensely sensitive head-skin would really get me hard. I was able to “fix” this by stretching my foreskin to the point that even rock-hard it stays inside the “hood”. My stretching method is available to anyone who wants it (it’s permanent BTW).
    Now I freeball with ease. It feels Great and I don’t embarrass myself. Another perk is I can now wear boxers which are so much more comfortable than those vice-like jockeys, healthier for your nuts too I’ve read.

  3. Kim

    I have been free balling for the last couple of years. I feel it is much more comfortable than wearing the restrictive underwear. But when it comes down to it, I am a nudist at home and when everI get the chance, and would be naked 24/7 if I had the opportunity

  4. Rex Coleman Clark

    I usually always go commando when I am going to meet guys for some hot sex. I need to be ready when I drop my pants.

  5. RobW

    Reason not to freeball? Everyone farts, and every now and then that fart might be messy. When it is it creates streaks. There is nothing less sexy than cargo shorts with a streak running down the ass.

    Freeballing is great, but you gotta pick and choose the occasion…

      • Steven P. Catanich

        Go have a extremely spicy meal made with ingredients that you are not accustomed to. Farting a bit of liquid may be the least of your problems for a day or so. It will likely “run its course” without needing a doctor’s care.

  6. Dan

    I caught the underside of my shaft in a zipper once while I had an erection. Someone was knocking on my door while I was having fun with a friend. The zipper took some skin off, ending any thoughts of further play that evening.
    I wear underwear during the day. I go freeballing when I am home for the night in my sleep wear.

  7. paulie jones

    Yes! Freeballing is my style and when I think it’s not a good idea I at least wear boxers. Hate the vice-like feel of jockeys and it’s said that letting the boys hang free is better for your gonie health.

  8. Jj john

    Defiantly a freeballer. It feels more sexy and its the risk factor that makes it exciting. It makes me horny knowing someone is staring under my desk at my cock slightly exposed. I prolly sound like a prev but I’m not do respect my self and others in public but at time the situation and setting allows for some well accidental slippage of garments Lol. Girls do it all the and its hot. Us guys should follow suit.

  9. jimbo12000

    Free ball all the time! The only time I wear underwear is with dry clean only pants! I do have a semi regular hook up that likes underwear so I have some sexy ones for him to take off me! I have large balls and underwear is just not comfortable with them. They are always pinched with underwear.

  10. 4Dicks

    Yes I am definitely a Freeballer. I go around not wearing underwear all the time. I do have a whole drawer full of underwear and some very sexy ones. About the only time I wear underwear is when I get very dressed up like Formal wear or a really nice suit….but rarely do I dress up. I am usually in shorts or jeans all the time. I don’t hate wearing underwear….I just like going commando.

  11. Mark P Behar

    Going commando/freeballing, is fine to look at but presents the potential dangers listed above. HOWEVER, one thing not mentioned is the hygienic issues associated with NOT washing clothes regularly. Sounds stupid, but secretions/excretions (smegma, precum, pee) from dick onto inner surface of what is worn gets gross smelling after a short time. Farting deposits microparticles of aerosolized feces/poop into the fabric, as does inadequate use of toilet paper after a dump. Unless washed regularly, these are not sexy “man smells,” just gross (with all due respect to those into scat, etc.). Underwear usually gets washed after a day or two’s use. Jeans, shorts, etc.? Maybe every week or two or three.

  12. Brian

    Freeball 90% of the time. Doesn’t matter what or where I am going. My balls fall out a lot when I wear most anything but a jock. Bonus in summer I can pull it out and play and drive.

  13. James Cobbin

    Freeballing is most comfortable– especially here in Hawaii. I think it’s kind of a way of life for both gay & straight men. Wearing underwear has now been reserved for special occasions. Plus, saves on laundry costs!

  14. J

    It’s fantastic. I’m an all-the-time freeballer. Work, gym, grocery store, dinners at restaurants, just free as a bird. Being born and raised in Florida, I know the effects of bunched up balls in undies which constrict, pinch, and such. For me it usually involves receiving a heat rash. Freeballing allows for air to caress your boys so the sweat doesn’t cause issues. I do enjoy men who wear undies, I enjoy that musty/musky man sweat smell one gets from having his boys wrapped up all day, but free is for me. I also enjoy freeballing because it allows for easy access when you want to have that immediate, hot summer, male body worship, DL, married/DILF, dom/sub, hookup fun.

  15. Dylan

    Oh I free balled for years especially at work wearing jeans on a hot summer day (I’m a high rise welder and you have to wear heavy clothes, leather coat while you work) sucks, so I’d have on as least amount of clothes as possible. I was working down in Pensacola and the heat was unbareable. I was close to the gay beach and was gonna do a quick surfers change into swim trunks under the towel on the beach. The gay beach was crowded that day. Hotties laying everywhere. Couldn’t wait to get naked (under my towel). Lots of guys were checking out the new guy (me). You could tell there were groups of frinds hanging out. I am not a spotlight gay. Don’t like attention at all. I undid my belt, unbuckled my pants and threw down the zipper. And that’s when the “FUCK!!!!” Came screaming out of my mouth. All eyes on me. I got my junk caught up in the zipper real good. And by caught I mean stuck behind the zipper and in the teeth. The pain was excruciating to say the least. I couldn’t move. Yes this big construction worker had tears in his eyes like a school girl. I was loosing my breath. Couldn’t walk, everyone still staring at the statue. This guy came over who happen to be a physicians assistant and asked if I was ok. He leaned in and I told him. He motioned for his two friends and they brought the suncanopy and block everyone’s view. The doc dropped to his knees (yes I was getting arroused and def would have let him blow me) and began to remove my pants from my zipper. He need tools so I sent one of his friends back to my truck and he brought my tool bel, first aid kit and had my hard hat on (the gays thought it was hot, and he did a lil dance). The doc gloves up and took two pair of pliers and broke apart my zipper. The pain subsided as soon as the twins were free. My pants looked like I had my period. Blood everywhere. the doc reached in the first aid kit and said words I’ll never forget,”this is gonna hurt you a lot more than me!” I looked down and he had a purell bottle in his hands. He applied a hand full of purell to my open wound. And yes it stung like a mother fucker. I shave everything below the belt. I was now “on fire” completely naked hopping around. Everyone has now moved so they can see. The applauds were imbarassing enough. One guy offered to buy my pants. I wanted to go in the water so badly to cool off and soothe my balls. They had shark reports eariler that morning. Wasn’t happening. Put on my swim suit, more applauded and hung out with the doc and his friends. Lots of ppl asked to see the wound. It was hard to bandage.

    NEVER EVER again will I ever free ball.

    I thought me and the doc may have a go at it. But all I got that day was pure embrassment.

  16. PostGayGrandDad

    If I am at home, such as as I type this, I am usually naked. If the door is open and neighbors might stop by, I’m clothed, with underwear.

    I like the idea of freeballing, but the logistics don’t work for me. My balls hang extremely lowly and are quite large. If I freeball, especially with long pants, my boys get caught down the left leg, look rather odd, and often will get caught between my legs and that hurts like hell. Like some women who just can’t go without a brassiere, I really need the support of briefs with a seam in the crotch that will keep the boys contained. Forget boxers or boxer briefs, the lack of support is just like freeballing.

    I also tend to get an uncomfortable chafe in the crotch — between upper thigh and groin — that doesn’t happen if I have cotton briefs to wick away any moisture. Can’t abide nylon or other synthetics!

  17. 2totoo

    I’m very much a freeballer! I love the hanging feeling, and the possibility of me getting an erection. It’s exciting to watch people try to hold eye contact when they want to get a quick glimpse of my bulge.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love me underwear and I low key may have an underwear fetus, but going commando gets me going, every time! I freeball at work, parties, or at the gym!

  18. EPfreddy

    Freeballing has been a lifestyle for me, as far back as high school. However, when it comes to my career, boxer briefs are my choice. Being bi intensifies the thrill especially when out in public, my bulge attracts both men and women. And while out at the bars an erection does happen. I’ve been invited to join straight couples, gay couples, guys and when it’s women I put on a show. Being a nine helps. I’ve never experienced an accident with zippers though sometimes, by ‘accident’ it may fall out of my loose khaki shorts. I enjoy freeballing very much.

  19. suckmenowmi

    While I don’t usually freeball, I can appreciate it in others. Last week, I was at the local grocery store, and there was a guy that was wearing some very flimsy shorts, they might have been swim trunks. Anyway, they left little to the imagination–he had a very nice bulge and I couldn’t help staring.

  20. ME623

    I’ve gone commando (on occasion), usually when I wear sweats and just running to the store. I like it, but I do feel self-conscious and freaky at the same time. I don’t have a problem with any I e going free.

  21. Ken

    the thrill of it makes me think of Aretha Franklin’s rendition of the song “Think” with the lyrics rising crescendo: “Freedom… freedom… freedom….”

  22. Cj

    Yes. I only wear it if I have to go to the doctor for illness or a physical. Let’s my junk breathe better and no crack attacks. I like a guy either way….I can pull them down slowly and lick his ass or dick or just pull the back of his pants down showing his ass and tease his hole with my dick.

  23. latinlust69

    I prefer freeballing all the time. I’ll wear underwear if I’m wearing dress pants/ dry clean only pants. Hard to explain cum/precum stains to the dry cleaners

  24. Jake

    I don’t freeball under my slacks/jeans, but, once I am at home, I am naked till I have to go out again. I let it all hang out at home.

  25. Doug

    I haven’t worn underwear in decades. Briefs are too constricting. Boxer Briefs are just as constricting running half way to the knees. Boxers are just a wad of loose fabric that ride up, bunch up and creep into the crack of your ass.
    Granted they all look awesome on Adonis bodies and models but day in, day out, they’ Uncomfortable as hell

  26. R-L-S

    I am definitely a 100% freeballer.. All the time. Work, at the gym, shopping.. you name it, I’m freeballing.
    Going on 3 years and counting. Love the freedom of letting it all hang!

  27. quay

    Yes! Love to freeball at the gym and also casual affairs when I’m wearing jeans. Never with dress pants, though.

  28. Jfelon

    I freeball mostly when I’m working, because my job is very physical and I’m moving around a lot, so I can’t be bothered by constantly shifting or re-shifting my “junk” around in front of other employees. Also, with it being hot from the Texas heat, I don’t get the sweaty balls that I normally would, from wearing underwear.

  29. John

    Hey guys Freeballing Sure why not?? When I get out of bed heading to the gym I just throw on some jeans and no underwear. I seen a lot of guys do this and it was a great idea. Also after work I come home strip naked and throw on running shorts or go nude. Nudist here so if feels great cuts down on laundry and ac bill. Don’t get me wrong seeing a hookup in sexy underwear or just a jock strap is very hot too

  30. Stephen

    I am a freeballer every chance I get. I just love the feeling of not wearing underwear and my cock and balls just being able to do what they want. If I am going to the grocery store or out to a quick bite to eat then no undies for this guy. The excitement it brings wondering if anyone knows is kinda sexy. I havn’t had a partner that does this but maybe one day I will meet another guy that enjoys it as much as I do.

  31. AMP

    The only place I wear underwear is at work, other than that…I’m always sans underwear everywhere I go. I love the looks that I get when I do get those random erections and it has even gotten me laid a few times.

    Don’t get me wrong…there is a time and place for a sexy underwear look but that’s only when I want to tease the guy I’m trying to fuck with.

  32. Tony

    I’m not a freeballer. If I had more to show off, I sure would! And where I am, there are few freeballers. Not cool!!

  33. Louie

    I prefer going commando , it’s more a comfort and easy access thing for me if duty calls . Also if driving awhile it’s easy access through my skimpy shorts as I drive . I love masterbating next to truck drivers .

  34. bjjj

    No I’m not a freeballer, but prefer briefs for underwear that are different colors than white. I don’t have a problem with my cock getting stuck in the zipper, but I do have a problem of my pubic hairs getting caught though. . I know I have seen other guys who don’t wear underwear, which is ok with me.

  35. Tony

    Hell yeah. All the time. Love the feel of my cock and balls rubbing against the material my pants/shorts. Love the fact that the outline of my cock is easily seen. The excitement of possible getting a hard-on and having others, male or female, see it is exhilarating. Plus, it’s a hell of a lot easier for spontaneous sex, just unzipped and let it go!!!

  36. EPfreddy

    Free balling is very hot to me, a good package helps. I like the freedom and swing. It attracts both men and women, being bi is great for me. You could say I’m a free balling exhibitionist, when I see that someone is looking at the bulge I give them a peek. I’ve been sent drinks, invited out by couples, male/female, guys and I’m amazed that the mature ladies really get into it. Earlier in the week I went to a local Dallas Chili’s, sat at high table by the bar and watched as a hot looking mature man squirmed in his chair while his party had their meals. He seemed warm and rubbed his crotch sexually. it gave me a hard on and was glad to give him a good view. That is now my favorite Chili’s. I’m commando most of the time but discreet when it comes to the job, though sometimes the underwear doesn’t cover a woody. You see, I’m a technical instructor and train both men and women and when either turn me on I tend to bulge a bit. Overall, freeballing is right for me.

  37. R

    Freeball when wearing UA shorts that are lined in the gym or on the streets. Love the feeling of being free and unencumbered and it’s a lot cooler too, since I live in Las Vegas and it’s always hot in summer here.

  38. Troy

    I wear underwear and undershirts. I sweat so much and I feel better knowing there’s a layer between my pants and ball sweat

  39. Damian

    I’ve been freeballing all the time the last 2 years. It’s easy access when a guy wants my hole and it just feels so good!

  40. Tim

    I love freeballing especially when I am cruising in the park. Summer time with my shorts on or when I am at the ymca. I also enjoy seeing other guys that are free.

  41. Eddie

    I mostly freeball in the summer time (or now). I think freeballing is sexy & hot. I also appreciate other dudes (specifically, hairy dudes) who freeball.

  42. Jascco

    I go commando often – it’s less “confining”. I never worry about zipper problems because I don’t use them – only Levis 501 button fly for me. When not commando it’s a bikini brief – no tighty whity or boxers ever.

  43. Hunter0500

    Tried it. It was a fail. Many inherent problems like my balls and cock sticking to my leg or to each other. Hairs getting caught in pants seams. That occasional drip. Guess it’d be fine if I lived in sweat pants or basketball shorts.

    Then I went to 100% cotton boxer briefs. All the freedom with none of the inherent freeballer problems.

  44. R-L-S

    I am a 100% freeballer. All day, every day for the past 4 years! Love to let it all hang, regardless of where I am.

  45. Al

    Summer time, especially with shorts is my time to freeball. I do usually wear underwear for work or if out for the evening. I love to see guys in their underwear and it does not matter what syle. Boxers, boxer-briefs, tightly- whiteys, jocks, or bikinis. They are all so damn sexy..

  46. Rob

    I am not that well endowed. But I like to freeball. The only time I wear undies is when I wear dress clothes. At home I am nude.

  47. bikiniguy

    I love underwear too much and own hundreds of pairs; I just love seeing hot guys wearing sexy undies. Wearing undies or seeing guys in undies is a natural turn-on until they come off anyway. Freeballing is like a shortcut to stripping in your undies and taking the fun part out of it! Freeballing just doesn’t appeal to me in a cleanliness or health sense….. It might work for others and many guys just seem to be freeballing it in porn….

  48. Steve

    I freeball from time to time, mostly in the summer. I do like the feeling I get wearing shorts & sometimes the old Dodger shorts that were popular in the ’80s. Just have to remember to stand because if I sit, everything falls out….

  49. Bob

    For me, I like it both ways. I love sexy underwear and if I’m expecting a guest at home that is there especially for sex I always show at the door in my sexiest undies. He’s gonna see the rest anyway so why not tease a little bit?
    When I go out I usually go commando simply because I love that hint of what’s in there and guyz usually do fixate on even the slightest bulge. If I catch them staring I usually rise to the occasion and that has brought on some unexpected meatings.

  50. Barebacker

    I’ve been commando since I was 18…. I’m 45 now. Started as a dare with me and a female friend. She’s long since stopped but I love the feeling and don’t give a rats behind if I get hard. It’s natural and I’m all about being natural.

  51. Steven

    While I luv luv sexy undies, speedos, jocks etc going commando is awesome too especially in jeans and gym shorts. I’m not really into exhibitionism so my shirt usually covers my gym shorts.
    Great for long roadtrips when it gets boring, easy access to give my partner head while he’s driving lol. Also luv how his long cock flops out of his jeans when I pop the buttons.

  52. Billy Greene

    Love freeballing, I started sleeping nude years ago and loved the feeling. I started to wear boxers for the same reason and finally just was freeballing all the time and anywhere……….. It’s such a great expression of freedom having those balls swing back and forth as they want.
    Very freeing being nude and wouldn’t wear any clothes anywhere, but I don’t think the public would be to happy with that. I just “free willie” when ever I am home …..

  53. Barry

    I am always commando when wearing jeans! Definitely during the summer and even when wearing dress pants…all depends on the mood. Love the feeling of everything hanging loose!

  54. Randy

    Love going commando as much as possible. While home I walk about nude to encourage the freedom. I’ve been sporting ball weights for two years now to emphasize my hang and the feeling is out of this world. It took a bit to get up the courage but, I now regularly freeball with at least one weight while on light duty at the gym. The boys love the extra swing and I love the winks, nods, and smiles. My next ambition will be will we meet to talk or …..?



  56. Bill

    Strange I only wear underwear when I go to a doctors office I hate to wear cloths so if I don’t have to wear them I don’t probably have a lot of them to give them away (NOT USED MUCH) or sale them

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