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Watch This: Diver’s Huge Package Makes a Splash Online

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Vincent Riendeau’s Instagram Account)

Who’s your favorite diver, guys? Any chance his name is Vincent Riendeau?

We are asking because a video of Riendeau, taken while he was diving, is making a splash online. It is unclear when exactly the competition took place, only that the signs said it was the Canada Cup 2018. Not that anybody cared when the event happened, mind you, as their attention is elsewhere entirely—specifically Riendeau’s “impressive body” and, ahem, “bulge.” 

Hey, I’m just quoting people here, and I don’t mind reading their comments because they make me laugh. One particular YouTube user for example, quoted the emcee: “He’s getting 8…8.5 and it’s GOOD entry,” before commenting on the side, “I agree.” A user on the other hand, rated Riendeau’s swimming trunks, “I don’t know diving but I’d rate his Speedo torpedo 9.5” while another said, “Am I the only one looking at his face more than his bulge? Impressive diver, btw.” 

That being said, many netizens confessed they don’t know a thing about diving (neither do I, I was there for the comments) but that now, they are huge fans of diving because of Riendeau. Watch the video below that’s left the social media thirsting over him.

Anyway, Vincent Riendeau is a Canadian Olympic diver. He was part of the Canadian Olympic Team in Rio 2016 where he competed in the 10m platform and finished 14th. According to his official bio, Riendeau is 22 and he enjoys “playing video games, reading, golfing, and boating.” 

Want more of Vincent Riendeau? Check him out on his Instagram account here and don’t forget to swing by Adam4Adam’s official Instagram account while you are at it. 

Happy viewing!

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  1. Frankly

    The commentary with the clip is – when watched with the queer ear – hilariously sexy and filled with unintended double entendre.

  2. anonimatovato

    Am I the only one more interest on the beefy coach beside him? He’s so much hotter than the diver! Yes the diver is cute too, but does nothing on me.

  3. Father Hennepin

    What people gossip about online is NOT news, and it is irresponsible to pass it along. It is demeaning to a guy to only refer to him in terms of the size of his balls. Just like referring to women only in regards to their tits and nothing else. Grow up. It is the same spectrum as body shaming.

  4. VGLmxSckr4WhtJck

    Wonderful power launching into that second dive. Cute the way he picks his towel up with his foot after the third. Nice.

  5. Hunter0500

    Back in highschool during a play performance, a classmate had a “teenage hormone” event that left nothing at all to the imagination. He was teased, taunted and jeered about it for his remaining highschool years. Behavior now that would qualify as bullying under any school’s Anti-Bullying Program. For me, contributing to a Net-wide spotlight on a guy’s bulge is mindless, thoughtless, and downright disrespectful. Highschool behavior. As another poster here said “grow up.”

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