Style: Shawn Mendes Strips For Calvin Klein

If you’ve ever wondered what 20-year-old singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes looks like in his underwear, you won’t have to look very far as Mendes himself has tweeted images from his Calvin Klein underwear campaign set to debut this week.

The first picture Mendes tweeted has him with his legs spread wide and wearing just a pair of black Clavin Klein boxer briefs. The second photo has him leaning against a kitchen counter, this time wearing white Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

Check out the two photos below:

Judging by the fact that Calvin Klein trended worldwide because of the announcement, it’s safe to say that a lot of people have definitely wanted to see Mendes in his skivvies. Check out some of the Twitter reaction below:

Mendes joins a list of Mendes celebrity endorsers that have posed in just their Calvins. These include Justin Beiber, Mark Wahlberg, and Moonlight stars Mahershala Ali, Trevante Rhodes, Ashton Sanders, and Alex Hibbert.

What do you guys think of Shawn in his Calvins? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. bjjj

    Yes, Calvin Klein’s are sexy looking hot underwear, and yes, Shawn looks hot in them. But they are expensive in general. I’ve got some decent looking underwear, but their just Hanes. It isn’t the brand of underwear that counts, but how you look in them. Shawn is a very hot looking guy, unlike most of us older guys on here.

  2. Hunter0500

    A nice looking, young, practically naked, light skinned, guy with great body.

    So, about the news breaking all over the media in the past two days in the Jussie Smollett case?

    • Jer

      Well now you wouldn’t want to disappoint all the gays next new hot new young guy in his CK undies
      and by the way Shawn Mendes looks great and I just hope if anything with this- like your reference to the Jussie Smollett youd Hope it would be more important in the news …But to address this as well
      My hope is that Shawn Mendes is just modeling CKundies . Since he is a famous singer and young
      But yes this is famous singer & a young guy is good-looking but
      My biggest hope is this doesn’t prompt media and other people who might prompt something that to happen to Shawn or anyone in that they may be attacked
      Esp like in Shawn case because of the media’s rabid assumptions of his sexuality- so do keep that in mind as well-

    • Matt

      We must not talk about that because Dave lost his mind at the notion that anyone would say it was a hoax back when the story came out. Now that the proof is coming out that it was a hoax, Dave surely will NOT eat crow and admit that he got messianic and blind because Jussie (sic) is gay and we must “believe gays” no matter what.

      • Dave

        meh… If he’s guilty, he’s guilty and will be treated accordingly. I just have no patience for little wannabe police inspectors on the web giving their own opinion about what happened to get some attention. Let the officials do their job hennnnni!

        • Hunter0500

          Dave, you really do need to address the Jussie Smollett story in a fresh blog. Right now, unfortunately, you are dismissing it “if he’s guilty, he’s guilty… So about the latest fashion news.”

          Frankly, it looks like something you just wish … would go away … Something you don’t want to address. (embarrassed that a gay man would do such a thing? embarrassed that it doesn’t make “us’ look good? embarrassed because it appears he did not get away with a lie?) That’s NOT good.

          In reality … and for sure, in my opinion … , Jussie’s actions have harmed every person of color or gayness, etc. who is attacked in the future. It’s NOT ok. He has made it harder for them.

          Jussie needs to be addressed in a fresh blog topic. This is NOT good for Blacks; it is not good for Gays. Get some balls and stand up about it. Of course, in a caring way for Jussie’s stupidity. But do something above and beyond an ever so tidy dismissing of him with “if he’s guilty, he’s guilty…”.

          Dude, he’s gay. He’s made gays look TERRIBLE.

          Even Al Sharpton has had harsh words for Jussie. (Google it.)

          • Dave

            we will blog about it when there’s more evidence and if the investigation progresses, we won’t post about what people’s opinion is, whether Cardi B said this or that our if Al Sharpton thinks this or that about him. We don’t do sensational… we already have you for that 😛

    • StevenB

      oh yeah, the way he faked this attack for self promotion, or to invoke more divisiveness in the country is just shameful. there are real problems that go unnoticed because of jerks like Jussie.

  3. MattK

    Since he’s of legal age, I don’t feel like too much of a pervert in saying he’s soooooo cute…..

    Not that I’d ever get the chance, but I surely wouldn’t kick him out of bed!

  4. Jer

    My personal comment- I think Shawn Mendes
    he’s very handsome -looks very sexy for a young guy
    I know I know that initially this little blog of what people think of Shawn Mendes in CK underwear it’s just like a survey…..
    But my concern with this campaign out now
    even though there’s many celebs artists other famous people who that have done this ie-Mark Wahlberg being one
    And not just for Calvin Klein I mean you see sports figures and I get another famous people that are sought out for a brand a campaign ,etc.
    but Where I’m looking into the future – like one comment from this blog post on this
    Was commenting about
    Jussie Smollett
    -he’s openly gay -he’s on the show Empire and the fact that he’s a young black gay actor
    Look whats supposedly happen to him And I don’t question his well
    “allegations “
    Because any victim should not be ashamed or shamed for coming forward and them stating any claim of what may have happened to them -whatever it is
    and yet my concern and reference to Shawn Mendes is how it’s been a constant barrage of people and the media ?ing his sexuality and now him doing something like this modeling underwear
    I mean it’s no different than Adam Lambert going on American Idol and everybody having such a huge urgency to invade his privacy even though he’s a contestant on a music reality show and yet his sexuality come into question
    it’s happened b4 like with Boy George ir George Micheal
    Hell Even back further like when it was found Rock Hudson and with AIDS and his being with men
    sometimes society doesn’t still realize in things like this CK campaign.
    I love Calvin Klein I’m not attacking them by any means but I do think those that do a campaign yet not looking at the big picture like something that Shawn Mendes is going through being questioned of his sexuality yet choosing to use him as a model
    That this maybe can potentially prompt something bad happening to somebody
    like Shawn
    because people have been pestering him and constantly
    I -myself ,have wanted to defend Shawn and anybody else that goes through whatever they’re going through

    People are nosy bastards in this society for many decades even centuries
    Too many think they have the right to know something like somebody’s sexuality
    Look ,he claims – he’s not gay – who cares? but there are those in this life and society that could & do something potentially like Jussie Smollett
    And it shouldn’t even be in question
    This is the problem that people like to make assumptions or to insinuate things because let’s say Shawn
    Yeah he’s young
    he’s single , he’s a hot new singer songwriter
    Yeah he’s not seen with a gal in the public
    so people like to be nosy and get in people’s business making assumptions and rumored of him especially with famous people and when it comes right down to it
    it’s nobody’s damn business who is with who who they’re attracted to or otherwise
    … so people need to respect it and leave it alone
    It’s none of anybody’s business what anybody else is doing in the bedroom or who they’re attracted to or otherwise
    This is the kind of crap that happened back in the 70s and 80s even further and especially from previous decades of famous actors like Rock Hudson when I was found out that he was gay and had AIDS OR FREDDIE MERCURY OF Queen
    Or David Bowie & many others
    the media likes to start rumors and yet persecute them and I don’t know that it’s intentionally done but it does prompt hatred or discontent or just regard for somebody else’s lifestyle like homosexuality and nowadays like the still with race and religion – Now the transsexual community,non-binary and others
    It’s because people don’t understand it , they don’t get it
    But it can cause a firestorm of controversy around somebody famous like Shawn Mendes and that’s why I say ever since I’ve seen people gesturing or making fun or questioning his sexuality or like Cotton Underwood on the Bachelor being a virgin
    I say to all of them
    Ive went on Instagram and otherwise of this young man or any of them
    because he shouldn’t have to go through this because he’s famous and he’s newly starting out his career and everybody wants to know about him because it’s none of their damn business who he’s with who he’s attracted to or otherwise this is the same thing with Jussie Smollett even if he’s openly gay and on a hit show like empire it’s nobody’s business who he sleeping with who he’s attracted to or otherwise
    This is the exact reason why what happened to Jussie Smollett & it can be prompted by assumptions or people knowing his sexuality & it become such a horribly nasty thing .
    Because people can’t mind their business or because of their hatred or because of whatever else people think of someone because so they believe they take it out on somebody because per se -like their sexual orientation
    But even though these two guys set up and found these Nigerian brothers claiming that he paid them to be a part of this façade Charlie call it still doesn’t excuse anybody regardless of whether they’re responsible or otherwise for people to be attacked harassed or otherwise because of their sexual orientation their race or any other thing that any living human being just on this earth is going on their own path in life people need to mind your business and respect what other people do listen I don’t like the transsexuals in general because my experience with them has been missed leading them posing as the other gender and wondering why people would take an issue I’ve seen transsexuals in public that’s posing as other gender and hit on the wrong person well you know what
    it is no wonder why a transsexual would get beat up
    It’s no different than gay men that hit on straight man it’s no different then gave me an acting out rages in public wearing their sexuality on her sleeve and like when they speak a person drops out I know that sounds harsh but it’s the truth
    Way Too many gay men go around in public and act ridiculous

    Not everybody has to deal with that or for those that act like it’s all about someone’s sexuality
    Too many are very guilty of that kind of behavior in public
    I myself have worked in the salon industry
    people make assumptions about people
    people that happen to be gay can go into a public place in public setting like a salon and act out and it doesn’t excuse their behavior but also excuse those that harass or attack
    I don’t question Shawn or Jussie “allegations “of harassment or attack
    People need to leave other people alone
    And mind their business
    I hope Shawn is just seen Very a handsome young man in some sexy CK Undies smdvis left alone and respected even if he’s famous just like I hope the same and I hope Jussie Smollett gets justice for being attacked for being gay or for racism -if that is what happened

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