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Yes, there are a number of ways that someone can do to maintain their erection as they get older. But sometimes the only real solution is for someone to chew on a little blue pill — and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

We here at Adam4Adam understand this need, which is why we partnered with a real online pharmacy called BlueChew to offer you guys the best trust worthy products on the market, at the best price. Their site offer eight types of affordable subscription plans for guys who may need a little help in the erection department. All subscription plans come with a real digital physician consultation, monthly refills, and medical support. Take note that this service is not available in all states or countries, so click here to find out if your state/country is eligible.

There are eight subscription plans depending on what you need. Sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra™️) starts around $3 and Tadalafil (the active ingredient in Cialis™️) starts around $5 per chewable. Check out the details for each plans here

Check out the short video below for more information and real reviews from users. You can also order here!

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    • Dave

      Hey Noh, did you read the post? It’s an online pharmacy with a doctor and pharmacist, therefore a prescription is made before you get the actual medication.

      • bjjj

        Anyone can pose as a doctor or pharmacist. I would ask where did they get their medical degree and license to practice. Where is their real physical office located. What other types of medical issues do they treat. Can I check them out on the BBB, and online. Just because they say their a doctor or pharmacist doesn’t mean that their not hiding behind the anonymity of the web.

          • soft & fluffy

            Not trying to be clever or anything , but my GP would never issue these things to anyone who wasn’t an actual patient of his , a person who he is the general practitioner for and who’s complete medical records he held in his possession.
            Just not anyone or everyone should be taking these things .
            On a separate note , the last time I checked locally Cialis were just over $20 a pop so I can see the attraction in buying them this way.

  1. bjjj

    Oh sure I would have questions. First off the video shows only the guys that were satisfied with Blue Chew. Their probably just actors, not real patients. I want to hear responses from actual guys that have used it on this blog, and did it work for them. Second, the only ones in the video are straight guys, hey how about us gays. Can it be taken with blood pressure meds, and what other meds might is react with. What are the real side effects? There are so many products on the market for ED, and lots of them are just scams. I guess I’m always skeptical.

    • Dave

      You dont need to buy dude, if you don’t need just don’t. You can do your inspection if you want, but these are meds for ED not just a powder with ginseng. It works 100%.

    • Hunter0500

      “Can it be taken with blood pressure meds, and what other meds might is react with. What are the real side effects?”

      Bill, you raise a good point. Buying medication over the Internet is often dicey. Unless, of course, you have a prescription from your own doctor who knows you, has examined you, has reviewed your medical records, has considered the need for the medication, knows what medications you are taking, has looked into non-medication options first, etc. How can an online doctor do that well?

      Of course, buyers should also do research to ensure the online pharmacy is legitimate. Not saying the one in this blog isn’t, of course, but buyers need to know for sure the product is 100% pure, not expired, and as claimed.

      Asking as you did here to hear from A4A users of the product is a smart step!

    • Dave

      If the site works for you, it means your state allows it. If there is a message “sorry your state doesn’t allow prescriptions online” it means it is not eligible.

  2. buz

    The Viagra pill is now generic, and at a much reduced price.
    What’s the big deal about going to your doctor or a walk in clinic and getting a prescription? Bring it to the pharmacy and have it filled. There is no shame and lots of privacy.
    These pills have been on the market for a long time without a prescription, you have seen ads for them on all the web sites. I’ve used them, and they work with various degrees of satisfaction, you have to decide on the strength you need. It is probably safer and more cost affective to use a program like this instead of ordering from Canada or China. This would at least give you a chance to ask questions and some degree of responsibility.
    Do what you think is safe but going to the drug store with a prescription doesn’t seem so terrible.

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