News: Trump Admin Launches Global Effort To Decriminalize Homosexuality

In a move that surprised many, the Trump administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in dozens of nations where it is still considered a crime to be gay. According to NBC News, the move is part of a plan to denounce Iran over its human rights record.

Heading this effort is Richard Grenell, who is the U.S. Ambassador to Germany and the highest-profile openly gay person in the current administration. Multiple LGBTQ activists from all over Europe are going to be flown in to the United States to help come up with a strategy that will push countries in the Middle East, Africa, and the Carribean to decriminalize homosexuality.

The hanging of a young gay man in Iran partly served as a catalyst for this Trump administration move. Grenell wrote about this execution in the German newspaper Bild, saying: “This is not the first time the Iranian regime has put a gay man to death with the usual outrageous claims of prostitution, kidnapping, or even pedophilia. And it sadly won’t be the last time they do it either. Barbaric public executions are all too common in a country where consensual homosexual relationships are criminalized and punishable by flogging and death.”

Of course, this new campaign has aroused some skepticism, especially since the Trump administration has not been particularly  supportive of LGBTQ rights back at home. Trump has previously shut down research into an HIV cure, has blocked visas for same-sex partners of U.N. diplomats, and has rolled back Obama-era definitions of sex and gender identity.

Trump’s vice-president, Mike Pence, also has a well-documented history of being anti-gay.  In September last year, Pence became the first sitting vice-president of the United States to address the anti-gay Family Research Council’s Value Voter Summit. Both Pence and Trump have ran on a Republican platform that defines marriage as between one man and one woman. He has been the target of a number of protests actions. Quite memorably, a queer dance party was organized in the streets outside his house in Washington, DC.

What do you guys think about this campaign by the Trump administration? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Scott

    I believe he knows this next election is going to be tough. So tough, in fact, that he is willing to alter his stance, to some degree, on homosexuality.

  2. KC

    All phoney just a move to make sure he has Gay Vote for 2020 since he s a bit nervous he might not get big lead he thought since so many hate him. I don t buy any of his or Pences shit. He just a big ass lier

  3. Richard S

    Honestly I don’t think Donald gives a fuck. Now Pence is a another thing. Question is how much is the White House involved? Especially with the things they have done as stated in your blog. Hopefully this conference will get the media attention it deserves. This is a huge problem and as you state these medieval regimes Trump (sorry for the pun, not really sorry) up unfounded charges and lies to suppress the human rights of men and women of the LGBT&Q communities. The reality is they use these fascist techniques on other human rights too. Our community needs to be more forceful in supporting all the campaigns against human rights abuses. The abuse of our rights is part of an ugly bigger picture that effects our community with in it.

  4. Nathan

    Any Politician who has Diana Ross sing at his third wedding, and dances to “Back In My Arms Again,” through a $100,000 sound system, cannot be Homophobic!

    Trump is not a Homophobe. He never was and never will be. Also, he is not anti-semitic; his son-in-law is a Jew.

    Trump is no worse or any better than any other President we have had: better than some…worse than others… .

    Politicians are humans and humans are not perfect.

    • marcus

      For real?!?!
      Trump’s action October 2018,
      “News: Trump Blocks Visas For Same-Sex Partners of U.N. Diplomats”
      See any disconnect here?

  5. Daniel Aseel

    I Think it’s a turn for the Better yet I saying this In a state to where they just made it to where you can now get Merry ed here as I am right at the time single but have been talking with a person for who I am head over heel’s in love with yet have not meet yet and am hoping to do so soon even so this is something I think that should be looked into and think it should be stopped we our people as well and It should not matter if we are Gay or not as we all have life’s to live we should be able to live our life’s for How we want to and not have anything said or done about it as to see someone killed over being gay this should not be taking place at all and It really need to stop all out

  6. Aaron Miller

    I think it’s all a game that Trump plays. I wouldn’t trust him or Pence for one second. I think Trump will try developing a softer side leading up to the 2020 election. But please, let’s not be fooled. He’s a menace to the LGBTQ community and to everyone else.

  7. Paul Ramirez

    A zebra never loses it’s stripes. It only masquerades as a thourough bred. Sadly the Trump administration has taken LGBTQ rights back into the dark ages. Any positive action supporting LGBTQ rights by this administration is merely an attempt to fool any and every potential voter for the 2020 election. Take it as a win but know that zebra is no thorough bred, probably not even a zebra. A jackass, yes, a zebra, no.

  8. buz

    I think the campaign is a great idea. Doesn’t sound like Trump is anti-gay to me. Actually only the media coverage of Trump is anti gay but his actions have not shown that at all. Trump was supportive of Gay Marriage way before Hillary or Obama. The actions the Trump administration has taken which have affected the gay community are just supporting the laws that are on the books. If you have a problem with those actions and laws the Democratic Congress should be addressed to change them. We shouldn’t be deciding what laws we want to follow and which ones we think are discrimatory. We should force our Congress to change those laws!!!

  9. Steven S Dornbusch

    Ridiculous WH posturing. The RW (Not all conservatives) has been scapegoating and attacking lgbt for decades. We know exactly “what we have to lose”, Mr President.

    GOP-Right Wing Evangelical efforts including trying to take health coverage from lgbt domestic partners, vilifying us as child molesters, advocating US employment discrimination, and campaigning in Third World countries, such as Uganda for a death penalty for homosexuals. I’ve been fighting them since 1978. Just as long (since 1979 revolution) for feminist and lgbt cause IN Iran.

    Pompeo & Bolton want a “wag the dog” war SOMEWHERE, but preferably against Iran, destroying any remnant of Middle East coexistence.

    If the Trump administration wants to set a positive example, lay off TRANS in our military, and teenagers in our schools (Ms DeVos!). Pure hypocrisy!

    Sexual liberty ought to be a conservative value. Seems not.

    There are many global efforts to aid lgbt in countries which miserably abuse our human rights. For example, Kaleidoscope (Thank-you, Sir Elton John) in the UK, advancing rights throughout the English-speaking Caribbean. Working positively for change isn’t coming though THIS bigoted White House.

  10. Bob

    Trump has never been anti gay, black, Hispanic or woman. I am a gay guy who believes marriage should be defined by religious institutions since it is a religious concept. Civil unions give all legal rights to partners and are totally appropriate. Some extreme activists insist on marriage, and they should seek out those churches that opening marry gays. Any yes there tradition churches other then MCC that marry gays.
    The plain fact is that unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, and woman have reached all time lows under this President and he fought for prison reform (a big black issue). The Charlottesville incident has been totally spun to make it a racial issue, as have so many instances recently that prove they are not.

  11. Dallas

    The only reason why they would be doing this is because there is some interest somewhere in there for them to gain from this. This has nothing to do with helping the community, it will come out exactly why they are trying to profit from this sooner or later.

  12. Luigi Nonono

    Trump has had many gay friends, as far as I know, and was friends with Joan Rivers and other pro-gay people. His negative attitudes are, I believe, there to please the Republicans who allowed him to win the election. In any case, he does what benefits him, and he sees a benefit in this.

  13. Resist

    The Orange Asshole is not doing this for the LGBT community. He is doing this in an attempt to secure votes for 2020. If the Orange Asshole was so benevolent he would never have banned transexuals from the military. He would not have an administration and Vice President who fights against us at every opportunity. All the Orange Asshole is good for is lies and chaos.

  14. franz

    You cant help who your physically attracted to and if anyone knows that it’s Mr.Trump look at all his ex’s.he would marry a wrinkle ugly old broad.

  15. Hunter0500

    A huge blunder by Trump haters, Democrats, and the “Community”. What will it take for them to realize instead of wasting energy on hate (marching, obstructing, suing, etc), they’d get further taking a “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? Press him for action in areas where they and he agree (or are within spitting distance of agreeing). Keep him busy with issues they both want.

    Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/the Community now have gallons of egg on their faces by letting the Trump Adminstration pick up their “gold card” stance on global acceptance of gays. They played and keep playing the He Hates Gays card. In doing so, he gets the global spotlight and applause.

    And they got trumped!

  16. BryBry

    Sorry to sound so pessimistic but, this sounds like the kind of pandering and salesmanship that this administration does to get votes… THEN “CHANGES ITS POSITION” after it has gotten what wants from you…

    I like the world position this focuses on, but I would still vote against keeping this administration in office… NO MATTER WHAT… NO MATTER WHO.

  17. marcus

    Sorry, Ibwont be a sucker here. I have ZERO trust in this administration. Pence is part of this administration. I feel like the “SS” Trump Administration is telling gay people they’ll all be given hot showers, as were the Jews, and gays in 1940 Poland.

  18. Derrick

    Okay: Trump’s bestie is Putin, whose other lapdog is the Chechnyan dictator who is exterminating gays; his bestie is MBS who has gays murdered when he isn’t murdering Yemeni children and cutting up journalists and desolving them in acid; he plays patty cake with the other Middle Eastern dictators and the Phillipines Duterte who also have gay men murdered. Oh, and the aforementioned Putin is severely persecuting gays across Russia. But please tell us how Trump is helping gays across the world

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