News: Jussie Smollett Performs After Attack

Despite being the victim of a racist and homophobic attack a few days ago, Empire actor and singer Jussie Smollett took to the state at the Troubadour in Chicago, declaring to everyone that he “fought the fuck back.”

Smollett’s performance at the Troubadour was scheduled before the attack, so his appearance was not a sure thing. However, Smollett did not just perform, but also roused the crowd with several declarations. As reported by the Advocate, Smollett was first introduced by his siblings and then declared that he “couldn’t let those motherfuckers win.” 

“I will always stand for love. Regardless of what anyone else says, I will only stand for love,” he said.

Smollett also told the crowd to not be cowed by the attack against him.

“Be as black, be as proud, be as gay…Now is the time,” Smollett declared to the cheering crowd. “Be blacker. Be gayer!”

Smollett also clarified a number of things about his attack. Smollett said: “I was bruised but my ribs were not cracked. They were not broken. I went to the director immediately. I was not hospitalized. Both my doctors in L.A. and Chicago cleared me to perform but said to take care, obviously. And above all, I fought the fuck back.”

Notable personalities in the crowd that watch Smollett’s triumphant return were California Congresswoman Maxine Waters and actor Wilson Cruz.

During his attack, Smollett was allegedly doused with a chemical, had a rope put around his neck, and called a f** and a n*****. The assailants also reportedly yelled “This is MAGA country” as they fled the scene. Chicago police has already released images of “persons of interest” in the attack.

Anybody who has more information regarding the attack can contact the Chicago Police Department’s Area Central Detective at 312-747-8382 or anonymously report it to

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  1. Hunter0500

    Good for him for rebounding. Hope the case improves. So far, reorts say Chicago police have only found video of two random guys (persons of interest) with no firm connection to the crime and footage of Jussie returning to his apartment wearing a noose like a tie. He and his agent claim to have been on the phone together when to attack happened, but neither has presented their phones as evidence to police. Hopefully, evidence leading to an arrest will be forthcoming.

      • Matt

        Hard to believe that even in the face of NO EVIDENCE of MAGA thugs that you promote #FakeNews and act like it’s incontrovertible truth. More and more this “incident” smells like a hook up gone wrong or worse a pathetic publicity stunt. The evidence is mounting that Jussie (sic) lied. But this won’t get posted because you play the role of #SJW Gestapo and ban free speech.

      • Hunter0500

        “Such things?” They’re the facts of the situation, unfortunately. The current evidence as reported by police and the media.

          • Hunter0500

            So if/when you cite the police or media sources down the road on topics, we should remember you just advised us that they might not be being truthful.

          • Devyn

            Similarly, Dave, if an LGBTQ person, liberal, or other person with whom we closely identify says it, it must be true right? “Meh”

          • Dave

            why try to even believe that someone was “fakely attacked” ?
            When someone say they got raped or attacked, or mollested or whatever, they dont invent that stuff.
            Why questioning someone that says he got beaten up and pushed etc? Who cares if he has a fucking sandwich? or just one scratch? Does someone needs to be bleeding to death to be considered a victim. wtf! Or does a woman has to have 10 loads of cum in her pussy that she was raped by a group of dudes? “Oh but she was wearing a mini skirt, she’s a slut” That’s the same kind of idiotic comment. Dont try to convince me otherwise!

      • Matt

        Dave has very much reacted negatively to at least one of Hunter’s comments in the past. Hell is definitely waiting for ya? This was personal, over the top and unprofessional. An apology is in order.

        • Dave

          Scuse me? Dude half of your comments are mean and bitching other users of their opinion. This blog was created by yours truly and I always have very strong opinions, take it or leave it. That’s me.

      • sexdad

        The whole thing is shady….white guys in Chicago at 4am with bleech and noose hanging out in bitter freezing cold… Jussie still carrying his sandwich and phone with noose around neck strolls past doorman like nothing happened.

      • Steve

        His unwillingness to surrender his phone — despite the fact that he was supposedly using at the time of the incident — certainly seems suspect and there’s been no reason given — officially at least — for his refusal. Unfortunately we live in a world where staging events such as this has become all too common and in those instances where there’s a curious lack of evidence it all to often proves that that’s the case.

      • Norm

        The Chicago PD continues to investigate. So far they have found no forensic evidence to corroborate Jussie Smollett’s claim this attack actually happened as reported by the alleged victim. The only known *fact* so far is that he was treated briefly at Northwestern Hospital for a minor cut on his right cheek. But no evidence of how that injury happened.

          • HeyGuy

            Dave, I have been in the world of Celebrity and a celebrity assistant for a very a-list person, and I can tell you first hand, that YES stories are made up of things that never happened. Any publicity is good publicity as the saying goes. They love to spin stories.

  2. marc

    I’m glad that he is showing resilience to this attack, but what choice does he have but to fight back? He could hide and never show his face but he is already brave by being a black and proud gay man. I do find it interesting that people are doubting his story. We don’t seem to do that when a white woman says she was assaulted. There is no reason that he has to pull a stunt. He is already famous on a highly rated show. I believed that this happened to him and the fact that people are quick to doubt his story is another form of racism and perhaps reverse sexism. The main thing I think he is trying to show us and all people who are victimized is to get back up when you get knocked down.

  3. Dennis

    I’m not questioning the event. Some proof reading would give more credibility to the article “Jussie Smollett took to the state at the Troubadour” maybe STAGE and I seriously doubt he said “I went to the director immediately.” probably DOCTOR. I’m not an editor but when I spot things like this, I question the reporting.

    • rparktop

      I have been a victim of violent crime in Chicago. I had my face smashed into a telephone pole. Broken nose, shattered teeth, multiple stitches on my face, black eyes and more. I understand what an experience like that is like.
      All the facts are not in, & I am a bit confused about a few things. I would have never walked where he did after dark. Subway food sucks. Why walk there in the cold when you can pick up the phone and have food delivered. Where is the video from Subway?
      Why wait 40 minutes to call for help? Maybe he was in shock. I don’t know. In my case, covered in blood I called 911 myself & had help in minutes. After that there were bits and pieces I don’t remember. That could be the case with him too.
      Lots of questions here. Why not turn over his phone? He had 40 minutes to delete all the penis pics. Some things just don’t make sense. We are all responsible for our own safety and need to be proactive about it. I would not walk down the street alone talking on the phone at that time of night. You have to admit, that doesn’t seem real smart. There’s no such thing as a nice neighborhood. Shit like this happens everywhere.
      BTW his performance wasn’t in Chicago, it was in West Hollywood.

  4. mpc317

    A couple of interesting facts regarding this story that haven’t been widely reported in the main stream media. (not surprising) Feel free to look them up…

    1. Video surveillance shows Mr. Smollett still carrying his Subway sandwich as he walked into his apartment building after the alleged attack, with a rope still around his neck.
    2. Bleach has a freezing point of 17 to 18 degrees. The high for that day in Chicago was 9 degrees Below Zero, that evening, it was reportedly between 15 and 30 degrees Below Zero. A bottle of bleach would have been frozen solid and very difficult to pour.

    You can have you own opinions, but not your own set of facts

    • marc

      I think this is interesting that you brought those points up. I think when people are assaulted, they do a lot of things that might not make sense because they are in shock or basic disbelief. It is possible that may explain why he had the noose around his neck. As far as the freezing point of bleach, you are right. However, we don’t know how long they were outside with that bleach. They could’ve been outside for 15 or 20 mins with that solution since even at 9 degrees the bleach wouldn’t freeze instantaneously. We know by now that when people set out to hurt someone, they plan for it. It’s a form of terrorism. I doubt that he was their planned target but just someone who fits who they wanted to victimize. If this is fake, I’ll be disappointed in him. The Chicago police are very thorough and if this is fake, they will find out. I don’t believe that it is fake.

  5. Carlos

    you see two people walking in the cold are not suspect. no mega hats or a rope. come on now. everyone know that Chicago is Obama country and they would have shot any white in a MEGA hate. He just want everyone to see him and make him famous for a lie, you know how those drama queens get !

  6. Devyn C.

    Davey! Seriously? Regarding your response to CHUCN AND DANIEL’s post, are you THAT blind to the mere possibility? And regarding HUNTER0500’s post, you accuse him “even in tragic situations like this you find a way to write such things”… you mean “such things” as factual information?! Damn you, Hunter! We need to dispense with facts so we can adhere to blind, emotional reactions to support the narrative we’re married to.

  7. anonimatovato

    Funny how so many people are not believing his story while we’re still being discriminated. And it’s hard not to believe a MAGA crowd wouldn’t do something like that. All of a sudden we’ve seen more racists people out in the open since Frump got elected as “president”.

    • Dave

      I agree, I find it so weird that they dont believe an attack is real. It’s probably the same guys who said the Pulse Nighclub tragedy was staged and fake.

      • Matt

        Pulse staged? That’s offensive. Digging yourself deeper. Lots of us have lost respect for you because of your ill treatment of some who have submitted comments. Changes clearly need to be made concerning this blog.

        • Dave

          Yeah I remember some readers of this blog saying such things, when I wrote about it, that it was staged. Which is ridiculous. Violence is never staged.
          Also thanks for your suggestions but please speak for yourself. I can certainly write my comments about other comments, especially when i dont agree, that is what a blog is for.

  8. Marcus

    This particular story seems to have a unusual effect on you. Respectfully, I as well as many of your other dedicated followers are intrigued as to why. Thanks

    • Dave

      not only this one… when someone attacks my community, I can get pretty intense. I don’t care what side of politics you are but I don’t understand how some people could even think that it is fake and strangely all these people and media who thinks its fake are trump supporters….I just wish humans would have more solidarity. I guess that’s 2019, people care only about themselves or people who think like themselves I guess…

    • Dave

      There’s not proof yet, if he lied for real, he’s gonna face the justice. But I don’t understand your point, do you want a trophy, a medal or a teddy bear or something? Seems like you really want to “win” that you were right, that he is a liar. What will it give you anyway? I’m sure you’ll say “I told youuuuuuu” , but what if the evidence in his phone is real?

  9. Mark

    His lies are catching up with him.

    By Carter Evans CBS News February 16, 2019, 10:52 PM
    Brothers say Jussie Smollett paid them to participate in alleged attack, source says

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