News: Ellen Page Takes Down Trump and Pence

Image credit: Screenshot from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Youtube page

The Umbrella Academy star Ellen Page became a trending topic on Twitter a few days ago after she delivered an impassioned speech that called out Donald Trump and Mike Pence for their “hateful leadership.”

Page’s emotional plea was made on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where Page was set to promote The Umbrella Academy, the new Netflix series she stars in. However, the conversation ended up revolving around her advocacies, one of which is gay rights.

Page had outlined the ways Pence had used government to attack LGBTQ people, before launching into her plea: “Connect the dots. If you are in a position of power and you hate people and you want to cause suffering to them, you go through the trouble, you spend your career trying to cause suffering — what do you think is going to happen? Kids are going to be abused, and they’re going to kill themselves and people are going to be beaten on the street.”

Watch the whole interview below:

Ellen Page came out as gay during the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive conference in 2014, saying that she was “tired of lying by omission.”

Mike Pence’s anti-gay history is well-documented. In September last year, Pence became the first sitting vice-president of the United States to address the anti-gay Family Research Council’s Value Voter Summit. Both Pence and Trump have ran on a Republican platform that defines marriage as between one man and one woman. He has been the target of a number of protests actions. Quite memorably, a queer dance party was organized in the streets outside his house in Washington, DC.

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  1. Nathan

    Forrest Gump said it best:

    “Stupid Is As Stupid Does.” She has no validity; she just trying to be a “Cause Celebere.” She has not said anything that hasn’t already been spoken. All she did was regurgitate what the Liberals have already flung.

    She is a ‘Prime Example’ of what Andy Warhol said: “Everyone needs their fifteen minutes of fame.”

    She, like her liberal brethren, deconstruct and exploit a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’; when you espouse hate and intolerance…you create hate and intolerance.

    In the end…nothing is accomplished because it had no validity: if you want respect, you have to earn it, and deconstructing your President does not earn respect, either for herself or for those whom you represent.

    I add onto what Forrest Gump espoused: “Stupid Are As Stupid Do.”

      • anonimatovato

        The president doesn’t know the word “respect” with his bully like behavior. Nobody is forced to agree with everything Trump does, just like how republicans were always disrespecting Obama all the time.

  2. Ken Stelter

    What a pathetic looking wench – but she is an actress and should stick to her skills – acting or is she an advocate of the Globalists trying to secure a 1% spot. 99%equally poor/1% Liberal Elite.

  3. Randy

    I know facts don’t matter to most on here…
    I for one have seen much more hate from the left than anyone on the right. Just an observation. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they hate you. Turn your brain on people!!

  4. michael S

    When “NORMAL” FAILS . THEN TAKE WHATEVER COMES ALONG , . And what do you think being GAY does to a young person who is full of questions. sure guide them into being GAY which resonates the GUIDES in ability to be normal and to have a NORMAL relationship with the other sex which leads to the propagation of the species. . have never heard of like sexes being able to propagate. Have you ?

  5. juan

    Meanwhile Ramzan Kadyrov is killing gay people in Chechen Republic , Iran hangs a gay man in public (last week) What About Ed Buck ?? I also would like to say that Trump is nominate two openly gay conservative Patrick Bumatay & Mary Rowland But the Democrats are against the nominations. live and let live.

  6. isoltrjock

    If opposing the undefinition of marriage, especially by a bunch of hacks in stinking black robes is “anti-gay,” then I am anti-gay. If believing that global warming is a hoax is “anti-gay,” then I am anti-gay. If refusing to blame President Trump and his supporters for a “crime,” which Ellen Page can’t even be sure occurred, i.e., the Smollette thing, is anti-gay, then I am anti-gay.
    I am an honorably discharged veteran who took an oath to defend the Constitution. Those who would transform America into Venezuela, which is now the main objective of the radical-left Democrat Party, are domestic enemies of the Constitution in my opinion.
    The idea that gay men must goosestep for the mastermind morons of the Democrat Party, such as Obama, Hillary, Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, etc. is treasonous b.s. in my opinion.
    Now let’s roll the tape where mastermind Colbert made an arse of himself mocking the possibility that Donald Trump would even run for President.

    • gay patriot

      I love your post (ISOLTRJOCK), well said! Those politicians supposedly took an oath to our country but they do nothing but derail our freedoms! You can’t speak out against the left or you are labeled hateful or racist or a sex offender. If anyone in Hollywood speaks out, they get blackballed. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you and all Veterans who are protecting our freedoms daily and I’m sick that any Veteran has to listen to the bullshit that spews out of Stephen Colbert’s mouth. I and many others don’t watch those kind of shows anymore…..even the Oscars.

    • David

      Well said and it is so refreshing to see there are plenty of conservative, non-apologists for America’s successes on this site. The left is the most dangerous thing facing the way of life as well as the freedoms enjoyed by all Americans. Their playbook on intimidation and Orwellian doublespeak is the same recipe used by those seeking to take over lives and enjoy others fortunes. Promises of everything made easy by the left and that we will be taken care of by them and their altruistic state machinations is the same lie told over and over in history. It always ends the same way. The population is subjugated and the elites rule with an iron fist. Trump and Pence are not the enemy, they are actually the friend of all those who love freedom. Remember, what government gives, it can take back. The only true protector is the Constitution that ISOLTRJOCK speaks of swearing an oath to defend and protect. It is more than a piece of parchment. It is our whole way of life and that of those who come after us if we aren’t so stupid as to sacrifice it on the altar of leftist ideologies.

  7. anonimatovato

    Pence is actually way worse than Trump, good for Paige for telling the whole truth about this disgusting administration.

    • Bill

      Your right I live in Indiana and Pence was a snake in the grass and 2 faced liar that ever came out of Indiana He was grateful that Trump took him for being a republican Pence only had a 33% approval rating and was getting ready to be voted out of governors job

  8. Chas

    did they dance when Both Hillary and Oboma have ran on a Democratic platform that defines marriage as between one man and one woman. ???

  9. Gary

    I am so sick of these whiney complainers constantly complaining about the President. What would you do if you couldnt spend your time bitching about Trump? Things aren’t always great here but it still remains a pretty good place to live.

    • anonimatovato

      The same can be said on the republicans Obama bashing all the time 😉 What makes this country great is having freedom of speech, even if it’s from a differing view point, so I dunno, unless you guys want lack of freedom of speech.

  10. Hunter0500

    It’ll be interesting to hear her (and the LGTBQ+ Community’s) thoughts about President Trump’s SOTU announcement calling for a cure for AIDS within the decade. He included funding.

    • Dave

      lol, that’s called PR. Also not because you suggest 1 good thing that it makes you the best president ever. “Let’s cut all the trans from the army, but we’re gonna try to eradicate HIV”

      • Hunter0500

        Facts trip you up again, Dave.

        First, there is no ban currently in place for Trans in the Military; it has been on hold where the Courts put it months ago.

        Second, under its latest proposed version, Trans already serving would not be discharged; they would continue to serve in good standing. Trans who completed transition 36 months prior to enlisting would not be prohibited from service.

        Last, I have never said that President Trump is “the best”; I don’t expect to be able to.

        Have your facts straight before you hate. (gee that’s kinda catchy!)

  11. Jimmy

    Trannies shouldn’t be in the military period.If they’re on medication, in fact ANYONE on meds cant fight,thats policy.Why should the military bow down to trannies? If you look like Steve Im not calling you Suzy.Why wasn’t Obama and Hilary called out for being hateful? If you wanna be delusional that’s fine but don’t expect me to share in your delusion

    • Dave

      Yeah just by reading how you call them plus how you treat them, we clearly can see the kind of person that you are. Would you like to be called fag by straight people? Why so much hate towards people that are different? “Let’s hate them and call them Steve, they’re not real women, fuck trannies they are allo fucked in the head” right? What do you do in life Jimmy? What is your education level? I’d be curious to know…….

      FYI most of the trans (yeah the short name for transgender is Trans just so you know) are not necessarily “fighting” with a gun, they can work in office, they are computer programmers, they are lawyers, assistants, writers, marketing professionals or HR professionals. They can certainly do more than working at walmart as a cashier.

  12. gay patriot

    I think judging by the comments on here, we are all getting tired of celebrities banding together to actually keep hate and division going. The bottom line is our President is doing a great job in our country….he’s not a perfect man, but neither is anybody else. He does not hate the lgbt people….period! I wish ‘Dave’ and all the other hateful gays would just live a politically drama free life—spread joy and love and enjoy the freedoms we have. Or at least fight for real causes like the atrocities happening to gays in other countries that don’t have the freedom we have in America.

      • Hunter0500

        Everywhere? Really? Recently, I was asked by you if I “lived on the moon”.

        One word …. Mumbai. See a VERY recent joyful blog post HERE! And at the same time EVERYwhere is posted now here? Really?

        But, hey, keep the hate alive! Don’t give people who over time have gotten the message … changed their minds … learned otherwise … become supportive …. ANY credit at all.

        Yes, we understand SOMEwhere hate still exists. But in my life, the advances have been … and (MUMBAI!) continue to be ASTOUNDING. Gay hate is at the lowest lever EVER!

        But “we” still chant “EVERYwhere!”

        Please .. how about we say “Still in places .. hate exists.” Or at lease try. to

      • anonimatovato

        Dave being hateful? omg the irony. But you keep doing you, pretending all gays have it good right? Marriage equality non existent if ran by republican president instead of Obama. Face it, most of the rights we have is because of democrats.

  13. Ron

    As a gay guy living in the south all of my life Va. N.C. Fla. I here on T.V, radio, internet about all the trouble gay people have all over. Never have I had a problem with people hating me for it or doing anything to disrupt my life because of being gay from employers to friends nothing. My now Husband 3 years and 37 years of being a couple 40 years coming up never had any of these problems either. We have talked about the subject we have lots of straight friends none of which have ever treated us any different and 3/4 of all the people at our wedding were straight. What causes these problems for these people. We really cant figure it out. We are also both Republican.

  14. Chuck and Danel

    Remember folks bill clinton while running for office promised us that gays would be able to serve openly in the military what we got was DON’T ASK DON’T TELL…. Then he gave us the defense of MARRIAGE ACT….. Does anyone recall how cher reacted to her daughter when she came out….

    • anonimatovato

      The amazing thing is people can change their minds and open there hearts. The ‘gay agenda’ as conservatives like to name us 😉 worked hard day and night to change people’s minds one at a time.

      Just like in the past people were more anti women, now women work in the workplace and now it’s common place, so yes people can change. What a hard concept right?

  15. glenn

    why do you post this anti american hateful news on here when you should be trying to bring the country together the media are just pawns of the fascist left

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