Health: Scientists Manufacture Possible Single-Shot HIV Vaccine

For years, the way to deal with HIV has been through antiretroviral treatment, which involves having the person with HIV taking a daily regimen of medication for the rest of their lives. Attempts at a vaccine have been made over the years, but usually involve a series of shots given over the course of a year.

However, a new study published in Immunity and reported on by Plus offers the possibility of a single-shot HIV vaccine. The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, has manufactured a single-shot HIV vaccine that could possibly change the course of how we deal with HIV.

Other HIV vaccines that are being studied make the body produce normal anti-HIV antibodies that significantly lessen the chances of HIV contraction. However, the vaccine made by the Scripps researchers induces the production of bNAbs, which are usually only seen in people who have lived with HIV for many years. These antibodies are rare and potent, and researchers believe this will translate to a “complete response” to HIV should a person be exposed to the virus. Not only would the vaccine repel the virus, it would also contain any infections that occur.

It may still take years before the vaccine goes out to the market, as the research was done as a proof of concept study. From there, researchers will now test how safe and effective the vaccine is compared to other available options.

This is yet another breakthrough in the fight against HIV after scientists last year were able to successfully destroy HIV-infected cells in a laboratory setting

What do you guys think of this new development in the fight against HIV? What other advances against HIV do you wish to see in 2019? Share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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  1. Jer

    I do hope this happens and initially it leads to a cure
    But I also don’t want gay men to think it gives them because a hall pass if this happens too then go right back to hooking up with multiple men and using them for their own gratification b4 the HIV/AIDS epidemic or spreading other STDs along the way like gay men Esp hane co tuned to engage in and behaving like since HIV has been around

    • Will

      JER, It is heart breaking to me to read your comment. When so many innocent and undeserving people have died of this awful sickness.
      The children born with it.
      The early blood transfusion recipients from before there was even knowledge about testing.
      The list is long….
      And all you can think of, if there is a cure… there will not be a way of keeping people from having sex…. REALLY ?
      Do you think people thought polio was a way of keeping people from athletics who didn’t “deserve” to participate.
      What happened to the time when finding a cure (To anything) was meant to free society from the specter of infirmity and death?
      Alexander Fleming is turning in his grave over your comments.

  2. LEO

    Thank God for SCIENCE, Research, Development and a POSSIBLE HIV VACCINATION !!
    May the brilliant SCIENTISTS continue their Efforts in eradicating HIV, AIDS, CANCER and ultimately finding a CURE.

  3. mark

    would be a awesome thing with people who have just contracted the disease or ongoing patients with it for many years,,, sure hope it becomes a reality and more

  4. leemd

    I have been HIV positive for 39 years now and I can’t tell you how excited I am about reading this. It will really help with the stigma that goes with the disease .

  5. Keith Macon

    HIV is easy to cure and does not require a vaccine, this fake virus is coming to an end because insiders have been lying for decades about what hiv is and people are now talking. Hiv is a combination of HTLV II and giardia (as stated by Dr. Robert Gallo) creator of the fake tests that have been used to lie and kill millions. Oh by the way local governments have shielded these companies from prosecution, the US government owns every patent hiv,( Rouche, Kissner group
    and the nhi created this program). It is a lie and I have documented proof.

    • JR

      So it’s a lie if people get sick when they stop taking medication? You need to be more informative and concise, heavy on the informative especially regarding my initial question.

    • Greg

      I want you to tell that to all the people that have died with HIV/AIDS or those that have sat around their bedside watching individuals waste away to only skin and bones or the constant vomiting or diarrhea until nothing is left but skin and bones see how fake these people think HIV/AIDS is

  6. AngryOz

    Well so what !!
    HIV researchers have been promising these breakthroughs with sensational headlines for years. !! It is just another headline grabber for the drug company and it’s research.

    All their new claims of a cure have been miserable failures. Their excuses are pathetic.

    With all the modern technology they now have,… the drug cartel has produced precious little of real value. We ask ourselves why ??
    The answer is so obvious… More income, more prestige, and more revenue for their shareholders !!

    People infected with HIV are doomed to the daily routine of taking HIV drugs for the rest of their lives. That also includes the stigmatization associated with HIV and AIDS. Every infected individual will experience this emotional degradation for the rest of their lives.

    It is painfully obvious the drug cartel isn’t interested in the development of ANY REAL cure for the HIV virus. The marketing arm of every member of the drug cartel makes sure they continue to make excuses for any real cure to ever reach those who are infected, …. thus ensuring they will continue to fleece the infected for years and years.

    What is just as bad or worse, is the way the drug manufacturers attempt to manipulate the patent system. Typical is the way Gilead Sciences attempts to extend their HIV and other drug patents.
    They keep them on the shelf for years after development and testing has proven they are effective, …. and don’t submit them for FDA approval.
    Descovy is just one typical example ! I know because I experienced that delay which resulted in kidney damage. There are many more.
    Another example of their duplicitous behavior is the trick of changing just ONE molecule and then claiming it is a new drug and expect it to be protected for another 20 years or more with a new patent.

    Their behaviour is devious and deplorable !

    I’m a very angry long term survivor and sufferer of HIV and have been for over 30 years. They will never convince me their behaviour is for health reasons. HIV is doing exactly what it’s designers intended, and that is,….population control….. because the vast majority of the world’s HIV infected population will not survive, and that’s a fact !

    The lucky survivors are those who live in 1st world countries and can afford the very very hugely expensive HIV medication,….. which provides the drug cartel with endless and copious revenues.
    No other profession makes or gets away with the pathetic excuses offered by both the drug cartel and Medical research.

    • Lamar

      Wow, you sound a lot like myself, I’m very cynical, when it comes to “big money/pharmaceutical companies.” ‘It’s not always about curing, saving lives’ its about the acquisition of mass-amounts of capital, while simultaneously “reducing the world populous/the undesirables” in reality.

      It’s not hard to believe everything you’ve espoused, not when back in the latest of 90’s/early 00′, when on the ‘John letterman’ show; Steven Segal, an action actor (former security CIA agent) said when asked, what do you think of the Aids epidemic? “Well, now I’m a family man, so I can’t say too much, but, I will tell you, it is a man made disease.”

      Upon hearing that, I knew, we’re in trouble here, our lives/existence are being decided upon, unfavorably and unbeknown to us, by some EXTREMELY powerful clandestine groups/conglomerates. Like you said, “controlling the populous”, I’ll add; various groups, of populous.

    • Jonathan

      Hey Jason, while I understand your opinion, please also be reminded that all cases of HIV infection are not related to carelessness or unprotected sex.

  7. Kevin

    Hi, did I read that correctly? 39 years??? Congratulations!! I lost my brother in 1989 to it, he is in the mid 800’s of know lost

  8. Richard Landuyt

    As it happens, just this last year, I was one in a group of six positive men in one of several groups that participated in the ‘blind testing’ of a possible vaccine related to find a cure for HIV/AIDS. The process of hospitalization for almost a week under observation for bad side affects, regularly scheduled follow-up exams with the research doctor and his team plus multiple blood sampling all along the route, I feel fortunate to have been a part of this historic undertaking. The down side: not even the research doctor or the team knows which patient received the placebo while the rest were injected with ‘the REAL stuff’. Worst of all, nothing will be revealed for at least FIVE YEARS minimum. After being positive for 30 years now it would be a kindness to know.

  9. Josh

    I think that with so many nation’s such as Africa stating that they were able to develop a vaccine, that the key would be to share each other’s results and build on it from there. Because the key may be working together over separately. What’s to say that the cure is not all of them together

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