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Sex Toys: New Year, New Deals At Our New Store!

It’s a new year, and with it comes a newly remodeled Adam4Adam Store. Aside from a sleek new look, the new store is also powered by Shopify, which means a better shopping experience for you. Not only will buying stuff be easy, checkout is quicker and can be done with different payment methods — from credit cards to Paypal.

If you want to start the new year with a handful of new sex toys, head on to the new website and check out the new deals we have for you! This month, users can get a Rebellious Ryan Ultra-Realistic Dildo and a Cordless Vibrating Cock Ring for free!

The Rebellious Ryan Ultra-Realistic Dildo is nine inches of ultra-realistic SexFlesh PVC that is sure to satisfy in case there’s nobody else around to do it for you. This dildo has got a manageable head on top of a well-veined shaft. It’s girthier at the base, so it going to be a challenge for people who want to bottom out on the balls. Of course, it’s probably a challenge most of you are willing to take on.

Simply follow the steps below to get the Rebellious Ryan Ultra-Realistic Dildo for free:

  1. Add this to your cart
  2. Add $29 worth of anything else to your cart
  3. Enter coupon: A4ARYAN2019 at checkout


Meanwhile, the Cordless Vibrating Cock Ring is perfect for those who aren’t just looking to maintain an erection, but are also looking for a memorable sensation. Put the cock ring on you or on your partner and then turn the powerful mini vibrator on. Both you and your partner will feel intense sensations, and this cock ring can keep those sensations going for 40 minutes.

Simply follow the steps below to get the Cordless Vibrating Cock Ring for free:

  1. Add this to your cart
  2. Add anything else
  3. Enter coupon: A4AREDRING2019 at checkout

Both offers only last as long as supplies last. Be sure to get your order in now as supplies are very limited!


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