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Watch This: Hilarious Gay “Bird Box” Memes

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Netflix’s YouTube Account)

There’s a Bird Box craze. But before we go into that, have you seen the movie yet? If so, how did you like it?

I personally loved it, but if you’re just hearing about this movie for the first time, this post-apocalyptic drama/thriller stars Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight); both great actors if I might add. 

Bird Box was released by Netflix during the holiday and it’s the talk of the town. So much so that when I met with my high school best friends (one of whom I haven’t seen for almost a decade, the other for over two decades) during New Year’s Eve, do you know the first thing the both of them talked about as we were taking a seat at a café? You guessed it right: Bird Box. 

Clueless me runs to social media and discovers #BirdBoxChallenge is going viral and of course both twitter and Instagram exploded with Bird Box memes. Take a look at some of the funny ones below, they really cracked me up. 


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The movie may not be the best of all time but the meme is fucking gold 😂🙌🏻💯 Credit: @joewoahy

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As of this writing, Netflix has pleaded its viewers to please stop doing the #BirdBoxChallenge—one where participants blindfold themselves while trying to complete tasks like in the movie. 

Bird Box also stars Sarah Paulson, Tom Hollander, Jacki Weaver, and John Malkovich to name a few.

Happy viewing!

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  1. feetandsocks4me

    Rush Limbaugh was discussing this movie recently. I turned off the radio. I wish that I could un-watch the Trailer. Just one man’s opinion: an unraveling society doesn’t need another serving of evil madness.

  2. James Edwards

    this reminds me of the pokemon search and people getting hit by cars by going into traffic finding the pokemon… guy was in a backyard and someone asks why he is there and says there are pokemons in his backyard….he said wake up dude….leave before I call the cops! thanks for keeping us up on current trends….you rock

  3. Hunter0500

    Have noticed over the years that whenever someone says a product is “exciting” or something is “hilarious”, it turns out to be “not so much”. An “Emperor’s New Clothes” thing. Enjoy Sandra’s movies in general so will give this a look at some point.

    Given stereotypical gays’ needs to “make EVERYTHING about me”, highjacking the blindfolding in this movie fits perfectly. The movie’s Producers would have figured that into their revenue forecasts, of course.

  4. Hunter0500

    Did you hear about the person who broadsided a guy’s car with their pickup while driving in the city blindfolded so they could try “the bird box thing” after seeing the movie, as they told police? The guy who was hit said during an interview that as glad as he was that his car protected him, he was far more amazed that anyone would think driving blindfolded was even remotely a good idea.

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