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Gay Stuff: Today is “Kiss a Ginger Day”

(Photo Credits: CockyBoys)

A special shout-out to our redheaded Adam4Adam members today, we are giving each and every one of you a virtual kiss because January 12, 2019 is International Kiss a Ginger Day! 

Yep, you’ve heard it right and this year marks the 10th anniversary as well which makes the celebration even more special. Of course this goes without saying: we can’t just kiss someone in real life—we need their consent—we can’t emphasize this enough. But we celebrate this day anyway because of what it stands for: empowerment and bullying awareness and prevention.

You see, Kiss a Ginger Day was conceived by Canadian Derek Forgie in 2009 to help counter a November 20 event called Kick a Ginger Day. For those who are wondering, unfortunately, Kick a Ginger Day does exist. It’s a day dedicated to hitting and kicking a person with pale skin and red hair, says Urban Dictionary.

So, how do we actually celebrate the day? If you are shy about offering your red-haired friends a kiss, presents or a box of chocolate will do. We can also participate in events such as the Kiss a Ginger Day – Redhead Meet Up though this one is happening in Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland. Ireland is one of the countries that have the most redheads along with Wales and Scotland.

According to statistics, only 1-2% of the world’s population has red hair (approximately 140 million) which makes me wonder how many A4A members are redheads. If you are, please let us know in the comments section below. As for the rest, don’t forget to tell us who your ginger celebrity crush is.

That being said, we leave you some of the netizen’s thoughts about the holiday.

Happy Kiss a Ginger Day!

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  1. Lamar

    Ugh, some of them are really something to see, my last love was/still is a handsome red head. He had/has this fiercely wild thick curly deep-red hair, stocky-barrel-chested, muscular hairy body. He didn’t really tan; just developed more freckles, lmao!

    He always reminded me of a cross between a cherub and a pirate, with those almost emerald green eyes, being a Leo was actually part of his charm, he had a little bit of a gut, but I loved that, too.

    There’s this man at the GNC, he’s of a different build; red-headed, tall-muscular; too young but very attractive none the less. Not really down with the whole blond-blue thing, though, I’ve always had it for dark-haired-dark-eyed types, though. I just appreciate the rugged-look red-heads have, love exploring there bodies, their scent, taste, etc. I’d love to kiss one, again!

  2. Mascandsmart

    I like athletic redheads. 🙂 if you haven’t seen the very hot models in the “Red Hot” calendar or its instagram account, you’re missing out.
    – Mascandsmart on adam4adam

  3. steve trujillo

    the few ginger men i have known have been exceptional. they , too, have dealt with discrimination due to their skin and hair color. the ginger men i have known have been very handsome.
    The ginger men i have known have also been very shy.
    is it do to social conditioning ? or what ?
    and i love the taste of fresh ginger with my California rolls.

      • Casper


        “Red-headed-step-child” is a variation of the “Black Sheep of the Family.” It is humanity’s way of expressing discontent about a family member. What is new is already old and what was already old is now new.’

        Discontent remains…it is the way it is expressed that changes.

  4. eduardo

    Kiss a Ginger Day..What a beautiful concept and delicious idea. The first man that comes to mind is Seth Fornea.He absolutely gorgeous and I would be happy to kiss him for hours and hours..
    Strong 2nd Connor Maguire.
    Definitely some great desire and soo fantastic day..
    Happy Kiss a Ginger Day…

    • Lamar

      I’ve come to love grey hair; a good full thick head of grey hair is a very sexy thing these days. I saw a good looking woman with long flowing grey hair and complimented her on it, as my own very long dreaded-hair is salted quite well. My brows have gone grey period and I think it looks very distinguished, especially on brown smooth skin.

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