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Hot or Not: Mirror Sex

Are you a katoptronophile? 

If you enjoy having sex in front of the mirror, then you are one and the name for the fetish is katoptronophilia (it’s a bit of a mouthful lol). According to Dr. Anil Aggrawal, as cited by Dr. Mark Griffiths, katoptronophilia is a “sexual paraphilia defined as sexual pleasure and arousal from having sex in front of mirrors.” Whether you are masturbating, or having an orgy, or enacting stripping fetishism, so long as these are done in front of the mirror, then that’s katoptronophilia.

I won’t call myself a katoptronophile just yet but of course I’ve tried having sex in front of a mirror once and yes, I personally found it hot. I don’t know; there’s something about watching ourselves fuck that’s insanely hot, don’t you think so, too? Maybe it’s about being able to watch my partner while having sex that makes it so much more arousing or being able to see the both of us in motion real time. This article said something like that among many others. They said that there are many reasons why mirror sex is totally hot, one of them being that “you get to be a voyeur and an exhibitionist” at the same time. They also mentioned something about how “sexuality is often very closely tied to our visual experience.” That having mirror sex is a “multifaceted sexual experience that engages nearly all of your senses,” read the entire article here, they make interesting points.

That being said, have you ever tried having sex in front of the mirror, guys? If so, what do you think about it? Share with us your mirror sex stories and fantasies in the comments section below!

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  1. gene

    RE: coming out?
    I have been having sex with various men for the past 21 years, thanks to there privacy and honesty there has been no need to come out. “I thank all of them”.

  2. rparktop

    I have a bud who’s been sucking my cock for about 10 years. He comes in gets naked & down on his knees. Sometimes in the LR or BR or move around. Once, by accident we were in front of the hall mirror. It was like watching & being in a porno. My bud is hot, pretty nice body & great cock. Seeing what he looks like with a hard cock in his mouth was incredible. I saw what he must look like sucking cock in an ABS. The fact that it wasn’t planned made it hotter. We don’t do it every time but it does add a lot when we do.

    Another time I saw a guy , nice body in just tight leather pants. Went home with him & he wanted to play in front of big mirrored closet doors. within minutes he was in another world watching himself, even flexing. He didn’t even hear the few words I said. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

    Watching my cock sliding in & out of my FB’s mouth was so hot, like I said like watching porn. The guy from the bar just liked watching himself. I don’t think it even mattered that I was there. Kind of like being the odd guy out in a 3 way.

    A couple weeks later I saw the guy bar out again. He was dressed the same way. It was my reg bar, I decided to say hi, no intention of a repeat, but didn’t want to ignore him. As we chatted I realized he didn’t remember me. Wow, felt like a real Jeff Stryker. He asked me to leave with him again. I politely passed & moved along.

    Mirrors can be fun or a buzz kill. Depends on the guy & situation. Like real 3 ways, best when they just happen.

  3. Chad

    I like it because they provide more points for others to watch. Also I like seeing myself suck off dick, and my butt getting banged on. Do they have a terminology for those?

  4. George

    It is not something to do 100% of the time during your experience.. but as a highlight, to focus more attention at times, it is a SUPER turn-on. Seeing the action as you feel it.

  5. Scott

    Of course it’s incredibly hot – especially if it’s with a guy you have great sexual chemistry with or if your partner is exciting to watch in action. On the same level as recording yourselves on camera, without the rewatchable video.

  6. SkilledBottom

    Nothing sexier than getting freaknasty in front of some mirrors! As the submissive obedient bottom, I’m frequently on all fours, or face down ass up. And if a mirror is positioned just so, I get to enjoy watching my hung fuckbud giving me that long deep stroke!

  7. ImrealRU

    I’ve tried it with my X….. It wasn’t any more erotic than usual sex, for us after trying it out, we decided on paying more attention to each-other than the mirror.

    • Hunter0500

      “…paying more attention to each other than the mirror…”

      The best sex partners are those whose attention is focused on their partners, not themselves. As another poster said, he was not at all moved by a guy who spent more time looking at himself in the mirror than on who he was having sex with.

  8. ME623

    I think watching you & partner in the mirror is Hot! I don’t have to worry about the mirror making my fucking go viral. I hooked up with a dude and at some point we ended up in front of my mirror, we looked at it at the same time and smiled and it really got freaky! WHEW!

  9. Rick2Rick

    My BF/partner do enjoy sex in front of a mirror once in a while but it is no where near an obsession nor has risen to the level of katoptronophilia.

    We are equal partners but when it comes to sex, he’s all top and has a dom streak in him and I’m his masculine active sub bottom. Most of the time when he fucks me, he is behind me, e.g. I’m doggie, bent over, or his favorite, face down/ass up. (On a rare occasion he’ll do me in a sling or on the edge of the bed with my legs up on his shoulders.) For me, I usually I see the bed sheets, the floor, etc. when he’s fucking me. Being with him, sex has become a deeper sensual experience for me – learning to actually ‘feel’ him more has been incredible learning experience for me. In a way, it is kind of like the opposite of mirror – like the times he has blindfolded when he fucks me. The absence of the visual heightens other senses too (and the sexual pleasure) and feel him (and myself) and how I can respond to him and myself more.

    The times we do have sex in front of a mirror, I can actually watch him fuck me (DAMN! That hunk is so fucking sexy when he fucks me and gets off! Woof!) – turns me on a great deal. I agree with the sentiment that the whole visual aspect can add to the experience of it all – that it adds to the senses (for me that is the sight of him)

    I think that mirrors can be very sexy and very arousing – kind of like a sex toy that can be used in kinky sex too.

    But, I also think they could be difficult for those that might have any kind of body image concern or performance concern. In those situations, the partners would need to be affirming and supportive of each other and help avoid or redirect the self-criticism.

  10. LatinBttmdaddy

    I’ve done mirror sex before. Love to see a man behind me enjoying himself! Adds to the excitement and intensity. Can be fun as long as it’s about enhancing the sex rather than showing off.

  11. doug mann

    I met a guy on A4A. After talking for a while online he invited me over. He answered the door shirtless and in gym shorts. He was shorter than I expected but had a very muscular body. He took me straight back to his bedroom where he had a mirror positioned so you got a full picture of the bed. We began with some kissing and touching and soon I was kissing and licking his muscular thighs. I then found myself sucking his hard cock. After a while he turned me on my stomach and he began fucking me. I loved watching myself suck his cock and really loved watching him fuck me. I agree it was like watching myself in a porn movie. It was one of the hottest sex sessions I ever hard. Watching myself in the mirror just made me more and more excited. Couldn’t believe how turned on I got.

  12. Jake

    Got 3 large ones in my bedroom, but all for different purposes.

    However, they can be a dual-edged sword when one isn’t always wanting to be seen doing what one’s doing with (to) a partner.

  13. Tommy

    I LOVE mirrors. Watching a Dude stroke in and out and seeing both our asses move is a huge turn on.. Watching him rim me and soak my hole was so fucking hot. My profile name is: littlasscheeks4u in the Cleveland Ohio area.

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