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Travel: Experience Gay Speed Dating Au Naturel in London

Last year, we wrote about O’Naturel, a nudist restaurant in Paris. If you’ve been planning to eat there you’ve got to visit them soon because you unfortunately now only have until February 16, 2019 to do so.

Speaking of all things nude, if you’re in the lookout for events that involve clothes shedding, you might want to sign up for this gay naked speed dating event. You still have time to plan because it’s happening this 14th of February in London, specifically in Balham, so if you live around that area, you may want to swing by the party. The event starts at 7:30 p.m. but expect to go through the aforementioned party naked well into the midnight. 

If that’s how you want to spend your Valentine’s Day this 2019, their entry fee is £20 or $25 USD inclusive of the refreshments but exclusive of the $2 processing fee. And there’s no need to worry about the dress code because you clearly won’t need it once inside the premises, although you do have the option to keep your underwear on if you’re feeling a bit self-conscious. 

There’s one catch though, you can only book a ticket if you’re 23 to 35 years old. This bit of information has made the netizens call out the organizers saying they are “perpetuating ageism.” 

Let’s say for a moment that there’s no age limit and it’s near your home, would you go this gay naked speed dating event? Have you ever been to one and if not, would you give it a try?

Anyway, what are your plans this Valentine’s Day, guys? If you still don’t have one, or maybe you’re thinking of hosting a party, here at Adam4Adam you can organize a get-together or a group date with your A4A friends through a section called Parties and Events.

Have fun!

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  1. LEO

    These young fellas should just rent a hotel suite and have their speed dating event there. In addition have plenty of cialis, viagra, lube and condoms.

  2. Libertarian Queer

    Sounds fun. Ageism?? Did you mean to say gerontophobia? Such a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive bunch these organizers of this gay dating event are! Ha!

    I totally get the the reality of ageism in both the gay and str8 world as it pertains to sexual attraction. But, you know, for eons str8 people haven’t wanted to be associated with gay people or even see them in public, let alone hire them for jobs or do custom artwork on wedding cakes, and yet now gay acceptance is being foisted upon them by law whether they like it or not. In such a purportedly welcoming and diverse community as the organized gay world holds themselves out to be, why do they allow the practice of this form of discrimination such as these age limits for this event mentioned in the article? I wonder why the event purposely excludes those in the gay community who have preferences toward a relationship in which there could be decades in age difference? Shouldn’t the organizers of this public event be forced by law to accept all age groups? Should they not be forced to allow women who identify as men into the fray as well? I noticed on their web page there is not a single black, Asian, or Hispanic person in any of the pictures. I know people of those ethnicities live in England and some of them are gay and single. Is their absence in the promotional materials supposed to be a subliminal message that those people, too, are not allowed? What’s going on here?

    I’ll tell you what’s going on here. It’s called freedom of association and assembly. While we may get all butt-hurt over one form of discrimination or another it is every individual’s right to associate with whomever they please. Similarly minded individuals may choose to form assemblies of many people with like minded views on various subjects. What strikes me as peculiar about all this is how many people don’t seem to get the concept of it all and then go on to hate on and even lobby government bodies to outlaw the offending associations and assemblies. Some people just don’t seem to understand that since time began people have been practicing various forms of discrimination. It is human nature and it will continue whether the butt-hurt like it or not. And you know, it’s their right to do so. For me and mine, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now, that’s some diversity for you.

  3. Ezinalo

    I think this could be fun, but I wouldn’t go all the way to Europe for it. Several years ago, a Gay couple I know did goto the the Paris location. They said it was not at all exciting or interesting. My fave bar in London was the London Eagle. Somewhat of a sleaze pit with a live sex show, but the people were great and so was the show. I found out last year that London Eagle was “renovated” and there is no sex show anymore. Does this correspond with what I am hearing called the “war on sex”?

  4. Devyn

    WTF…“perpetuating ageism”?! I’m over 50 and I’m not at all offended. What’s with this crazy inclusion mentality that EVERYTHING must always include EVERYONE?! We’re humans with individual tastes and not everything needs to be inclusive of everyone. I happen to be attracted to darker skinned men (whether ethnic or just tanned), uncut dick, and guys in briefs. Am I guilty of perpetuating pale-ism or racism, circumcision-ism, and commando-ism? We just need to grow thicker skin and quit be so hyper-sensitive, triggered, and readily offended. So, perhaps someone won’t get the opportunity to earn a participation trophy and feelings of acceptance, encouragement, and validation from being a part of this year’s exclusive naked speed-dating event. Too bad! They need to get a life, create their own event, and stop being tools who make up -isms so they can jump on social media to express their hurt and outrage!

  5. LJ

    No nude speed dating. If you’re looking to do n d a partner do you really want to base it on their naked body? Pretty shallow! Bet the relationship will never be L8tr.

  6. bjjj

    Well the London thing leaves me out, I’m way too old, and in the United States, so couldn’t even afford to get there if I was allowed. I think someone should file an age discrimination lawsuit against the place. How dare they only allow 25-35 year olds. Now if there was no age limit and close to me, yea, I would love to go. But don’t think that will ever happen in the Midwest of USA Plus to most younger guys, I’m just plain ugly. But I sure would love to go to a bathhouse and spend a few days, or at least a day having fun in the nude, but there isn’t even one close to me. The closest one is probably near 400 miles away. I do plan to go there or to another bathhouse sometime this year though. I’d love to swim in the nude, enjoy a hot tub, and of course have some action. At least there are a couple of adult arcades within driving distance, but most of the time I get turned down, as everyone is looking for young twinks.

  7. Eric

    Of course, all of the guys in the image are ripped young guys to meet the stereotypical belief that real men won’t garner any attention. And what’s up with the 1950’s boxers?!?!?!

  8. Okzebra

    Ageist bigotry in the svelte-twink gay community. I’m shocked! Of course, without it, all the trolls would otherwise inundate the event like the tsunami that sunk Phuket.

  9. Hunter0500

    Ageism …

    Have had guys younger than me say “no thanks”. Have had some others that age respond well and even chase me.

    Have had guys my age say “no thanks”. Have had some others that age respond well and even chase me.

    Have had guys older than me say “no thanks”. Have had some others that age reapond well and even chase me.

    Personally, I have NO interest in speed dating. For me it’s a faster way to a hookup, which more guys than not here in blogs have said do not go great. Your choice, of course if you chose “go for it!”

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