Health: It’s World AIDS Day, Here is How We Can Help

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Today—December 1, 2018—marks the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day (WAD). This year’s observance theme is “Saving Lives through Leadership and Partnerships” and indeed, it is by coming together and working together that we have come this far. These are also what we need foremost in order to not only sustain the world’s current efforts but also to win our decades-long fight against HIV and AIDS.

But how do we get involved this World AIDS Day? Well, there are many ways:

  • Wear a red ribbon online and in real life 
  • Read more about WAD and HIV/AIDS and talk about it online
  • Check for volunteer opportunities in your area such as this one or join events 

Here at Adam4Adam, we join the fight by raising awareness on HIV and AIDS through social media. In addition, we also encourage A4A members to participate in our fundraising during World AIDS Day which we have been running for several years now. Last year, our campaign managed to raise a total of $3415, A4A rounded it to $5000 and donated said amount to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF). 

And so, just as we have done in the previous years, 100% of your donations today will be given to ETAF. The campaign starts right now, December 1st at 9:00 am and will end tomorrow, December 2nd at 9:00 am.

But why do we partner with ETAF?

It’s because for 26 years, the foundation has been tirelessly providing research grants and funds to various organizations around the world that are involved in helping the most marginalized people within the AIDS community. Moreover, ETAF’s operating costs are paid for by Ms. Taylor’s Trust so every dollar donated to them goes directly to helping people with HIV/AIDS. 

To donate, please click this link, pick your donation, and the FULL amount will be donated to ETAF. Adam4Adam will match you you are giving, so please be generous!

Thank you, guys, in advance. We will announce in the succeeding days the total amount we raised together for World AIDS Day 2018. Happy Giving Saturday!

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  1. Matt (Black)

    I agree with Franz……it should be a care by now..
    Self driving cars and phones with GPS. Think about it peeps!!!!! These two inventions are amazing to me. I’m saying alot of research, time and money had to go into them..

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