Sexuality: Why Do You Like Dicks? 

An exasperated Redditor brought up this topic over at askgaybros because clearly, he’s been asked this question way too many times than he cares to count. In the end, the original poster (OP) of the thread explained, “I can understand to some extent being curious about other’s sexuality, but answering why you like dick is like trying to answer why you like your favorite foods. Because they taste good and I like them in my mouth.”

Others explained the irritation that comes with being asked this is due to the fact that the one who asked the question made it sound like, and we quote, “we chose to like dick when that’s not the case.” Another user pointed out that the sad part about this is that women don’t get asked the same question while others on the other hand say maybe they were just genuinely curious or that the question was rhetorical in the first place. Either way, most of the netizens advised that the best way to go about it is to play it calm and cool and we agree. Here are some of their suggested comebacks which are smart and hilarious at the same time:

  • Once you suck one dick, you’ll never go back.
  • They are magically delicious
  • Dicks are beautiful
  • I like being with a guy, the dick is just a bonus
  • *Shrugs* and ask back: How can you not?
  • Why? Are you interested?

Which brings us to this question: have you ever been asked why you like dicks and if so, what was your answer? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. jon gifford

    why I love dicks is that the feel of them in my mouth is so intense and it seems to own me as to my love of them to feel them throbb at my touch feeling them in me and shotting knowing I take their seed fills me with joy

  2. Rob

    Cocks are fucking beautiful. They taste delicious and feel great in my throat and pressed up against any of my body parts. Just can’t get enough!

    • Jake Blake

      This is the obvious answer.
      But we can turn this whole, narrow-minded discussion around by observing a similar ridiculous question involving kink that circulates within OUR OWN ranks : “You like to do WHAT???!!! “

  3. Hunter0500

    I prefer cocks. I know a couple of Dicks, neither of whom are dicks, as well as a couple of guys with other names who are, in fact, TOTAL dicks. So, I prefer cocks.

  4. David

    I like the way a dick feels in my lips as I massages it with my tongue to feel it throb and twitch is something that has to be experienced.
    To have a thick dick invade my neither region is a sensation that tantalize me senses and drives me wild with lust.
    Can not wait till my next session with a dick….

  5. Mark

    Why do I like dicks, hmmmm, for me it is more erotic then pussy, most men know how to give blow jobs, know what feels good, I just plain and simply love dick! I like the way they look, smell, feel, love them, no real reason I just do!!

  6. Jockn2cbt

    When I was four, dad was taking me thru the showers on the way to the municipal pool. There were five naked teenagers fooling around and laughing in the showers, all skinny mop-headed and blond or sandy. I’d seen my dad’s big dick as mom would throw me in at the end of his bath, but this was the first time I’d seen a group of big swinging dicks. Their deep tans accentuated their lily white butts and the squared-off swim trunks popular back then framed all the interesting goodies so well. But the cocks, those wonderful big hairy cocks and low hanging ball sacks, they looked to me like birds resting in nests of thick pubic hairs. I remember how much I wanted to run up and touch them. I was brought back to reality by the third hard tug on my arm as I stood there agape and frozen in my tracks. I couldn’t understand my dad’s angry admonishment at the time. When people use the phrase “bumping uglies”, I guess there are varying opinions on the subject, but to me cock is the most beautiful thing in the world.

  7. Dave

    To me nothing feels better than giving up control & letting another man (or woman) fill my backdoor with their hard throbbing cock & feeling it slide in & out. I also get a special thrill from being on my knees worshipping that cock beforehand because I know what it’ll lead to usually.

  8. MoreSerious

    JOCKN2CBT is the only one who seems to even take the question seriously. Why do we like dick? We don’t have the attraction to, say, a finger. It’s not JUST that it feels good in your mouth, or tastes good to you. How did you get it in your mouth in the first place? I think the question goes way deeper. What is it ABOUT dick that makes it sexual (obviously, it’s used for sex) and attractive (I know women who say – Geez, it’s ugly, it’s just a tube.) I don’t agree, but do see their point. Most of us probably had early experiences as little boys, already being sexually attracted to dick. Even before we knew what sex was, or that sex is what they’re used for. So, it goes deeper (ha ha, no pun intended). There is something more fundamental about attraction to dick than just the silly “I like the way it feels in my mouth.” I’ve often wondered if straight boys have the same kind of sexual organ attraction that gay boys do. I think it starts much earlier than our awareness of sex. But hell, it’s sure sexy!

  9. Ed

    I’m bisexual and love giving oral, but I prefer cocks over pussy. They are a big turn on for me. Also I like seeing what is going into my mouth as to sticking my tongue into a cavern which is, to me mysterious and, therefore, a little scary.

  10. isoltrjock

    The point I like most in the article is that liking dicks is not a choice, just like sexually preferring men to women is not a choice (bi-sexual men being a different topic). A lot of well-meaning people think that we all somehow woke up one day and decided to prefer men sexually. I’ve never met a gay man who said that he decided, on a certain day and time, to prefer men sexually. That’s a lot different, by the way, than deciding to act on the sexual preference. This belief that being gay is a choice is one basis, in my opinion, for a lot of the condemnation of homosexuality by straight members of Bible-based religions.

  11. Jay

    I just like the the look of a large, smooth, cut cock with a large head. The idea of sneaking around to play with one is a huge turn on. Only played with a few, but I’m sure if I found the perfect one, I’d do anything for it.

  12. Loren

    For me its all about the pleasure I can give another man. The feel of his hard cock against my naked body. The taste and smell of a mans skin and Balls. An uncut cock is so masculine and the smell and taste of a natural man is intoxicating. I love to feel a mans cock harden throbbing and filling me with his sperm.. Use my mouth or ass I can cum hands free! By just giving your cock pleasure

  13. SFount

    I like dicks because when I was married I wore mine out as being the father of 8 kids and wanted to try feeling what was it like taking what I was giving for all of those years of marriage and I liked it very much…

  14. mpc317

    To me, a mans dick is the the essence of his manhood…the epitome of his manliness. To take his dick into my mouth, or my ass, is allowing part of his very being into my body….a very intimate connection. I take very good care of his dick while it’s inside me. And to experience him ejaculating inside my mouth or my ass is my reward for treating him right….it allows me to take a small part of his essence into my body and feel an even deeper connection.

  15. doug

    I was born in a place and a time when a man attracted to another man was not an acceptable thing. I lived most of my life fooling myself. Finally about 5 years ago, I realized my feelings were not going away and I had my first hook up with another man. Couldn’t believe how natural it all came and felt. Best sex I ever had in my life. After the first time, I am totally hooked on cock. If ever asked the question why I like cock, I would respond that until you try it you would have no understanding of anything I have to say.

  16. Rollo

    Um, why do you like beer? Why do you like cars? Why do you like eggs for breakfast? Chocolate?

    Dicks are attached to guys. I like guys. I like dicks. I like chocolate, but I’m allergic to chocolate, dammit.

    I like shoes, I like tanning at the beach for no special reason. It’s one of those baiting questions. Does it matter I like dicks? Shouldn’t everyone? No? Ok. How about lox and bagels? Or Ubers on a hot afternoon with their AC on?

  17. Ken

    I totally enjoy stroking and caressing a nice dick; watching and feeling it grow in my hands or mouth. Then to make it throb and twitch and shoot a big load of cum…hell yeah!!! It’s just such a feeling of power and satisfaction when you bring them to a full orgasm. I can’t get enough!!

  18. Mark

    I like dicks because I saw a picture of a vagina once, and it reminded me of Audrey II from little shop of horrors or the Sarlacc pit from return of the Jedi. Can you imagine having to put your dick in that, or worse your face? It looks as though it will bite it right off. Ewww.

  19. Ed

    Why do I love cock . Well here’s why I am a pleaser and when I am making love to his cock with my mouth and he is moaning and squirming and being vocal I know that I have him feeling great and I’m just drawn to suck and licking balls and just savouring and just go into full cocklust mode and Have to have it and then when he slides it deeper and deeper and I’m moaning and squirming myself ,I just am craving it like a junky craves a drug and I will suck him hard again after he cums in me so I can get it back inside me were it belongs and I have done it for many hours ,in fact with 1 guy I had him inside me for over 6 hours and we finally had to stop because we were so drained of energy and just couldn’t go any longer because I had done it till I had to take a few minutes to get energy while keeping it inside me and as soon as I get any energy I was back riding it till I collapsed

  20. JH

    Men are usually calm, easy going, strong and pleasant to be around. The natural smell of an attractive man is so appealing to me and knowing his cock feels as good as mine and that I know just what to do with it to give him pleasure is hot. the shape of a mans butt is beautiful and connecting our tools together and arousing him is so satisfying. When a man is quiet sexy and mysterious I melt. Like being back in my daddies arms where I always wanted to be since I was a boy. Mom was always mean. Dad sweet and understanding . I have always liked males since I can rememember. It is what it is.

  21. Malik

    I’m attracted to men. Men have dicks. Seeing another man’s MANHOOD make my nipples hard. I especially like seeing dick prints in tight pants. I salivate when I see a supposed straight man with a wrinkled brow because his dick got hard in public. I recall one man coming up out of the subway here in Chicago. He was a nice looking Black man. It was summer so he didn’t have on a jacket. He was in a shirt/tie and dress pants. As he walked up out of the subway I guess the fabric stimulated his dick as it rubbed against it. It stretched across his thigh. We made eye contact and I tried my best not to look but it was so obvious. He had an embarassing/frustrated look on his face. But seeing his manhood HARD was so exciting.

    I love seeing a hairy dick. I hate that guys are shaving their pubes. I can understand trimming, but to shave it down to the bare skin reminds me of a BOY instead of a man. Trim so it doesn’t put my eye out, but don’t make it bald and make me think about my son.

  22. Matt (Black)

    Why do I like dick; for me it depends who the dick belongs too. Lol. I have to be attracted to the person behind the dick. I can’t just suck or fuck any dick. Never understood the essence of those glory holes in sex booth where guys would put their precious dick in the hole and let any Tom/Dick or Harry suck their dick and vice- virsa. I would be scare some psycho would bite my dick or I would get a disease from sucking random dicks. This blog ain’t about glory holes but in closing I love dick but it have to be only with the dick I want. Plus I like them medium thick and about 7 to 8inches only 😉

    • soft & fluffy

      We’re on the same page . If the dick isn’t attached to a guy who turns me on then it’s a no-go.
      Getting together with someone who’s got the whole chemistry thing going on is where it’s at and if they were to have a 3″ weenie that still wouldn’t take away from the experience (for me at least)

      And why do I like dick ? It’s the way my brain came wired.

  23. Adam

    thee level at which that topic is approached on here is pretty shallow, I would say ” at the kinder garden level”. This also mixes two different questions: 1) why male reproductive organ is particularly attractive. 2) why are you gay.

    So, there are many deep reasons engraved in our subconscious why we: gay men, women, pansexual, bisexual and some other groups are attracted to male penis. One, is that phallus is an ancient archetypal symbol of male energy. The energy that is foreword moving, initiating, taking charge, taking responsibility, protecting and providing. So all those of us in whom the female aspect of their energetic set-up is significant, are attracted to that initiating , foreword moving energy. This craving is especially intense in those who were emotionally rejected by their fathers and have yet to integrate that trauma. So that this unconscious ,unfulfilled craving for male energy, translates in our adult behavior into sometimes desperate, obsessive, addictive, endless search for “the biggest and the juiciest cock we can get”.

    in sessions with my private clients I address such behaviors. Not to judge or disown, but to integrate this desire into the state of healthy satisfaction.

  24. Hunter4B

    JOCKN2CBT nailed it! On at least two occasions dad took me to a large public gym and lake, both with locker/change rooms. I am still amazed because I had not started pre-school so had to be three, maybe four years old, but can VIVIDLY recall my fascination with the hairy bodies, my older brothers in high school, my extremely well-built father, but all those guys walking around naked and seeing full non-manscaped pubic hair bushes (it was the 70s), oh man, I knew right then, I did not want to take my eyes off of their bodies! Even though I grew up and never acted out on it, I guess deep down I knew there was a deep interest there. Dated women. However, every time I came across a change room, a photo of a masculine/hairy male, or a handsome guy at the beach, I could not resist the feeling to look back or stare. Finally, in my 20s, an older, well built guy, gave me a look and showed there was ‘no doubt’ in his interest in me! I ran from THAT situation, but the impact of it led me to search out websites such as THIS ONE, so I could explore my interest! If only the maturity, matched the masculinity readily on display, I’d be a happy guy

  25. Chaser

    I ask myself this all the time but can’t pinpoint any definite answer. One thing I can say about myself is that although I see dicks online all the time that look absolutely delicious but I wouldn’t suck if given the opportunity. In order for me to really enjoy a dick it has to be attached to the right person. I think too many times people assume that because you love dick that any ole dick will due and that’s not the case with me.

  26. Atyoursevice

    A cock is an extension of the man, and it is active, dominant, not passive. It takes over your space, it intrudes upon you. When I submit to a man and his cock is inside me, it is a tool of his dominance.
    When I am worshiping his cock with my mouth, I am showing my fealty, my devotion to him, to his pleasure. When we have passionate anal, it is similarly so. Of course, he may become an aggressor, forcing himself upon me, in either end, but especially by a good hard ass pounding. The cock is the ultimate interface between submissive and dom. I love pleasing the man, and his cock is the primary way to please him.
    It is all about the cock.

  27. Marcus

    The subject is “why do you like dick” so I was watching porn last night and my favorite is interracial sex. Specifically skinny black men with long dicks fucking busty white women. While watching I said to myself I wonder why there have to be such a large discrepancy in dick size. As a Christian I know God don’t make mistakes. But I wonder what’s the significance of one man having a 11 inch dick and another man having a 3 inch dick? Most men ears and noses are basically the same size so I wonder why couldn’t all men be about 7.5 to 8 inches with a slight variable in thickness. The terms big dicks, BBC, hung, huge thick cocks, size don’t matter, etc would be obsolete. I think in the gay world more men would be versatile. Psychologically guys with small dicks would feel less adequate. Just something crazy I was thinking about last night and I hope Dave expand on this in another blog. 😉

  28. sfdan4u

    Yeah I love dicks. I love to suck and get sucked. For my “fun sex” is all about power. I would not consider going down on a man if I didn’t want to swallow his load and when i am being suck I need him to swallow my seed. When I see a good looking guy on the street my eyes go unconsciously to his basket and then his face. Sometimes it is the guys smile that leads me to check out the bulge in his pants. Yeah, for sure, I like dick.

  29. Scott

    It’s a couple of things from the power of the feel and how it fills your mouth and or giving up that power of a welcoming invasion. To the roulette of will he warn me and let go of my head and give me the choice or will he hold tight and explode. Yes, Cocks are beautiful well some/most depends on who you are. And it’s even better when it’s a cock that by the standard of the old social rules you shouldn’t be having a cock from the other team in your mouth. I’m not a race car driving and I don’t want to be but I bet I would love it if I did it every so often even in secret.

  30. Wes

    I am bisexual and truly enjoy cock and pussy. But I love cock because I believe that they are beautiful. I enjoy feeling them grow in my mouth and equally enjoy feeling them soften in my mouth after they’ve exploded. They carry VERY delicious tasting seed AND they are have testicles attached which are equally beautiful and fun to to suck and play with.

  31. Kasper

    It is the cream! What a joy to huff and puff on the human spigot and earn your cream: the end justifies the means or the means justifies the end?

    It is all about the nourishing cream…it improves the complexion; whitens teeth; prevents acne; it strengthens nails; thickens hair and it only has 9 calories!

    It isn’t only the big, bad wolf!

  32. Charles F Miller

    The absolute beauty of a thick, cut, throbbing cock is like nothing else. I just want to make love to a cock as often as I can. Balls, shaft, head, ooooooooh, just tonguing and licking is an experience and love like no other, and when you bring a cock to climax oh my lord the taste of it’s reward it’d like nothing you’ve had before. I much, much prefer cock than anything else!

  33. Danny

    At first curiously toying with the idea of boy with boy, dick on dick can give you real rushes at the thought! When you finally get to experience it, the sensations and bonding can be awesome and feel as natural as straight sex. There won’t be any fear of unwanted pregnancy that for sure!!

  34. libido6

    The cock is so attractive, it is nice to feel, to kiss, lick and inhale. It fills in a desire I have when it is hard in my mouth and going deep in my throat. I love surrendering to it and worshiping it, much more than I actually like it owner. It is all about the cock at the end.

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