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Entertainment: Our Favorite Celebrity Moustaches This 2018

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Movember is drawing to a close, however, we can’t resist writing about these guys whose moustaches we love. And no, we have not forgotten that Movember is a movement with a cause, one that is dedicated to “changing the face of men’s health” through moustaches but hey, there’s no rule that says we can’t admire hot guys, isn’t there? This one is an appreciation post about hot guys with moustaches so feel free to add to the list in the comments section below.

  1. Henry Cavill—reportedly, Cavill’s moustache which he called the “King Stache” had caused much controversy. Apparently, he grew it for Mission: Impossible – Fallout but when he had to do reshoots for Justice League, he couldn’t shave it off because it would incur an “additional $3M in visual effects budget for MI6.” The moustache debacle, now infamously referred to as the Justache League, ended up with Warner Bros. having to digitally remove Superman’s moustache. Cavill has since then shaved his moustache last March but Paramount made a donation to the Movember Foundation this month for it.


  1. Michael B. Jordan—nicknamed Michael Bae Jordan by the netizens, the actor stole people’s hearts in his role as the sexy villain Erik Killmonger in Black Panther and Adonis Creed in the Rocky/Creed movie franchise. His smile alone is stuff for wet dreams but factor in his moustache and people go nuts over him. (Side note: Bae is an acronym for before anyone else, and today, it’s an informal way of addressing one’s boyfriend or girlfriend).


  1. Zac Efron—the Baywatch actor surprised the netizens when he posted a photo of himself rocking a moustache on Instagram which he captioned “Novembeard” because, well, he was barely unrecognizable. Zac‘s transformation was a welcome change to his fans who showered him with praises and words of love in various languages while others who were unable to resist had thrown in either marriage proposals or indecent proposals. But who can blame them for that?


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