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Happy New Year and Thank You!

Today, as we bid goodbye to the old year and say hello to the new one, we would like to thank you all—our beloved Adam4Adam users. Thank you for being here with us not only for the entire 2018 but also for sticking with us for more than 15 years now. We are looking forward to being a part of your life again this 2019.

We are proud to say that 2018 was a big year for us, what with the total reconstruction of the backend and the full redesign of all our products—website, mobile website, and the Adam4Adam app—their sleek new aesthetic, the new branding and modernization of our logo to name a few. We hope that this coming 2019 will be incredible as well.  

Our 2019 resolution is to improve our products even more by adding new amazing functionalities, make them even better (especially A4A’s mobile website) as many of you have reported not liking the menu but it’s still a work in progress. One of the challenges of being a small team offering a free membership to all users is not having the same resources as other dating apps/websites but we try to do our best. That being said, we really appreciate your positive feedback and patience and your being with us through thick and thin. We hope to return your love and loyalty to Adam4Adam by providing you with an even better dating experience this coming year.

Happy New Year, guys. May we all have a wonderful, healthy, and prosperous 2019!

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  1. Jer

    I want to say and wish Happy New Year to all who had a bad one esp the past few years
    Ive lived one of the worst years now losing my mother to liver disease back in Feb 17 not even a few days after Valentines and a few months with her Thru the holidays of last year to a horrible disease -Liver Disease
    Not long after losing her brother two years Apr 17 2016
    and my grandfather May 1 2017 but Now my mother….
    now -as my fathers been gone since Aug 2011 . Some of the worst times in my life . It’s been a really t Tough past year , not knowing what to feel or think or where to go from here as these loved ones were such a huge part of my life only now to go on without all of them …. amd finding out NOT A FAMILY AND OTHERS I thought would be there…YOU FIND OUT
    TRUST ME !!!
    Plus after a damn close with deaths doorway my self three years ago . It’s More then Ever now time to try to live my best life . No restrictions Def NO regrets more than ever
    HOPEFULLY 2019 might just be the beginning for me and for many ,

    • Nathan


      Do not take death personally. Death is natural and we do not all die old and from natural causes. What befell you is reality. Be calm and come to understand that ‘Death’ is the ultimate equalizer: it does not discriminate; it take us all.

      Allow yourself to grieve and always remember that all you need to do is think of your love-ones and they will be there…the longer we will live…the more whom we shall bury.

      Be at peace and go to the cemetery when it will suit you. You will come to realize that, in the end, we will all be together.

      I served in war, and so, I am passing along to you what I have learned is the truth…whether we view it as ‘Gospel Truth’ or ‘Bitter Truth’.

      I will wish you a good New Year; be safe and take comfort…God hasn’t called you yet.


  2. Mdspank


    Thanks for everything you and the team do. I’ve met some great guys on this site and gotten quite a few really good spankings from them. Only thing I’d like to see in a redesign is different distances … like 25 and 50 miles instead of jumping from 10 to 100. Keep up the great work and happy New Year

  3. Rick


    Happy New Year to you and the A4A team. I’ve been a member since the beginning (I first Joined in 2004, took some time off the site for almost two years trying a relationship that was doomed from the onset since he was nuts) I like the redesign and cannot think of anything that needs improving but you can always add new and cool features. I like your blog posts but miss some of the more personal ones you used to post. they were hot and erotic.

  4. hardtopftl

    HNY Dave -I don’t know if it is the redesign (which is a big step backwards for laptop users) or something else, but I have started getting multiple solicitations to join another site (which I always report)
    Top Gripes for the new site -1) no LOGOFF button at the top 2) no page turn/select at the bottom of my Friend list, oh sorry, they are now my Favorites 3)I don’t use a full screen for this or any sites, but your designers seem to require that we do (on laptops) As a result I am constantly resizing or sliding to get to what I want or need (like the freaking logout at the bottom of a section I only select to edit or logout) 4) what is the point of Featured Members and of Popular Members?
    I know this site is here to make money, but putting the Live Cams/Sex Shop/Movies/Undies/Blue Pill/Vip Access across the top seems crass.I know I haven’t used them. I used to be a supporter, but the costs far outweighed the benefits. Addressing my first 3 points would make this an easier site to use. Thanks ! — a Long Time User

    • Dave

      1) logoff button has been moved almost 5 years ago to the bottom of “my account” page, so this is not a new thing.
      2) I will check with dev for that, I’m surprised.Thanks for pointing it out. And I didn’t think we need your approval to change the name of the section for Favorites….
      3) Any websites are made to be used full screen. If you decide not to use it full screen, it is not our fault, and yes the design is made to fit a full screen.
      4) The point of “featured members” is to give extra visibility to VIP users who pay to support A4A for offering the service and pay for all the expenses and bills. So we want to thank them by offering them to be seen by more users in that list.
      “Popular members” are the members that get the most “smiles”, and people like that addition, sorry if you don’t.
      5) live cam, store and underwear tabs on top have been there since 2003. So I dont know why it bothers you now? Also as a long time user, you probably know that A4A has always been free since its creation. So how do you think we pay for the millions of users sending images, messages, the bandwidth, the servers, the support team, the dev team, the designer team, the blog and social media team…? Of course all the publicity that you see on A4A is there for a reason and no it’s not crass and some people like them, and most users know that sales from these buttons help to pay the bills therefore they buy from us I believe to “support” our work.
      So you use to be a supporter but complain about ads and our other product tabs… But when you go to the grocery and take bananas, do you just take and leave with them or do you pay them before leaving the store? I dont know ANY dating service that is free and has no ads. None.

      On that note, have a good day.

  5. hardtopftl

    I have been using the old format. My comments are based on it, so many of your comments/responses don’t apply. I am a member of a number of free “dating” sites and they are all much easier to use than this, and their advertisements are much less intrusive. When I pay for my BBRT profile, it is a very small monthly fee that greatly enhances my user experience. Again, based on the old format, paying for an A4A profile did very little to enhance my experience (except to give unlimited Friends)

    To me it seems A4A has chosen to make the web-designer’s life easier, not the customer’s. I don’t have these issues and complaints on other sites. (remember I am using a laptop, not a smartphone) I have been on many websites where the content shrinks-to-fit the window size. Perhaps A4A has optimized the experience for phone/tablet users at the expense of laptop/desktop users. A4A’s sandbox – A4A’s business decisions. Thanks

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