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Dating: 2019 Dating Profile Resolutions

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Resolutions are something that we do every year, and if we’re lucky we get to accomplish all of them by the time the next new year rolls around.

Aside from things like being healthier and taking care of ourselves more, improving our relationship prospects is another thing that we resolve to do better at. Since we at  Adam4Adam are in the business of finding you Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, here are some dating profile resolutions you can easily accomplish for 2019.

1. Make sure all of your information is up-to-date

We date people so we can get to know them better, and if you’re profile is missing a lot of information or has a lot of untrue information in it, then you’re just setting yourself up for dating failure in 2019. It’s especially egregious now that Adam4Adam has spruced up its profile section, allowing users to put in whether they identify as a trans, as a man or whether they’re part of a couple.

When your profile is completely filled out, Adam4Adam can include you in the result when people use the search/filters feature. You can appear under the filters for “Sexual Orientation”, “Sexual Position”, or even “Communities”, and you miss a lot of opportunities when you don’t show up there if you think that the search/filters is the most used features on A4A.

Adam4Adam also has a “Looking For” section, and selecting either “dating” or “love” helps you find people who are looking for the same thing as you, whether that’s a lifelong relationship or just someone to sleep with for the night.

2. Keep your profile description short and sweet

People on dating apps aren’t going to be looking at just your profile. They’ve probably scrolled through rows and rows of profiles before getting to yours. Dumping a novel’s worth of information on them isn’t going to give them the incentive to talk to you; they might just be intimidated by the wall of text.

It’s best to keep your profile short and sweet, with just enough information to keep the guy intrigued. That way, he’ll be curious to know more about you when the two of you finally meet face-to-face.

3. Change your photos to your most recent ones

Yes, you may have looked really hot in that one photo you took in 2009. But that photo is a decade old and you probably don’t look like that anymore. A more recent photo is a better representation of who you are and prevents you from being accused of catfishing. Besides, if you’ve been using that photo since 2009, people are probably already tired of seeing it and they know that you’ve had this photo for 10 years.

4. Put in more photos of your face

Think about it. Every dating app is swamped with rows and rows of pictures of abs. Sure, they’re nice to look at, but if you’ve spent any amount of time on dating apps they can all end up looking the same. Putting up a face photo immediately makes you stand out in a crowd. Additionally, Google and Apple don’t allow nudity on apps, so if you only plan to put up dick and butthole pics on your profile, you probably won’t show up on Adam4Adam’s app. Keep those shots for when the other guy asks for it.

5. Look outside your “normal”

Sure, you have a preference when it comes to dating. But having a preference doesn’t mean you close yourself off to guys that might not fit that, because then that becomes prejudice. If all of your relationships with your “preferred” guys haven’t worked out, try dating someone out of that. Who knows, you may just find out your match?

Any other dating profile resolutions you want to make in 2019? Share it with us in the comments below!

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  1. Matt

    When posting a number for how long you are, measure from the base to the tip on the top side and not from the small of your back, past your ass, between your legs, and underneath.

    For me, the size of a man’s tool is not a primary consideration. If he has an average-to-small one, but I like him, I will like it. If the guy has a big one, but his personality is a big dick, then the size of his tool won’t change anything. The point is that if you decide to advertise a length, at least make it honest and accurate.

    Ditto weight.

    Ditto age.

  2. Floyd

    A profile is only as accurate and useful and is the honesty and desire of its creator. This is fact…not fiction.

    Therefore, guidelines for a successful profile, ultimately, rests within a member’s willingness to play fair and square. I’ve seen too many profiles that are relics of a bygone age when their creators were young, hung and full-of-cum. Also, perceptions of attractiveness are sometimes blinded by desperation or revenge: we all know when we are no longer attractive.

    These profiles are used to let humanity know that their creators still exist and have relevance…even if the relevance is between their ears and neither upon their faces or bodies.

    Profiles are self-serving…thus, relegated to their creators purpose.

  3. Hunter0500

    6. Read a profile before messaging.

    Make sure you’re not asking a guy to tell you something that is clearly spelled out in his profille.

    As far as 4. Put in more photos of your face …

    A face picture is easily pirated and reused, and never for any good purpose. Face pictures should hidden and then unlocked as the guys get to know each other. As with any single other body feature, if that one picture (facial beauty) is the deal maker or breaker, a guy then is being highly superficial in his treatment of other men. As another poster said here recently, “being gay is supposed to be a truthful, beautiful loving thing.” Facial beauty as a deal maker or breaker is anything but that.

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