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Fantasy: Mile High Club Stories, Anyone?

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Hey, guys! Have you ever fantasized about having sex onboard an aircraft? Or maybe you already did, in which case we’d love to hear your mile high club stories.


If you have, then you are probably one of the 15 percent in a survey who said that yes, they’ve joined the mile high club. Reportedly, 60 percent are men and of these men, 59 percent are straight while 30 percent identify as gay and 13 percent identify as bisexual.

They say having airplane sex is indeed possible and is actually easier to pull off than we think but that we have other things to worry about like the “filthy lavatory.” Unfortunately, it’s easy to get caught as well. So easy that some flight attendants have plenty of stories about how they caught couples either in the lavatories or in their seats “going the extra mile.”

Will you get in trouble for having airplane sex?

In an interview with Travel + Leisure, criminal attorney Norm Pattis said that yes, if you did it in public (i.e. your seat), in front of other people, and you got caught, it could be “considered a felony offense.” He explained, “You must be caught in the act to make a convincing criminal prosecution.”

What about if you did the deed in the bathroom? Pattis said “you likely can’t get in any serious trouble” because while the airline has the discretion to ban passengers, he said “even that is pretty unlikely.” At best, all you may have to endure is the walk of shame although others who joined the mile high club tend to be proud about it and some were even captured on camera sporting a smug little smile as they exited the bathroom. I guess it’s kind of hard to wipe off the look of satisfaction from someone’s face especially when they managed to cross off a fantasy from their sexual bucket list.

That being said, ever had a fantasy or two about pilots and flight attendants? Also, do you have mile high club stories to share? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. Hunter0500

    Yeh, there’s nothing more arousing than doing something that could well mean your being hauled off a plane by guys in uniforms with badges! Or nothing more arousing than glaring looks from other passengers as “for some reason” one of the limited bathrooms has been occupied for “too long” before two guys stumble out of it. Considerate much?

    And militant gays wonder why people just don’t think gay guys are NOT all that wonderful.

    Grow the hell up. Get a room.

  2. Joe

    Although , I can’t say which airline ,,I have had some hot fun ,I was a guest passenger flying on the jump seat in the cockpit …And I had a fabulous time with my 2 friends on a long flight from Hawaii to phx..
    They also owned their own small plane in Arizona .. I’ll only say the the jumbo jet was more fun than th3 little plane
    The excitement and adrenalin alone was enough to explode…but like a good boy ,made sure my buddies were serviced thoroughly first yummy

  3. Dylan

    Red eye back from Frisco, flight attendant was handing out cookies and had several bags in his hand and dropped them “by accident” in my lap. He got embrassed and scrambled to help get them off my lap. Def ran his finger along my cock. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do or say. But I did get several extr packs of cookies. So half way through the flight, plane was dark and everyone was sleeping. i got up to walk around and take a piss. When I opened the door to the rest room, he was standing right there. The curtain to the restrooms was closed. He put his hand up and a finger over his mouth to shush me. He pushed me back into the rest room and closed the door behind us. He immediately dropped to his knees and took out my cock. He began blowing me. It felt amazing. I stood him up and began kissing him. I then dropped down and sucked his cock. Whilst down there I spun him around and pushed him over the toilet. I began rimming that ass. He was moaning and I was trying to shut him up. I stood up and slid my cock into his ass cheeks. He didn’t want to get fucked at work and had 3 hours left in the flight. i kept “pressing the issue”. The head of my cock slipped into him. He turned and said,”just go slowly.” I buried my cock in him nice and slow. Pulled out just as slow. Did this for a few minutes. He was gonna rip the top off the toilet. He was loving it. I increased speed and turned it on. I fucked him like a locomotive. He shot his load all over the seat and I shot mine into him. We traded numbers. His hotel was right next to mine. We met for dinner. Went back to his place and fucked him the whole night the right way.

    We’ve been dating for two years. The sex has never been better.

  4. Danny

    Absolutely, but only once for me. Several years ago, took the red eye back from S.F. to home on the east coast. This flight was by no means loaded with passengers whih made the flight attendants job easy. I was travelling with a friend and at this time he was only a friend. It was a few hours into the flight, the cabin was dark and I was laying across the middle seat with my head in his lap dozing on and off. My friend was in the window seat.
    It was obvious most of the other passengers were either sleeping or engrossed in something keeping them busy. Any way, I felt a growth under my head and intrigued, I raised my hand and rubbed his bulge. He moaned a little, gasped in a low manner and as horny as he was, his cock was pulled out. He grabbed my blanket and pulled it close to where my head was and I took the cue. I was hoping no one would notice my head bopping up and down but I will admit, in a way I was hoping someone would be watching. Anyway, it took no time at all before his cock was pumping a rather substantial load of cum into my mouth and I of course had no choice but try and swallow every drop I could to keep from having a mess on our hands, or his lap. I often wanted to suck him off and I finally got the opportunity. After we landed, we got to his car where I obliged him one more time as he drove me to my house.

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