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News: Gay Homeless Teen on His Way to Georgetown University

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from GoFundMe)

This 18-year-old’s story is bringing tears in people’s eyes. Seth Owen—who hailed from Jacksonville, Florida—was made to choose by his strict Baptist parents: continue to attend the church and undergo a gay conversion therapy or leave their home. The family conflict started when his father checked his phone and saw a video of him kissing another boy over a year and a half ago.

In an interview with Folio Weekly Magazine, Seth’s dad Randy, said, “I made it very clear to him that he was not being kicked out, that he would have to make a decision … . We worship as a family. He would be going to church if he lived in our home.”

Seth explained that for his “well-being and safety,” he chose the latter. This is because he did try to “pray the gay away” with a help of a counselor who encouraged him to “partake in stereotypical straight masculine behaviors, like fixing up an old car, or watching straight pornography.” But one day, after a confrontation with his family regarding their church’s stance on certain issues, he was asked to choose and Seth realized it was not the way to live so he left home.

After the incident, Seth had been living with his friends while working and studying full-time in First Coast High School. His parents reportedly refused to “support him emotionally or financially because they deem his sexual orientation inconsistent with their religious beliefs.” In spite of all these, Seth finished high school as one of the highest-ranking in his class as the co-valedictorian with 4.163 GPA. Indeed, Seth refused to let these challenges in life bring him down.

Today, Seth Owen is on his way to Georgetown University with the help of a financial aid package and the funds raised by his Biology teacher for him through GoFundMe. Today, he dreams of being a defense attorney for teens. This, he said in his valedictory address, is possible because people are resilient, “Because of our struggles and life circumstances, we know that we are strong enough, and we are resilient enough to overcome anything and to accomplish everything on which we set our sights.”

And yes, Seth still spends time communicating with his family and they even attended his graduation ceremony.

Watch his story below or read more about Seth Owen here.


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  1. Matt

    Just watch. The comments will explode with bigoted intolerance of people of faith. It will be hate speech because hate speech against religion is OK if you’re gay.

    While no child should be ostracized from his family for being gay, that should be not give carte blanche to indict people of faith as the Alt-Left, #unhinged, ultra-gays will.

    The issue here isn’t religion or conversion therapy. It’s bad parenting.

    My dad’s family was an ultra-Baptist (Baptist wasn’t strong enough for the church he belonged to), Bible-thumping group. Both of his parents were raging alcoholics and his father was arrested several times for domestic violence. That doesn’t make religion bad.

    In fact, I am an openly gay Catholic. I realize that faith means leaving God’s judgment to God. If being gay is an abomination before God, when I am before God I will suffer the consequences.

    This kid got kicked out not over religion but because of narcissistic parents. They didn’t have the strength to accept with patience.

    • PostGayGrandDad

      ****Listening Carefully****

      Yup, the first post in the queue and the only hate speech I hear is yours, Matt.

      Your reaction here is thinking and acting in the very same way this young man’s parents did. It seems you might be continuing the familial ways of thinking. Isn’t it time you thought about breaking the mold? Try love, compassion, and acceptance.

    • Hunter4B

      Hey Matt, I DON’T see those anti-Christian messages, and believe most of us can see that HIS parents are idiots, and not because of their religious belief, but beyond it through neglect of their parental duties (KEY COMPONENT – They are NOT Christians if they do NOT follow the teachings of Christ). The most disparaging comment I read here is the one about your father. I too am Catholic, I love Pope Francis and his inclusion of LGBT members of the faith. However, I break with you on your Old Testament assertion about “abominations” … Christ gave his life, that our souls would be forgiven our sins. Christ never taught hate, in fact he clearly defined the antithesis of this … “cast not the first stone” as we are all sinners, and through his death and resurrection, ARE worthy to enter the kingdom. Therefore, Leviticus has no precedent being prior to Christ, and the true WORD of God, besides, it is just as great a sin to eat shellfish, pork, and wear two different fabrics (& that list goes on & on), so I give little credence as most of us have broken those ‘laws.’ However, it is awesome that you went through all of that, and you still kept your faith, you seem a resilient man, good for you buddy!

    • ISOLTRjock

      Cool comment. Christian gay guys are the best, in my opinion.

      There is anti-Bible, anti-Christian bigotry among gay men. has a lot of it. But none of the responses here show it so far.

      “The Bible condemns homosexuality” is widely believed but the word “homosexual” did not exist until the late 1800’s.

      I’m a practicing Catholic. I don’t believe that being gay is a choice and I also don’t believe that God expects gay men to not have a sex life. Anything-goes straight sex probably offends God as much or more than anything-goes gay sex.

      Peace be with you.

    • JJ

      There are good Christians out there but you can hardly blame gay people from being a little leery of religious people, given the sheer amount of them using it against us.

    • Pete

      So you read a story about a teenager getting kicked out of his house because his parents believe in some bronze-age, fairy tale trash, and you… felt the need to come to the defense of religion lol. Then, in that nauseating, self-pitying, martyr-complex way you right-wing idiots specialize in, threw in some bigoted shit about “ultra gays” persecuting poor, self-loathing, doltish dingbats like yourself. Because when will the all-powerful gays get their feet of the neck of lowly Christian folk in this country? And when will the black women stop dehumanizing the white man lol? Thank god we have heroic white men to stand up to the gays and other miscreants to defend that most helpless, persecuted group in the country: white, cry-baby Christians that have the audacity to feel victimized because, for the first time in the country’s history, not every one is bowing down to them any longer.

  2. Hunter4B

    One more time for those here who understand the struggle … Tell THIS young man he DOESN’T HAVE TO COME OUT, or shove his sexuality in people’s faces … this is happening TODAY in AMERICA; parents make the decision to leave their child homeless rather than accept them. Sadly I read where WE diminish these same KIDS weekly in this BLOG. Either because we recall our own struggles and hey, we made it, or because there’s just too many to deal with and so we push it to the back of our Collective Unconscious [Jung]. However, there is hope, THIS kid has great resources in his friends, his athletic ability, his academic mind, and the support of teachers – HE is going to make it in academia, NOW, having read a lot in the past few blogs, let us hope he doesn’t get ground -up (grindered-up?) in his personal life, by the ‘daddies,’ and the ‘ParTiers,’ and those-that-would teach him ‘other’ life long lessons, similar to those A-men-mazing parents who would allow their own flesh and blood to live on his own, rather than accept him for who he IS. Am I the only one here who wants kids? Who would be willing to share my sizeable disposable income to adopt and loving raise a child with special need/s? Imagine if the MEN here who have it all together could put a kid like Seth’s best interests before their own basic urges and teach him how to be more than he is in this moment. To be a QUALITY and SAVVY gay man would be a benefit to all our futures. Sadly, there are so many like Seth, and so few who care

    • Too Old for This

      Very well said. I totally agree with you. Best wishes to Seth and sincere thanks to the kind, loving people who helped and continues to help Seth.

  3. ISOLTRjock

    He makes a great impression — decent, personable, responsible, ambitious. There is probably a lot of hurt for parents who push such a son out of their lives, e.g., I don’t remember the mother’s feelings about this being mentioned. Congrats to those who helped him when he was “homeless.” A lot of well-meaning Christians seem to believe that being gay is a “choice.” That belief can lead to a lot of toxic drama. It may be a “choice” for a 50/50 bisexual man. Fascinating story. Thanks for sharing it. $77,000 a year for tuition seems “nuts.”

  4. Frederick Silvis

    I just have one comment about this situation. I am a Christian, I read the bible and Jesus said so many time in so many ways to Love they Neighbor as you would Love Yourself. What is wrong with parents especially “religious” parents.

    • Hunter0500

      Christian as well. Most of the other Christians I know accept gays. I’d say the percentage that do not are just about the same as the non-reljgious people that I know who are anti gay. SURPRISE!!!

  5. Hunter0500

    It’s great to hear about a gay kid who chose not to be a victim. He is also a kid that has the kind of character that made people want to support him. He also focused on school and got the grades that made Georgetown want him. He’s that rare kind of kid a gay-themed movie should be made about.

  6. Dylan

    Ok I’ll let you guys fuss over religion and parents actions etc. I just want to go on record stating:

    If he is ever homeless again he can stay at my place. This TWINK (I use that affectionately) is SMOKIN HOT! He can take this story and those amazing looks and model on the side (did you see the swim vid…fuck!!!) to pay off any college loans. Porn if he is despeite (just kidding).

    I wish this kid all the luck in the world. I already know he will go far. Hope he mends the bridge between parents. It will come around. If that are that religious the will forgive. Kinda like a rule.

  7. bjjj

    Good for Seth. I’m glad for him, despite having such closed minded parents. I used to be in a Baptist church, and although they always preached about the evils of being gay, I know of several members in that church that were gay, they just didn’t bring it out openly in church or to the public, except for a few that could be trusted with keeping it quite. I was one of them that kept it quiet. Today, although I believe in God, I’m not attending any church, as I just can’t agree with all their teachings, and I see so much favoritism in churches. Another problem that really bothers me is that in many churches (especially Baptists) are so segregated. Everyone has their right to their own beliefs, ways of life etc, however they should respect those that feel differently. Everyone needs to learn to agree to disagree, and not push beliefs and a way of of life on to others, even within your on family.

  8. Lamar

    Like I said before, “where’s the “Spirituality” in religion?

    I’m so happy for this young man to have overcome the religious ignorance of his parents who stopped parenting because their son is gay.

    I was watching a scientific show about genetics on ch2 about 20yrs ago, and “The Doctors” where both shows revealed a series of brain-scans on hetero, homo, men and women. Their findings: gay-men and women, period, have a lot in common as their brains are wired such that there are more active areas in their brains, similarly, than that of the hetero-male brain.

    Another finding reveals that what determines a gay male and that of a hetero-male, has to do with the amount testosterone that is received within the second trimester of the pregnancy, fact.

    Hasn’t a damn thing to do with choice, except, by the “Creator” people should watch more scientific documentaries and learn something about the human race they belong to,
    learning is life long.

    I get these Jehovah’s witness folks that come to my door and I actually talk to them about these findings. And how it seems to me, they’re using the bible as a weapon of hate, just like it was used to justify slavery, not to mention, the near genocide of the Indigenous and the Jewish culture.

    Mostly, I’ve come to believe just as some of the friends I’ve made that are Indigenous peoples,
    “I think mostly, that these religious people are frightened they’re going to burn in the hell they
    make on earth for others.” Thus, actually; “smiting” what the original Judeo Christianity was all about.

  9. Matt

    There is alot about this story that doesn’t add up on either side. I feel a, calling him homeless was a stretch. I mean he still went to school and was staying with people. When I think homeless, I think of the people sleeping on the streets eating garbage. So that’s the first misrepresentation so common in present day news and media.

    Secondly. His pop didnt tell him to be straight, just to practice religion. Tons of straight kids dont necessarily have faith, but still practice for their families.

    I’m glad the kid made it and is safe. And congrats to him for getting into a great school.

    But this whole article is misleading and designed to have a very particular response, which is not right. And it seems we are missing alot of details and breadcrumbs.

    • Ranttrap

      Wrong, wrong, and wrong. FIRST: When your FAMILY no longer lets you live in your HOME (not house, look it up, legal definition … not a residence.) you are then HOMEless … it doesn’t matter if others take you in, it is NOT YOUR HOME. They are not talking about an ADULT that falls out and lives on the streets … and it is a pretty thoughtless comment.
      SECOND: What the HELL do you think making him go to GAY CONVERSION THERAPY IS?!? It is his father telling him to NOT TO BE GAY.
      Maybe you should read the article again, or check it out on general media, as I have seen this story every where! You not only missed the point, but you are supporting the abuser.

  10. Okzebra

    I’m not impressed by Christians who rely on scripture and tradition to defend being gay any mire than I am impressed by those who rely on the same to attack it. Ditto for Moses, Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius, or the Ancestors. In each instance, the individual gives up their freedom of choice and defers to some tradition that can likely be supported for both propositions. As for this Hoya soon-to-be, I’m sure it was no cake walk to wake up that early and see that “family tradition and legacy” we’re toxic, a myth, and he needed to move on. How many readers would have a DIFFERENT life if WE had been able to do that? That is the REAL victory here in my view.

    • PostGayGrandDad

      It’s a damned good thing you didn’t include Thor in your ditto list: no one bad mouths my blond hunk with the big tool and gets away with it.

  11. bjjj

    There is a movie coming out next month, Nov 2018, called “Boy Erased” Apparently this movie deals with the same type of discrimination that Seth went through. Luckily Seth had people who accepted him to stay with and support to go and finish high school and go on to Georgetown. Also another movie to see is “love Simon” also dealing with the hassles of being gay and in high school. On another note, (which doesn’t really deal directly with this subject) but I know of a young man who is also gay, who has been shunned by his parents, relatives, etc and has turned to a life of homelessness, crime, and drugs, etc. The fact that he is gay is only part of the problem though, as his parents and relatives are also part of the problem. Although I can’t name names, please pray for “him” as he needs to get his life in order, as he has a whole future ahead of him. Neither I or my bf have not been able to help him much, as this young man needs to be willing to help himself as well.

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