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Hot or Not: Tongue Piercing

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In the past, we talked about nipple piercing and the Prince Albert piercing, some of you find it hot while others thought it’s not. But what do you think of tongue piercing, guys? Do you find it hot or not?

They say that tongue piercing is equally popular to men and women and if you are to get one, it will take three to four weeks to heal (though others say it is about six to eight). However, it will take “about 90 days for a protective layer to form around the piercing.”

Why do people get their tongue pierced? For aesthetics, of course, they love the look and the feel of the tongue ring in their mouth. Also, they say that tongue piercing enhances sexual pleasure. Kissing and blow jobs (whether giving or receiving) they say, are so much more enjoyable and pleasurable.

I personally don’t find both the Prince Albert and the nipple piercing hot, and definitely not the tongue piercing as well. When I was in my late teens I had friends, both male and female, who pierced their tongues because it was all the rage back then. Anyway, every time we talk and I happen to catch a glimpse of their piercing, a part of me cringes in pain. Not that they themselves were in pain mind you, it was just me, for some reason or other their piercing looked painful to me. Because of this, I don’t think I can kiss someone with a tongue piercing, I’d be afraid I’m hurting them but that’s just me.

What about you, guys? Is tongue piercing hot or not? Would you get your tongue pierced? Maybe you already have one? In which case please share with us your tongue piercing stories in the comments section below!

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  1. Josh

    Not, most guys that get it done stick their tongues out like lizards and it’s a big turn off. Also when you have it done takes a while to heal. So it literally is an open wound in your mouth so ups the risk in oral sex. I also think it was a 90s fad that has died off really. Piercings tend to be more fetish type of thing now.

  2. Hunter0500

    It’s any person’s right to pierce any body part they wish to. For me, piercings anyyhere beyond the earllobes or nipples are not attractive. And with those two, to me smaller jewelry looks better. Tongue piecings are especially unattractive when they cause what sounds like a speech impediment.

  3. hanksie

    In all the conversation about tongue piercings, people tend to gush one way or another, but not too many ever discuss personal experience. There are risks involved and I’ve talked to those who’ve had piercings to learn about that.
    There’s the risk of hitting a nerve or a blood vessel during the intitial piercing, which is why should get a professional to do it. There’s also the change in speech during the healing phase; be prepared to deal with that. There’s a risk of chipping teeth, in the case of metal inserts. (is that what they’re called?)
    There is a risk that during the healing, one or either end of the barbell will become embedded in the tongue. The friend who experienced this had to go through surgery to have it freed. Expensive, AND painful!
    Then there’s the maintenance… Keeping it from embedding again and keeping in clean. Bacteria can collect on the insert and lead to some pretty foul breath, I’ve heard.
    But with all of that, I personally think it looks pretty cool. I’ve never kissed or gotten head from someone with a tongue piercing, but having one does seem to indicate the type of person who has one, people I’m generally attracted to.

  4. Scootch

    Definitely NOT. I find them to be feminine looking and don’t like on a guy. Or a female for that matter. It comes across as slutty to me. But that’s just me.

  5. Matt

    For me, tongue piercings are a deal killer because they make me think “low-rent, truck stop whore” more than anything else. My reaction against tongue piercing is visceral. The number of femqueens with tongue piercings is massive. The number of butch, alpha-type males with tongue piercings is minuscule. The latter group turns me on and the former are erection killers.

  6. Brett Worrick

    I had one for around a week and took it out. I didn’t like sounding as if I was talking with retainers in ( braces for 4 years as a kid). Something for the bubblegum crowd, not appealing as an adult.

  7. latinlust69

    Tongue piercing might be hot. Never experienced oral play with a guy who had one. I think it would add extra texture when licking places.

  8. Rano

    Once I met a person with tongue piercing, well the sensation was incredible when that person suck my cock. When it comes to kussing, is not pleasurable because the metal taste and the sound makes when the metal hit your teeth,and it taste like a metall, it’s a turn off for me. Just to look at it, it gives me the same cringe

  9. Mr.long

    Well personally. I’ve had a few guys ask me for a bj just because i have my tongue pierced. Eventhough I’ve had it pierced 3 times already. 3rd times the charm

  10. PostGayGrandDad

    Completely gross. Deal breaker. Like all other piercings or tattoos. Don’t mess with the body with which you were born. Corrective surgery acceptable, not elective.

  11. Randy Baldwin

    Tongue piercing is not hot. I feel no difference in getting head from a guy with a bead in his tongue; often causes a metallic taste in the saliva, and sometimes I think it adds to bad breath, as many have it. It is not such a turn off; but certainly not hot at all.

  12. Z

    I got one because, at the time, it was different enough to be different, normal enough to be normal, and I could hide it if I needed to. I like it because I’m a bit of a nervous person, and it’s something I can fiddle with without anyone knowing.
    Getting it done doesn’t hurt (the first time) and I healed in about 15 days.
    I still like it, tho at times it can feel odd. Basically, it’s like having a mint on your tongue all the time.

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