Meet Matthew Camp, the New Face of Adam4Adam

As you all know, we’ve recently introduced our new Adam4Adam Radar app—a completely redesigned and rebranded version—in order to provide you, our dear A4A users, a better and more engaging online dating experience. And not only did we redesign our app, we changed our look as well.

In keeping with the new Adam4Adam image, we collaborated with actor and model Matthew Camp so you will see him everywhere from the new A4A website to the latest app skin.

But who is Matthew Camp?

Well, Matthew is a really creative person: he acts, dances, he designs and creates perfumes and clothes. Most importantly, he is an entrepreneur. Okay, so maybe being a die-hard fan of his you already knew all these things. But did you know he’s got a great sense of humor? Yep, he does. Matthew is funny, sensitive, and an all-around good guy who can catch people completely off-guard and make people laugh out loud with his comebacks.

We may know him as this hottie constantly setting Instagram ablaze with his sexy selfies leaving his followers lusting after him but in truth, there are sides of him hidden from view. Ones that we don’t get to see in his perfect finish pictures.

Indeed, Matthew Camp is more than just a shirtless hunk and to explore this hidden side of him, we asked him about certain things in his life. So we bid you all adieu so you can read his thoughts on dating, who his dream guy is, what he likes the most in a man, what’s new with him to name a few.

1. You’ve been a go-go dancer; you’re an actor, a model, and a fashion and perfume designer. If you were not all these, what do you think you’d have become?

• I spend most of my free time around plants and animals so I would probably just disappear into the woods and live out my Thoreau dreams.  It feels like a good use of time to be close to nature and be abstracted from reality for a while—while still posing half-nude occasionally.

2. What inspired you to become a fashion and perfume designer?

• It really started from years of working in clubs.  I had to stand out and smell/look different to get attention.  I enjoyed the idea of subtly manipulating people’s emotions and desires through my creations as a designer.  It’s almost a form of control that you exert upon them in a space like a nightclub or bar—you lure them in with your creation.

3. What advice would you give to aspiring gay entrepreneurs?

• Define and focus on your market.  You must build a good relationship with the people who support you from the very beginning.  Also, always promote positivity.

4. Who would be your dream guy?

• Haha. That’s a loaded question.  Just guy, singular? I don’t like to limit myself.

5. What do you like the most in a man and why?

• Intelligence and kindness.  I like attributes like that because they really can’t be taught—you have to possess the desire to be intelligent and the ability to be kind.  When it’s truly who you are it’s the sexiest thing.

6. How does it feel to be a gay sex symbol?

• Thanks for defining me as a sex symbol—it’s never a bad thing to read about yourself.  I tend to think of myself first as a creative entity before sex symbol.  There’s so much music, art, design that floods my brain everyday so that’s what consumes me the most…but the sex symbol stuff does kinda kick in after a few glasses of whiskey.

7. How does being a gay icon affect your dating life? Is it harder to find a lover because of that and while we are at it, are you dating someone right now?

• I think this digital revolution of dating/networking apps (including A4A) has changed the way I date/meet guys more than my Instagram account.  I think of it as a wholly positive change—because of access to this technology I’m meeting so many sexy guys many of whom are fans of mine (I have the SEXIEST fans, by the way).  It’s definitely not difficult for any of us to meet guys, am I right? Haha. We all have a folder on our phones with the “networking” apps.

• As for dating, I feel like I’m in a polyamorous relationship with my team! Haha. Most, if not all of my texts and calls, are from within my wonderful creative/management team.  But there’s always room for more…

8. What dating advice would you give to Adam4Adam users?

• Approach every interaction with kindness.  Even if you are looking for ‘right now’ doesn’t mean you can’t lead with a smile.  You can be sexy AND nice—try it out.

9. What projects are you working on right now apart from what we already know? Something crispy?

• I’ve got some fun things coming but as with the best ideas they must remain secret!! I had a blast working on Hurricane Bianca 2 and there are a few more films in the works. I’ve also had so much fun participating in my onlyfans account (  I never was one that enjoyed revealing too much of myself or my body without having control over the content so with this platform I was able to give my fans what they REALLY wanted.  Creatively—I enjoy making fun T-shirts and fragrances that are available on my website (

• I’ve also been making music for years—I’ve been toying with the idea of releasing it all at once on a streaming platform but we will see.

10. What is the one thing you like the most about Instagram and the one thing you hate the most about Instagram?

• The algorithm change really frustrates me. Instagram has become less of a place for community and more commerce.  I totally get it, we all want to make money but it feels like it lost a lot in the process.  But beyond that, I love Instagram for allowing me to connect with incredible artists and makers.  My feed is filled with all kinds of ridiculous stuff from drag queens to painters to the obvious hot guys that I share the platform with…my whole life has been about creating a community so I try to make one the best way I can with this platform.

And there you go, guys, Matthew Camp for Adam4Adam. And take note, Matthew is single, busy but single and hey, he’s hinted that there’s always room for more!

Thirsting for more? You may check him out on Instagram and don’t forget to swing by at @Adam4Adamofficial while you are at it. You can also find him on our new Adam4Adam Radar app so don’t forget to download it from Google Play for Android and on iTunes Store for iOS.

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  1. JB

    I tried the new app and so far I don’t like it. I guess it just takes time to find where everything got moved to but I don’t like having to hunt around and find things. Certainly will use it as little as possible.

      • Rick

        So how do YOU know that “MOST of our users like this new one”? EVERY person I have asked says it SUCKS. And it does. It’s non-intuitive, cheap looking, too much “stuff” crunched into ridiculous looking pages…..very dime store, obviously designed to jam more ads for subscription porn sites, sex toys and overpriced gender neutral underwear. Won’t be on it too much longer.

        • Dave

          Rick, our support team received thousands of emails, most are to thank us for the new website and amazing app in which you can now send photos, location and more features. Yes of course some people don’t like it, they don’t like the colors, the ads etc, but keep in mind that these ads are the reason why you can use A4A for free. The ads pay for servers support team, dev team and all fees implicated to host millions of users. Telling us our site looks “cheap” and that it “SUCKS” in capital letters, won’t do much, I’m sorry. We are however reading all suggestions from polite members who are sending us a mail to [email protected]. We are fixing little glitches and bugs daily because of their constructive criticisms.

  2. urban1

    I don’t see why you need a ‘face’for a dating site. Like the owner finds him attractive so that is the type of man he things should be a member? Its poor marketing. A dating site should make everyone included regardless of how they look or the color that they happen to be. now if you want to change a4a to muscle4muscle then go ahead and promote your type to that target audience. As for me, I am a white guy who likes black men. I personally find your ‘face’ a sexual and intellectual turn off, but that’s just my opinion. As owners, you have a right to plaster Mr Camp’s face all over… when I get tired of him I will simply move on to a competitor who has less of a desire to have a ‘face.’ Here is a little marketing 101 for you: McDonald’s, Macy’s and every other business now have multicultural ads. In them you will see a couple whites, blacks, biracials, and Asians… the reason for this is to make everyone one feel included, to get everyone’s business.

    • Dave

      Hey thanks for your comment, but we asked Matt to be part of our team but we also have other guys as well. We will feature them all on the blog.

  3. W.Solomon

    There are attractive gay men of color. When will a site like this realize it’s ok to use a black, Mexican, or Puerto Rican model?

    • Dave

      What sucks about it John?
      A4A needed a big update in technology and all the backend has been redone.
      The visual (front-end) needed an update as well and that’s why we made it.
      It is almost the same as the previous site, just nicer colors and fonts, but most of the buttons and all are at the same exact place

      • Puppy Mill

        Hi Dave, I hope I’m not late to the party. What I don’t like about the new desktop pages: I can’t move an email/conversation window. I don’t want to minimize them, I want them to not cover the base page. OTOH the new email list on the right side of the page turned out to be convenient.

        I miss the ability to see another user’s app status – desktop, Radar, or mobile.

        The new desktop page’s reliance on browser location for Near Me can be imprecise (on the order of miles). Every time my cable internet provider upgrades a switch or router or does other network maintenance, my browser “thinks” I’m somewhere that I’m not. In the old “Near Me” page I found I could directly input my Long/Lat in the URL and the location would get saved and subsequent returns to Near Me would be correct. If I used my phone with Radar or Mobile the location would change correctly and persist after I logged out from my phone and returned using the old desktop page. Today my location is off by nearly a mile, but it’s been as much as 7 miles and now I can’t “fix” it. Bah, humbug.

        On the plus side: thumbnail pics look better

        Neutral: adverts look bigger, but they feed the squirrels that turn the wheels that run the A4A machine. I accept they’re part of the deal.

        What I’d like: A LOG OUT button, maybe next to the VIP Status button.

        I haven’t used Radar for months, might have to give it a go.

        As for the New Beef – I like what I’m seeing 2 months after the relaunch. Some very good men so far. I hope you’ll continue to expand the inclusiveness across age and ability status as well. Hotness comes in all kinds of packages 😀

        • Dave

          Hi here are my answers below :
          -We tried to do a conversation system similar to facebook. It takes less server space and it’s more like a “conversation” rather than a “email”
          -status of users. What would it change for you to see if someone is on mobile, app or desktop?
          -Location near me : Desktop location is always a bit off compared to mobile, this is not A4A fault but more your internet provider’s fault. We will probably add a map that you can drag to put exact location. We are working on something.
          -Ads : Yeah as you know A4A is free and 10M users costs lots of money so ads will always stay. We are working on making the ads less sexual though as it might be annoying to some users.
          -Logout button will stay in the my account page.
          -Download Radar here :

  4. Jockn2cbt

    The new model is okay, his best feature are those legs, wow. I preferred the last smiling bearded guy looks a lot like a young Christian Slater. As far as the new format, it should have an “old adam” button easily taking one back to the old format. I like that a guy can upload an eyes only pic instantly. The conversation lists get a bit crowded. My biggest dislike is switching between cities, we all don’t live in a huge urban center. Some of us have to go as far as a hundred miles or more to find compatible hook-ups and scrolling thru 17 nations to get to the US page, the scrolling the 50 states and breaking it down to cities gets to be a bit much. I’m adapting, but old guys are resistant to change. We would have stopped at Windows XP and flip phones had I had a say.

    • Dave

      Thanks for your message. Yeah I know changes can be hard to adapt, but to stay relevant, we had to do the new design. You will get used to it in few days, I’m sure. Have fun!

  5. ISOLTRjock

    I “love” white crew socks, so the pics of Matt in white crew socks and briefs definitely jazz up my A4A experience. It’s like you/he had me in mind when you took and posted the new pics. Thanks.

  6. ISOLTRjock

    In the interview Matt emphasizes being “nice.” It’s too bad that everyone who posted comments didn’t follow his advice. I’m not a fan of ink and I’m not a special pleader, but snarky remarks about ink and race seem to say more about the source than they do about Matt.

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