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Watch This: What Mama Said (About Their Gay Sons)

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Matthew J. Dempsey YouTube)

Hey, guys! There’s this amazing video over at YouTube titled, “MAMA SAID: Gay Sons & Their Moms” that will certainly warm your hearts so be sure to have your tissues ready.

In this video, Los Angeles-based psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey and his friends sat down with their moms to hear their perspective on how it was “growing up with them and raising them as gay sons.” Specifically, they talked about the moment when their moms realized their sons were gay and what the moms think was the hardest thing for them about parenting a gay child (one of them said it was about the other kids at school giving their son a hard time). The mom’s answers were also along these lines when they were asked what their biggest fears for their sons were when they came out. Some of them said they feared that people would be mean towards their son, naturally they also worried about prejudice, and most of all, for the safety of their sons.

Anyway, they talked about many other things—some were funny but others will get you choked up (I did). Moreover, Matthew Dempsey talked about other issues on his YouTube channel such as aging, masculinity, body issues, racism, depression, and other topics that are relevant to gay men so you may want to check those, too.

That being said, what about you, what is your relationship with your mom like? Did you ever talk about these things with your mom and when did they realize you were gay? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. Walter

    I loved this. I’m the youngest of five boys. Wonderful parents. They were older than “normal “. I was a Momma’s boy. I knew from 15 y/o on that I liked the boys. I went the Herero road… or so it seemed. Been married for 35 years/ 3 kids
    ( grown / gone)… I’ve been exploring the other side roads for many many years … since early in the marriage actually. She finally caught me about 20 years ago.
    Found some notes/numbers/ email addresses in my pocket. I had no other plausible explanation, so admitted it. We’re still together…
    after the kids left for college, we’ve been in separate bedrooms since.
    We have not had sex in over 10 years …. I still do find some pleasure on the side. I almost told my dear Mother one day… very very close, but didn’t. Moms know their boys…. I’ll bet she knew or would not have been surprised…. I’ll always remember that conversation… she was 89 at the time…. died at 90…. I just let it go.
    Mum loved my wife and kids… and of course me… I’ll see her again one day…. and we’ll have that talk.
    Of course, she probably knows now.
    Mama would have loved me even if I had told her. Daddy…ummm…. not so sure about that.
    That’s my story.

    • Lamar

      . . . She knew/knows. I wasn’t even a teen yet, my mother looked at me one day and said, “you know, I ‘think’ you came quite close to being a girl.” I, naturally, did everything my younger & older brothers did, the rough and tumble, however, I definitely had another side to me, this, many people in the community observed. I ‘still’ was given love and respect, never ostracized, I’m sure, this is why, in addition to my extreme height-proven capabilities, lol, I had an easy time of it

  2. Lamar

    Yeah, it did give me a lump in my throat, as my mother, my oldest and best friend passed last Nov 20th at 91-1/2 yrs of age. She always looked forward to my calls-conversations, being that I’m at the opposite end of the country, my sister tells me she said, “I love and look forward to his calls, he’s like talking to an old girlfriend.” I laughed and yet then began to weep, had to get of the damn phone, really bitter-sweet as I knew-felt, she had come to feel this way.

    I told my mother in what at the time was about the last few years of her time here on earth, “mama, you’ve become one of the best friends I’ve ever had.” She always said of me,
    “what a very deep-thinker, just like your father, you’ve become.” She told me how proud she
    was of me; of the man I’ve become, so very wise about people and the world.

    I began realizing and telling her how much I really appreciated how she struggled so, for us, and what a incredibly strong woman she was/is throughout my life. Raising 3 black males, 2 females to adulthood, keeping us out of trouble, teaching us the lessons of life, she was ruff, but it was essential, she was both parents in one.

    She provided-kept a 3bdrm, 2bathrm house-car in a great neighborhood, in spite of everything and all the things boys and girls want, especially the love and acceptance…with only a 4 grade education!

    As for me being gay, she handled that with FLYING COLORS, lol, she told me, “you’ve always had such beautiful long shapely legs, if you get boobs bigger than mine, you’re always going to be my Pete the sweet the sugar pot man, to me.”

    In her departing, she left a real vacuum-affect; her absence in our lives, she really deserves to be at peace now, no more struggle. We’re baby boomers, we’re not that far behind her, just a few decades of which we’re going to enjoy in honor-memory of her every day.

  3. Paul Theriault

    My momma used to tell me that there would never be a woman good enough for me in this world, little did she know how right she would be.

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