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Watch This: Proud Dads by Dublin Bus

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from @DublinBus Twitter)

A heartwarming video was released by Dublin Bus in time for Ireland’s Pride Month celebrations and it’s now making waves in the social media. The video features several proud dads who picked up their teenage kids and rode with them on the Pride Bus on their way to the Dublin Pride Parade.

It opens with one particular dad who introduced himself as Stephen. Stephen said he had been working in Dublin Bus since 1982 and he related how they would be picking up people for the Pride Parade and how they were going to have proud fathers on the bus.

And they are proud fathers indeed! Each of them donned colorful outfits: rainbow hats, rainbow suit, rainbow pants etc. but more than their colorful outfit, it was the overall festive spirit on the bus that’s warmed and captured everyone’s hearts. Most of the netizens commented how beautiful and amazing the video is and how it made them cry, but for them it was a good cry.

Take a look at some of the comments on Dublin Bus’ Proud Dads video below:

According to BBC, Dublin’s annual Pride parade started in 1983 and is Republic of Ireland’s “second biggest festival after St. Patrick’s Day.” This year’s Dublin Pride Parade—which also marks the 25th year since the decriminalization of homosexuality in Ireland—had seen a record of 60,000 attendees, The Irish Times reports.

Happy Pride, Ireland!

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  1. Hunter0500

    And here I thought at first this meant PROUD Dad’s who were gay whose kids joined then in the parade. Silly me. Ok, well good for those dad’s who support their gay kids. Same for those who support their straight ones as well!

    Maybe we should all just be supportive without pressing any sexual divisions?? Yeah, that sounds good.

      • Wesley

        Ditto, Dave. I feel a little sorry for HUNTER0500, though. It must be horrible going through life with such a negative attitude. I say “a little sorry”, because attitudes can be changed … IF one wants to change.

  2. Coach

    Nope, it’s divisionary. Equality can never come for those who demand separation and special status.

    It is cool that these dads support their kids…but shouldn’t all dads? I look forward to the day when web sites and news outlets don’t view this kind of behavior as particularly noteworthy.

    • Dave

      It won’t happen. Because there will always be stupid Trump not allowing Trans in army, or ISIS killing gays, or young folks getting bullied because they like the same sex as theirs. So seeing things like this makes me smile and is very encouraging

    • Hunter0500

      That day will come, Coach, but unfortunately not soon. The media always wants controversy to report on. Equality and inclusivity aren’t controversial and militant gays are more willing to promote gays as special or victims or persecuted than they are willing to promote stories about how schools, universities, businesses, churches, clergy, sports teams, governments, musicians, etc. promote acceptance and equality. Many societies around the globe (not all but many) have tired of gays beating their drums. Even in a blog post here where twins were controversially telling their mom they were gay, her response was “so what?” So as more people become “care less”, sooner or later the media will respond to that lack of interest. In the big picture, this is a good thing! (Well maybe except for the militant who need to “keep the hate alive!” because, alas, they’ll have no cause to fight for.)

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