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Watch This: Christina Aguilera Busks in NYC Subway

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube)

Hey guys! Christina Aguilera was spotted busking in a New York City subway station with Jimmy Fallon. They were both wearing a disguise; the duo donned wigs and hats and they even wore matching dark glasses!

However, while some NYC commuters were clearly and pleasantly surprised when Fallon introduced Aguilera, there were several fans who commented on the video posted online that the disguise was useless. Some fans said would recognize Aguilera’s voice anytime anywhere just by hearing her sing the very first few notes. They say it’s because she’s got a distinctive voice and that nobody in this world has her kind of “big voice.” True that. Well, whatever the case is—whether the disguise worked or it didn’t—it is evident just by looking at the audience’s smiling faces that they enjoyed Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon’s performance. Watch them below as they nailed Aretha Franklin’s Think (1968). They later performed Aguilera’s very own song titled Fighter (2002).

Anyway, Aguilera has a new album out yesterday called Liberation. Rolling Stone called Liberation “excellent, and raw and moving.” They said Xtina is “at her peak,” and that she is “hands down, one of the greatest vocalists of her generation.”

Do you agree? Are you a Christina Aguilera fan? Here are some of my favorite Christina Aguilera songs: Beautiful (2002), Lady Marmalade (2001), The Voice Within (2002), Reflection (1998), Nobody Wants to be Lonely (2001), and Hurt (2006) to name a few. What about you, guys? Share with us your thoughts and your favorite Christina Aguilera songs in the comments section below.

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  1. Matt

    Yeah, Christina Aguilera’s howling is so grating that you remember it because it causes you PTSD. I wonder if she will shit on her leg in concert again.

  2. Rich86

    Yes my queen is back and in top form! Her album is just so fantastic . Every song is tastefully done and so refreshing and she served some serious vocals. She has be a huge voice for the gay community even before are peers and we need to support her and get her back on top. Go get liberation.

  3. Don Hohoho

    I always liked her better than her imitators, but none of the young singers can really sing, which is very unfortunate. People are used to listening to bad singing, even on Broadway. People need to pay more attention to quality in music and less to production.

  4. Harold

    I’ve loved Xtina since her debut. Favorites– “Obvious”, “Impossible”, “Get Mine, Get Yours”, “Hurt”, “Not Myself Tonight”, “Woohoo”, “Bound to You”, “Around the World”, “Blank Page”, “Fall in Line”. So excited about Liberation!

  5. Hornyforcock713

    I’ve loved Xtina since day one. Some favorites– “Obvious”, “Impossible”, “Hurt”, “Woohoo”, “Blank Page”, “Fall in Line”. So excited about Liberation!

  6. Robert Patterson

    Busks? Whatever. She sang in a subway. Okay, thats a special treat for the commuters. Do we really need the word “busks”? Anyway. If you didn’t know by the sound of her voice it was Christina (Xtina), then you are not a serious fan. Love her voice, her spirit and her sass.

    • PostGayGrandDad

      Busk in the correct word. It is usually not used in the form “busk” but more likely “busking.” If you’re playing in public with your case open on the ground for tips, you’re busking.

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