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Survey: What is Better Than Sex?

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We have a quick question for you, guys. What, for you, is possibly better or more addictive than sex? Some of us might say it is ice cream, chocolates, or kisses; but for others it is their smartphones?

Well, it wasn’t exactly phrased that way but it does seem like it. According to a study titled The Attachment Problem: Cellphone Use in America which was conducted by SureCall, 10% of their respondents admitted to checking their mobile phones while in the middle of having sex.

Perhaps the sex was really bad that they felt checking their smartphones is far more worthy of their time? Either that or they just really have a huge emotional attachment to their smartphones but whatever the case is, you can read the rest of the study which was conducted online here. SureCall is a company that specializes in the “design and manufacture of cell phone signal boosters, amplifiers, and accessories” by the way and they surveyed a total of 1,137 people aged 18 and above in the United States.

Further, their study showed that 43% of the people who used their mobile phones during sex are more likely to do it again at least 2 to 10 times in a year. Perhaps age plays a factor? The survey revealed that the younger the respondents are, particularly those aged 18 – 34, the more they are likely to do it; twice as likely in fact, than the respondents aged 35 – 51.

Anyway, it isn’t just during sex, guys. The respondents also admitted to using their smartphones in the shower (22%) and while they were in the toilet (69%).

As for me, I never use my smartphone while in the shower or toilet and most certainly not while having sex. But what about you, guys? How attached are you to your smartphone? Moreover, have you ever had to stop in the middle of having sex? Why? Also, what for you, is better than sex? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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  1. NotSold

    Anything, in this day and age. The pandemic killed sex as a “good” thing for anyone without an addictive personality.

  2. Jimbo

    in one word– ur health-period…other than that having a hot man invade all ur holes– like a real man and being able to reciprocate his aggressiveness in a hottt masculine passionate way-using every physical and emotional tool u have in ur toolbox– in that moment or moments hopefully to convince him that he is the most important person on earth–its a symphony of ebb and tide in our world of madness that we exist in– and for a few minutes we have the passion of love and life that we all deserve

  3. Creampie83

    Nothing is better than sex and I would never bring my phone to bed with me. I do pretty much use my phone all the time when I’m on the toilet. I only take my phone in the shower for 2 reasons; 1. To watch porn and jack off in the shower. 2. When I’m messaging a guy on A4A and I’m in the shower getting clean for that guy to fuck me.

  4. troy

    Who doesn’t use their phone on the toilet?! Come on!

    The only time sex and phone have ended up in the same sentence is me silencing it or shutting it off b/c people kept calling me

    • Jockn2cbt

      Uh, something I carry around all day and isn’t easily disinfected? Do you eat your corn flakes on the shitter in the morning as well? Doesn’t hygiene mean a damned thing anymore?

  5. bjjj

    Well, I don’t think I would want to use my phone during sex, in the shower, or on the john, unless I was doing face time with someone who wanted to watch me having sex, jerking off, or even on the toilet. Whats more additive than sex, probably not much, except those addicted to alcohol or drugs, which I don’t do. I prefer a natural addiction. Lots of sex, with kissing, cuddling, sucking and having fun. The addiction of love though is a great thing as well. Being gay is not just always about sex, it’s doing things together, hugging each other, holding hands, and unexpected kisses, etc. To me it’s a turn on when my BF and I are out in public and we show affection to each other. It makes the statement that 2 guys can true fully be in love with each other.

  6. Matt (Black)

    I would say a big time sporting event like the 7th game of a world series , Super Bowl, NCAA basketball championship game, game 7 of the Stanley cup finals or Nba finals. I get so excited a whole day before the big game. I find myself thinking about the projected game continuously. It’s almost like a high… My phone is usually the last thing on my mind while having sex but I have stopped on occasions when a hot 3rd person shows up late for a 3some and we had already started. We decide collectively to stop to answer the phone to see where he is. Then we go back at it lightly until he get there. Lol.

  7. Hunter4B

    Literally, NOTHING is better than Peace of Mind … but that is close to how wonderful sex is when I love and trust someone and want to give and receive pleasure. Pure intimacy makes great sex even better

  8. Zalman

    I had one guy texting while he was playing with me. He never got to have me again, no matter how many times he begged.
    What’s better than sex? Ice cream, strawberry shortcake, layer cake, pie; great hugs, massages, swimming, a great concert, show or play.
    Is sex ever great?

  9. DP


    But since that’s flown out the window, just spending time with your partner. Not talking or doing physical stuff. But sprawled out on the couch, maybe a movie on the tv, you on your phone playing bubble mania while he’s google searching how to DIY a back yard pool using a tarp.

    A physical presence, maybe your legs draped over each other. But doing your own thing. A glance here and there. Separate but equal.

  10. Dylan

    Air…that’s it. Air is better than sex. But I need both to survive.

    Btw…checking your cellphone while I’m fucking you…that is rude as hell. That phone would be in 1000 pieces after it hit the wall. I’ve had guys cells buzzing, ringing, lighting up and vibrating across the night stand, no one has ever looked to see who it was. Wouldn’t happen

  11. Hunter0500

    Quality time with a bud. Hiking, traveling, taking in an entertainment event, cooking. All those are good.

    But sex, good sex, sex where you both know how to set each other off, sex where something new and subtle is introduced and it’s a hit.

    Yeh. Sex.

    Wait..what was the question again?

  12. Greg

    I totally agree with the first post . Seriously, it is all balance. I shut my phone and my tablet off at night for much needed me time and it is totally rude in social/family situations to prioritize your phone over people. Exceptions would be Emergency responders or people on-call, but if they are with someone who doesn’t know that, a heads up would be nice.

    And if your dick is paying attention to me and you aren’t……enjoy the blue balls you will have when I toss your ass out the

  13. MrDeepShaft

    I saw a guy briefly who had to have porn going on his phone, and once I realized that I was a jack off toy to his phone addiction that was the end of him.

  14. PostGayGrandDad

    There’s also making music. Two — or more — people turning a phrase together just so can be an incredible endorphin rush.

  15. Jockn2cbt

    Massage. Given a choice of a night of hot wild sex or a half hour of deep tissue, man hands massage, I’ll take the back rub…..and I have.

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