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Hot or Not: Hairy Armpits

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What do you think about hairy armpits, guys? Do you find it hot or not? Why or why not?

Other gay men admit to getting really horny at the sight of hairy armpits while for others it’s a complete turn off. Some say they prefer hairy armpits because for them it’s a “symbol of masculinity.” In addition, they think it’s odd for a man to shave his armpits. Other gay men on the other hand, say hairy armpits turn them on because “natural look is hot while shaved is not” which goes to show how different we all are. I mean if we all want the same thing then life will be boring.

That being said, I personally find trimmed pits hot. For me, trimmed pits are sexy and aesthetically pleasing not to mention it feels cleaner and fresh smelling. As for pits with long, bushy hair, well, that’s what the guy prefers so it’s cool, those are his pits after all. Whether people shave, trim, or not I’m fine with that as long as I don’t see or smell something foul (which can happen whether the pits are shaved or not mind you, but shaving or trimming does help control underarm odor).

Anyway, online threads and some studies show that most men of today prefer to trim or shave their armpits either for aesthetic or athletic reasons while at least 10% to 22% prefer the au naturel look. But that’s them, what about you, guys? Do you get horny too whenever you see a hairy armpit? Share with us your thoughts and hairy armpit stories in the comments section below.

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    • Josh

      I don’t have strong preferences about pit hair; I do, however, strongly prefer to read blog posts that look professionally written and edited. This one reads as though it were written by a C-average high school student.

      Get it the fuck together.

  1. Hunter0500

    There was a post here last week about Turn Ons. Most guys said they were turned on by typical masculine attributes such as muscles, beards, hairy bodies, etc. I am sexually attracted to men … men who look, feel, smell (basic hygiene is important, of course), and act like men. When it comes to pits, while I prefer they be part of a guy’s overall masculine package, it’s up to him whether they’re au naturale, trimmed, or shaved. No one physical attribute is going to be a deal maker or deal breaker.

    • Brad

      Misogyny is a turn-off, just saying. And shaving the underarm hair does not negate having a penis. Obviously though i’m Wasting my time replying thoughtfully to someone who spells like they arrived from the third world.

      • Devyn

        Nice, Brad! So… in the process of acting as the Defender of Women, you denigrate developing nations by not only referring to them as Third World (read: third rate), but you suggest that they are incapable of proper spelling. This from the critic who failed to capitalize one word, capitalized another word unnecessarily, omitted commas, and began a sentence with a conjunction. Brad, in case you also failed to notice, this is a site for men who like men (hence, ADAM 4 ADAM). Just because someone may not like pussy doesnt mean they hate women. It simply means they might be… uh, gay?! Duh!

  2. BJ

    I love to lick. And I hate getting a hair stuck in my mouth or throat. So for me trimmed or smooth is better. And there is something very hot about that sculpted look of the area between pecs and biceps. Woof!

  3. Michael

    Nothing hotter to me than a man showing off his pits. I find them the hottest and biggest turn-on ever. Hairy or smooth a mans pits get me going.

  4. John

    Depends on who it is. Sorry, but not into the bear type. Give me a twink/slim guy; just not overly hairy or smooth does it for me. But I do agree hygiene is key.

  5. Matt

    I don’t have underarm hair naturally, so to me it’s not attractive when they have a giant bush , but it’s ood if they shave

  6. Terry

    Armpits shaved or bare is a turn on for me. As long as they are neat! I have a fetish for neatly kept armpits and pubic hair!

  7. MattK

    This post hits a touchy subject for me. Though one might write me off as “that old traditional guy” (I’m 58), I felt this way long ago and still do: I like relatively smooth (naturally) chests, but love a lot of body hair below the waist and under the arms. I find ANY body shaving or trimming a complete turnoff because unless the guy just shaved/trimmed, it’s always all nubby, which grosses me out big-time. And even if he has just shaved, there’s still that nubbyness that I find gross and unappealing. I even used to put in my a4a profile “c’mon, you’re a man, let it grow!” Next post should be whether guys prefer shaved dick & ass hair; if they run it, I’ll probably just cut & paste my answer here.

  8. John

    I shave my body including my pits. I am also bi. If I am a like a woman by shaving and women DO think I am hot then by some thinking I must be gay; a lesbian. I swear the labeling and judgemental attitudes in the gay male community is so hypocritical. You all demand equal treatment but if someone isn’t what you feel is attractive you automatically label them.

  9. MeridianRubber

    I prefer, no, love a hairy armpit in its natural state! No deodorant, a little sweat, some masculine musk, no funk!

  10. Bbcbitchslave

    I’m a cd sissy,I shave smooth other than a v patch above my cock,I feel sexy n I’ve had alot of compliments on being shaved smooth along with request to be smooth.each his own but I’m smooth here!!!no hair,it’s gross!!….

  11. PostGayGrandDad

    Armpits hairless only if the guy has a medical condition that precludes body hair. Next thing you know you’ll be saying men should pluck their eyebrows and get manicures and some such. I take a bath on Saturday nights whether I need it or not. That’s all the maintenance I need.


  12. Corey

    Guys who shave their pits and/or pubes look like children, and that’s about as far from sexy as you can get without smelling fake.

  13. Bill

    Love a hairy man To me having oral with all the hair cut off makes me feel like I am having sex with a young guy that hasn’t hit puberty yet

  14. Stewie_Griffon

    Body hair is sexy to an extent. If someone is naturally smooth, smooth is fine. If you have hair & shave your body, it is not as attractive because they lose their masculinity.

    I personally prefer manly men & not attracted to feminine guys Body hair is great, but not too much. If someone is insanely hairy, then trimmed is much sexier. Tame the hair, but do not get rid of it.

  15. Jeffrey

    hairy……men DON’T fucking shave anything…….trimming is ok and that INCLUDES your beard!!! That scraggly pubic hair hanging down to your nipples is nasty… my opinion.

  16. Barry

    Pits and pubes are natures way of screaming out “I am READY for sex!” Which is one reason a pit full of hot pheromones is awesome. When a guy is “displaying” his pits….it is part of the mating ritual to draw you in! A shaved crotch easily shows you why there are pubes… looks like they just stuck a dick there as an after thought…..pubes scream out…COME ON DOWN HERE!

  17. Troy

    I love a hairy guy, and hair magnifies his natural scent. A guy I know wheres a lot of sleeveless shirts and I love the smell of his pits

    Yet, my ex was smooth and I didn’t care. He liked the smooth feeling and it made him feel feminine and beautiful. I didn’t care either way as he was happy.

    For me hair is a + not a requirement

  18. DM

    I think hairy armpits are very arousing, especially when they’re sweaty and have no deodorant on them. Maybe this like comes from watching basketball players in high school….I also like hairy legs, a hairy ass crack, a hairy chest, and a full bush. Men with nice, full beards are also a turn on. But I also enjoy being with smooth guys. I’m hairy btw.

  19. mike

    Part of being a man is having body hair. Some more than others but still without the hair you look like a child before puberty. HAIR IS HOT!

  20. Matt (Black)

    I understand the question but I think it depends on the individual. Example: Morris Chestnutt would turn me on with or without hair under his arms. Same would be said about Iris Alba, Blair Underwood, Jay Williams, Damian Lillard, Paul George, Duane Martin etc. If any of these guys shave the hair from under their arms, I would still think they are hot. Fuck yea!!! On the flipside it wouldn’t matter if John
    Goodman, Morgan Freeman, Donald Trump, Jimmy Walker, Chris Rock etc had hair under their arms or not, I still wouldn’t find them to be hot!!!

  21. badr

    of course.. hairy pits r so hotttt… but only males pits..coz im so excited by manly armpit hair specially when be wet & sweaty.. realy that manly smell turn me on extremely till burning my blood.. hottttttt

  22. RedTop

    Im on both sides. A nice armpit for some reason helps me be attracted to someone, but a shaved one works equally well. It just depends on the guy.

  23. Charles

    I love hairy men,I am a semi-hairy man myself,I want a man not a woman!Armpits,chest arms,legs,dick and ass hair is a plus!

  24. Steve

    I love hairy armpits…the sight, the smell and the taste. I love licking a nice manly smelling armpit. Guys I’ve been with love me doing it…try it

  25. bjjj

    I like armpits, kissing an licking them. If your truthfully in love with your guy, it’s hot to enjoy all of each others bodies, including each others armpits.

  26. Alpha P

    I remember before i hit puberty I could not wait for pit hair duds. I just found it so fuckin sexy. If your naturally smooth thats great. But Men are supposed to be MEN, masculine, hairy, burly men. Rough fuckin men. Shaved, Smooth, makes me think I’m gonna have to register as an S.O. for fuckin a hairless jailbait feel me

  27. Mark

    Men need hair, pits, legs, chest, cock, love the hair, smooth is just not natural and looks like a tween, no thanks, I want a MAN!

  28. Jockn2cbt

    Dark hairy pits rock, so does thick bush. If I want something that shaves and sounds like a cat being run over by a lawnmower while it’s getting fucked, I’ll go straight. Bois if you want to be fucked like real men become a real man. Go watch some early Zak Spears porn and learn what a power bottom is.

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