Equality: What Do You Think Of This New Pride Flag?

Image Credit: Daniel Quasar Kickstarter

Over the years, the Pride flag has undergone a number of transformations. The first Pride flag designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978 originally had eight colors, with a meaning attached to each color.

After Harvey Milk’s assassination in November 1978, demand for the rainbow flag increased, and Baker had to drop the hot pink stripe to keep up with the demand. By 1979, the turquoise stripe was also discarded, resulting in the six-stripe version — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

Last year, the Philadelphia City Hall version of the Pride flag had black and brown stripes added to it to represent black LGBTQ people. Outside of the United States, the Love Fest in Sao Paulo revealed a Pride flag that had nine colors.

Most recently, a designer in Oregon has come up with a new design for the rainbow flag. Daniel Quasar, who prefers xe/xem/xyr pronouns, proposed a rainbow flag that puts white, pink, light blue, brown, and black stripes in an arrow over the more recognizable six-striped rainbow flag.

According to Quasar, the light blue, pink, and white stripes come from the transgender flag. The brown and black stripes represent people of color and those who live with AIDS, those who have died of it, and the stigma that surrounds them.

Quasar has been raising funds for the flag on KickStarter, with a goal of $14,000 to produce nylon flags that are three feet wide and five feet long. As of this writing, the KickStarter has raised $17,386.

What we want to hear from our Adam4Adam blog readers is if this flag is something that they’ll support. Do you agree that it’s a more inclusive flag? Or do you think that the current rainbow flag is fine as it is? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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  1. YoYo Mama

    It is horrible. Simple is best. It’s supposed to be a rainbow, not a self-regarding reflection of every possible splinter group. If they don’t feel included, it’s probably their own fault or problem. Gay is supposed to include everyone, including lesbians, who spoil everything. But trannies are mostly not gay. FTM’s are heterosexuals invading our community instead of preying on bisexual and straight men where they belong.

    • Aaron

      You are the problem with the LGBTQ community. You are bigoted and your rhetoric is inflammatory. You are no better than the people who have oppressed gay people for years. The LGBTQ community should also be about inclusivity and not division which you have so expertly crafted.

      • john

        I think you are wrong Aaron, the flag does not represent gay white people, it represents gay people, so why do we want to separate the two races, I will stand with yoyo are looking at it all wrong Aaron.

    • Joe

      Educate yourself you sounds ignorant. Trans people are a part of our community, you wouldn’t even have some of the rights you do if it wasnt for trans women or men.

      • TimPer

        Uuuh, Trans people are their own thing.
        No gay man is going to get with a trans person.

        Trans people never get with other trans people. This is how you know some shit aint right. Just like two bottoms don’t make a top. Lol.

        Make no mistake…I don’t dislike trans people I’m just saying what no one else will.
        FTM : can’t get with straight dudes anymore cause you look like a dude can’t get with gay dudes cause you don’t have a dick. Where the duck do you go?

        MTF: unlikely to get with lesbians cause they will still see you as a nasty lesbo obsessed dude can’t get with straight dudes becasue 1, you have a dick, 2 can’t have childeren, again. Who the fuck are you supposed to get with?

        The only people I have met that desire trans people are those that fetishize them. peroid. Most of these people are bisexual. the majoprity of them are–sorry Ive never seen a straight woman ask for a trans husband. N.E.V.E.R. When you are trans your only option is another male.

        As far as the flag goes…no…the colors are un needed. It’s actually more divided now. What that represents is good enough on its own…adding more is just adding layers of exclusivity.

      • JD

        They’re not part of our community; they’re part of the trans community. Being gay and being trans are two different things (although some trans people are gay, but most aren’t). Saying they’re part of our community is like saying Asian Americans are part of the African American community or that Muslims are part of the Jewish community. I’m annoyed that so-called gay rights organizations bend over backwards to help transgendered people and ignore gay issues. We don’t expect Save the Whales to help save the rainforests. No one asks Black Lives Matter to help the stop the genocide of Muslims in Burma. Why do gay groups need to help transgendered people find a bathroom that suits their needs when we have our own problems that need to be addressed?

  2. Tom

    Too busy. Looks like somebody just stuck some triangular colors to one side for some reason.
    Color contrast does not have a good optical appeal
    Why change it not see any reason or logic behind any reasoning given forth to warrant a change in the meaning and history behind the old one.
    “The Rainbow” stands for all peoples anyway I feel !

  3. BJ

    The colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yello, green, blue, violet) represent ALL color. It’s already inclusive. Adding extra colors is not inclusive, it’s divisive.

  4. T

    I really don’t find it more inclusive just because it adds for black LGBTQ people. That is just ridiculous to add one race of people to it. Or to add for people living with AIDS, because they come from all sexual orientations. But we have a need for “inclusion” which dilutes the purpose. Add a color for every race. Maybe a color for every country. Hell, add a herpes stripe. I thought the rainbow flag was just fine


    We (LGBT) don’t need a flag or a symbol, so I wouldn’t wear or display either. I’d rather see expressions of respect and compassion, which demonstrates integrity and maturity.

    • Jeffrey

      I could not agree with you more. Forcing our way of life on others is just wrong. I am not gay. I am a man that lives just like every other human being. I work, vote, pay taxes and choose where and how I spend my money. Who I sleep with man or women does not define me.
      A flag representing or dividing us from society only opens the door for hate and disrespect.
      I don’t and will not fly any flag as well.

  6. bdbohio

    The 1979 version of our flag is the most recognizable and visually pleasing to the cumminity! DONT MESS WITH IT! Keep it as it is!

  7. Ray Olivarez

    Don’t like it at all. If it ain’t broke then why fix it? The Rainbow Flag was meant to REPRESENT the diversity in the GLBTQ communities. We have gotten way too “PC” it seems that even the revered Rainbow Flag needed to be tampered with?

  8. Ruben

    The flag already included everyone and everything any changes are absolutely unnecessary and it looks ugly and ridiculous, totally disgusting

  9. Chuck and Daniel

    Hell no we will NOT support this flag…. Our gay pride flag has substance and meaning…. Why is it that some fringe lunatics believe that they can change our gay pride and make it all about them and some lame political cause…. We older gays struggled HARD to get to where we are and now others want to step in and take over…. HELL NO…. You other fight your own battles…. Because as history teaches us you others will crowd us gays out in a few years….

  10. Bob Zee

    That flag is disgusting! The only reason for the black and brown is because some Marxist black lies matter activists said the rainbow wasn’t “inclusive” enough. Fuck them.

  11. John F

    There was nothing wrong with the original flag. Apparently, people with fetishes (Bear, etc) want recognition. They already have their own flags. Leave the original alone!

  12. Ken

    It honestly looks stupid, imho. Too Damn busy and makes the community just look stupid. I mean come on., a flag. What type of people have a God Damned flag? Countries have flags. It’s getting ridiculous or should I say redickulous

  13. Matt

    It’s asinine. As a gay man, pride implies that I’m in a political prison and that I’m totally OK with drag queens and BDSM sex at Folsom. Sorry, but for me the rainbow is a sign of disgrace. Pride reinforces negative stereotypes, intolerance, bigotry, and hatred for people of faith. A new flag just means a new level of intolerance, bigotry, and hatred from the Alt-Left brigade.

    • Matt h

      Right on man. The gay community talks a big talk about wanting to be accepted in society, yet when you go to pride parades it’s a frighten three ring sex circus half the time.

      Leave the flag, the singlet, the bana hammock and whatever else at home. Show up in jeans and a t-shirt holding your loved ones hand and ask to be accepted for being a normal person.

      As a gay man, I do not partake in pride week or any of the other events simply because they are dumb and super offensive in their current structure. We don’t need a gay alien in a thong walkoing down the street representing us.

      • Phil

        Matt, you have every right to distance yourself from what you are not proud of, but may I suggest you research the events that will be occurring in 2019. WorldPride might still offer the same array for it’s March, but with the addition of all the Pride Chapters pilgrimaging from all points to mark the 50th anniversary of the last time tear gas was used by the NYPD because of a silly bar fight. If for no other reason, block time in your calendar for the Human Rights Conference and to join all for one day where we gather as a unified group.

  14. JET

    Much better and inclusive then the current design. But people will still find a reason to complain about it no matter what the flag looks like (gays and straights alike).

  15. Kylie

    I absolutely love the design. We are a community. As we grow so must our colors. No one should ever feel they’ve been excluded.

  16. Tom

    I think the new flag is a dumb idea. The flag as is already represents all of us. Just another example of getting way to politically correct.

  17. Boyd

    Leave it alone.
    Red – Life
    Orange – Healing
    Yellow – Sunlight
    Green – Nature
    Blue – Serenity
    Purple – Spirit

    ALL LGBTQ+ should feel, understand and live these colors and ideas/concepts.
    Additional colors would only further separate us. No more labels are needed.

  18. John E

    What do I think of the “new pride flag”? I think it is stupid. The message it attempts to convey is one of inclusivity and community. In practiced reality, the so-called “gay community” is anything BUT inclusive and/or a community. Use of terms like “inclusive” and especially “community” are little more than propaganda intended to convince the wider world that “we” are someone united. Nothing could be further from the truth. I can speak only from personal experience, but that experience spans four decades of living in cities with large gay “ghettos” or populations like Atlanta, Houston, San Francisco, Denver, and Palm Springs. And in my experience, the “community” is riven with divides and separated into interest groups and factions. Men vs women, young vs old, white vs persons of color, leather vs drag, etc. Here in Palm Springs, we annual see events like BLatino Oasis, at which older white men are simply not allowed, or ChubFest, at which persons weighing less than 300 pounds are aggressively marginalized, or White Party, at which sober men who do not live in a gym are scorned and verbally abused, or the many “Bear” events at which smooth and thinner men are pushed aside. If the gay “community” were indeed “inclusive” and “united,” such special-interest events would not be necessary, since everyone would/should feel comfortably accepted and valued in ANY event, public place, or gathering that involves persons with non-normative sexual or affectional inclinations.

    • John

      Thank You~ I’ve been isolated from the ‘community’ my whole life because of exactly what you’ve stated. I am putting together a podcast in the next coming weeks and I’d like to share what you’ve just said and expand on it.

  19. Jon

    Really, isn’t the flag alone inclusive enough? Doesn’t it mean all colors of the rainbow? Now they have to add special colors so certain groups feel included. Sounds like entitlement just took a step further because some ass hurt individuals feel left out. Why not just ask the Crayola crayon company if the could just borrow their largest package of crayons, and put that box on nylon. So what color represents native Americans, asains, German, Scottish, Irish, polish, and on and on. It’s not broken, don’t fix it. Let those ass hurt individuals create their own flag, like the leather, puppy, and so forth created there own unique flag

  20. PostGayGrandDad

    But, but, do I wear it in the left or right pocket?

    This goes too far. Diversity undermines solidarity. Where is grey for persons of experience?Every minute subgroup getting its own color yields a flag that will mean nothing.

  21. headsupguy

    Why stop at 11? Let’s have no less than 37 colors on bars scattered at random angles, kind of like sprinkles on an iced donut. Any observer can assign his/her own meaning to each color of the random bars. This design will confuse everyone, thus offending no one. Better yet, blank flags could be sold with 37 strips of tape, allowing the purchaser to arrange the strips of color any way he/she wants. The inability to permanently embrace a symbol and stick with it reinforces the stereotype of LGBTQ+ being weak-minded and unreliable.

  22. Hunter0500

    Confused by the new metaphors. Why a stripe for people of color, but none for Asians or American Indians? Why does the transgender stripe run counter to everyone else? What’s the white stripe about? AIDS affects everyone, but its stripe is equal to the people of color stripe.

    And who decides? Who owns the flag and can govern its version? There’s no umbrella entity that can do that. As the blog says, there are already different versions of the flag. It, like the so called “Community” is blurry.

    The current flag has traction. It is recognized. Change for the sake of change is never good. This is a prime example.

    • PostGayGrandDad

      You’re wrong, Hunter, it’s _two_ stripes for people of color, brown _and_ black. (Sorry, can’t stop giggling. Maybe we need a stripe for the mirthful — people who aren’t quite comfortable with the word gay.)

  23. irish-iis

    I prefer the flag to stay as it is with the six colors – which I understand have significance and meaning, and inclusiveness – for all people – We take pride in being accepted and accepting all people; Red – Life. Orange – Healing. Yellow – Sunlight. Green – Nature. Blue – Serenity Purple – Spirit

    I’ve seen special flags for specific groups – there’s nothing wrong with that – but the Pride Flag with the Rainbow colors is well known, recognizable and established – with a history that brought it into being.

  24. Commandobttm

    My straight friends don’t fly a flag to show that they heterosexuals. Why do I need one to show that I’m gay?

    • Jockn2cbt

      Amen. It always has to be “in your face” with some people. Myself, I have no desire to lump myself in with transgenderism, polyamorousism, pedophiles, or other causes. And no amount of politically correct finger wagging is going to influence who I find sexually attractive. Aren’t we all guilty of sexism for refusing to not have sex with women, or men for the girls on the other side of the fence? I don’t hate women, some of my closet relatives are women. I just prefer a specific look that makes my cock go “sproing”.

  25. Peter

    NO! Don’t change it. The various colors represent all the community. When you add colors like white, pink, black and brown it seems you are missing the point of the rainbow.

  26. billy G

    When’s it going to stop and just be about people? Our country and forefathers built this country on equality and freedom, When did it become about including every color, race, language and origin? Oh…..! someone might get offended if we don’t include them by specific color or groups. Take down statues of our American history that has stood for years because people are offended to walk by them today. Put up signs in other languages because you can’t ask people to learn to read and speak English like every other emigrant did when they came here and God forbid every kid on a sports team doesn’t get a trophy because they will feel excluded. It should be plain and simple, some guys like guys, some ladies like ladies, some like each other and some like to be the opposite. At the end we are all people and we shouldn’t need to have any colors. How about making that flag all one color no matter what color it is because it doesn’t fucking matter. Just be happy, be who you are and fuck the rest who have to make a big deal out of everything………………… The world has become nothing more than a bunch of pussy ass whipped people afraid to stand up for what is right.

  27. Brian

    So incredibly unnecessary. The stripes of the rainbow already indicate inclusivity for ALL. Besides that, it is a simple design that evokes immediate attention. This new potential one is a mess. It is far too busy and far too ripe for mocking. Stick with the original.

  28. BroHomo

    FRATERNITY BROther I sucked offf

    Why not?
    Idc much for shit that’s supposed to be a rallying symbol
    Reading these comments it’s clear we might need these reminders of marginalized people.
    Geez guys I live in Buckhead, Ga and some of these comments remind me of the ignorant racist bile concerning Rednecks love of the Confederate Flag

  29. Grabda

    Bad news all around, too cluttered and “busy;” gelding the lily, if you will. Even worse: the selfish, juvenile “justification” behind it. Speaking of which, hoist it where the sun don’t shine.

  30. Dylan

    STOP already. Enough is enough. Do we add another stripe & color for furries and ppl that think their animals? Do we add little symbols on each stripe next? Do we start carrying it in the left pocket or right depending how you like to get fucked. It’s just making it harder.

    Why don’t we take the flag, either rainbow or the new design and put it in an industrial blender add an American flag along with flags of other nations and grind the fuck out of them. Let’s not forget the bear flag either (I like that one)Mix all the colors together and make thread out of the ground material. That will represent all nations, all types of ppl, all sexual preferences all genders all mixed together as one, you know…one human race. AND since no flag will be the same after the new thread design, it will represent how no individual is the same. All of the colors are together and that will represent how we should all stand together…blah blah I could go on .

    Flags only create hate and war along with boundaries.

    When does it stop

  31. Wolf on the Prowl

    Hell No!!! I would never support a flaf with any of the recent modifications of rhe past two years. The flag’s 6 colors represent diversity. That is enough. The indicidual colors do not represwnt any specific group or race, they are aymbolic as a group, not individually

    If you start adding colors for specific races or groups, where do you stop? if you add a black and brown, you better damn well add a white stripe otherwise the flag doesnt represent me.. aAnd how can a color represent two groups In the case black represwnting BOTH dark skinned races and people who died of Aides… which is it?? Maybe Aides rememberence should be a quilt patterned stripe. We would have to add a fur atripe for all the Furries in our midst… and shoildnt baby blue be for those guy who like underage men… and a baby pink stripe could be for those women who like underage girls. Bi…. girss we woukd want to use a gray strope…. Off-white foe gender neutral?? Obviously a mustard would be needed for those guys packing more than 8 inches, lest they have to identify wih us guys with less. Hell, I dojt identify with some of those groups and i dont want their stripe on my flag.

    Maybe we each could create a flag based ln colors we personally think identify who we are. yea, lets take our flag which represents our differences and diversity in a very general and inclusive way and change it to a flag which instead highlights only few differences differences amd is a flag that excludes groups by not including stripes in their specific color.

    wow, what a great and wonderful iseas you have for flags…. you stupid idiots. Thank God for the future gay community, you dont breed.

  32. Q

    Godawful cacophony. The pride flag uses fundamental colors—at their loudest—to represent the full spectrum of human expression. Simple proposition.

    Working backwards to derive muddy awful colors, then arranging them as if they’re penetrating the spectrum, is stupid (as well as a patriarchal own-goal). The original advanced a coherent aesthetic argument, while the obnoxious derivative tries to grab onto artificially divisive crap in the community and force that onto the visual representation.

    The result is the kind of confused message that’s the reason why we lose elections and fumble policy no matter how much the rest of the world wants to root for us.

  33. kenny

    Its aweful, The rainbow flag id NOT depict any skin color, this one does but not all. I am becoming more and more ashamed of the LGBTHFIWBFJSMS community as a whole. How many more letters are goong to be added? How may more colors are going to be add? Here are six letters I want to add E-N-O-U-G-H.

  34. Dean K

    Like this flag is going to change a damn thing. Gay men don’t care about pride flags. They do care about whether you are their “type” which includes all kinds of factors : abs, age, weight, pecs, body type, masculinity, top, bottom, jock, otter, bear, daddy, twink, penis size, bubble butt , and most importantly race. There are exceptions to this where some gay men are drawn to personality and kindness but what I stated is the norm and all gay men know that.

  35. Baywolf57

    The rainbow flag was a definition of the spectrum of light. All inclusive of everything. There never was any nationality or race associated with. It was simply a scientific inclusion of everything that was visible to the naked eye. I don’t see why it should be changed. If anything, we should be uniting under it for what it stands for, and not further splinter the cause for which it stands. There is no white for black or brown in Rainbow Flag..because of this very reason. United we stand..we not change what is already a symbol of US.

  36. Bill

    Remember the phrase “ALL THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW”? It refers to the fact that all colors can be derived from those already in a rainbow. Who out there remembers the Rev. Jesse Jackson running for President? Remember his Rainbow coalition? his use of the rainbow was meant to be all inclusive. I know there are legitimate reasons for feeling left out, many are articulated by others commenting here. Let’s face it. The flag is an ideal that we don’t live up to. If we did, nobody would feel excluded. Perhaps someday. But changing the flag won’t in and of itself solve the real things dividing us. So why change it when it already includes everyone?

  37. Charles

    I feel The flag is quite broken and does not do enough to include people of color. A lot of the gay groups are ran by white males and over represent them. So I think it is time to really show representation of all. Change is coming and those that don’t like it can lump it. Gay has never been historically universal or all inclusive and does not represent all the groups that may be apart of it considering the history of America. This is an indisputable fact which is why I as a black male has never supported this notion of so call “gay” universality which usually reflects the interests white males. Hell many of these so called “gays” voted for Trump.

  38. chris

    looks like garbage. a rainbow is a spectrum of all colors and a spectrum of all facets of gay world. we dont need an up dated flag. if it aint broke dont fix it.

  39. anonimatovato

    I always felt the original pride flag was pretty iconic enough and represents diversity. I’m all for diversity, people of color needs to be represented too, because far too often the gay community is ‘too white’ and male dominated, but I think this is getting way to pc even for my taste.

  40. Stewie_Griffon

    I like the design of the flag, but the not color scheme. The color contrast hurts the eyes.

    I have always hated the rainbow colors (not as a political statement) & disliked anything rainbow colored, even as a kid.

    A better color scheme would be grey. 50 shades of grey flag would be awesome since LGBTQ has so many categories & sub-categories now. Every year, it seems like a new category of sexuality is announced. The multiple facets of grey would technically represent all colors, all categories, future upcoming categories, & I would rock the several shades of grey colors.

  41. j. noah

    Needto leave the dam flag alone we already include every one, we arent looking to join you, you are welcome to join us!

  42. Jim

    No. It is aesthetically flawed, probably for most of the “no” reasons already given, plus something else at this first glance which to me is subliminally unsettling.

  43. Wayne

    I bet it’s whites or those who want to be white who hate it the most. These type vote republican the most anyway…

    • John

      There will always be people of hate, fear and intolerance; people of division, separation and partition: and, there will always be people who seek to silence, diminish or demonize others to justify their own personal insecurities and failings…. There will always be bullies and victims…. There will always be ignorance…. There will always be bitterness.

      There will always be those who solve problems by making them worse, who excoriate prejudice by being prejudicial, who want respect being disrespectful, and those who discriminate to end discrimination.

      And there will always be people like Wayne, here, to prove this.

  44. dfwjeep

    I agree with the majority – leave it alone – why try to add a stripe for every Tom, Dick, and Harry = how bout the Muslim stripe (we KNOW they are gay too!!!!). Tradition means a lot and what we have is recognizable the world over – don’t mess with it!!!!!!!!!

  45. Bryan

    I love the new design.
    I need to get new ASAP Before the Augusta Ga Pride festival coming up the weekend of JUNE 21-24 2018. Maybe I’ll see some of my fellow a4a family there

  46. Dudeinwyoming

    THE NAYS HAVE IT! The reasons behind it? Are all valid arguments. “Inclusive” is not an ideal most gays can claim as their own. I’ve met very few that really aspire to that lofty ideal.

  47. Btm

    Do not get mad at a new flag if you arent mad at the other flags like for bears, bdsm, poly, bi, trans etc. This is just another newer more inclusive flag, you can fly whichever you want to represent you, that is why we have so many types of lgbtq+ flags. If it isnt for you then dont fly it.

  48. Bistate

    U G L Y and a little confusing. The original, which is inclusive as stated many times about, is recognizable. This new thing just looks ridiculous and shadows the meaning and intent of the original.

  49. Lamar

    . . . Blah, blah, blah, same shit, (rolling my eyes) What do I think? The same thing I think about CIVIL fuckin’ RIGHTS, STAND YOUR GROUND, RELIGION, ect. So fucking what! Gay people are just bad as hetero folk when it comes to race/color, we do not, exist in a fuckin’ vacuum.

    I just spoke with a white dude on here, who said,” the white guys call black guys niggers behind their backs, however, want to have sex with them.” These, are gay white gay men talking like this, folks!

    This new flag; suppose to make white people more humane? I mean, that’s the damn point, right? It’s gonna take an act of the Creator, not some childish-ass flag, man!

  50. Bill

    I am surprised by some of the comments that would suggest…”I got mine so forget anyone else” The original concept around the flag was FULL inclusion. In these times, that goal is more important than ever. I am in favor of the flag representing the beautiful various segments of a wonderful community.

    • anonimatovato

      they are the majority, what the society sees as ‘normal’, despite gay being more accepted nowadays, cases of discrimination still exist. you all seem to forget the struggles before gay marriage legalized in all 50 states.

  51. MatthewM

    We’ll never get enough colors on there to include every group, especially as the list of letters trailing LGBT continues to grow. The simple rainbow symbol has come to stand for inclusion without the need to assign a different color stripe to each included group. It’s enough. It’s accepted. And it works. All that kickstarter money would be better donated to mental health programs for LGBT youth.

  52. Kris

    Looking at these comments (though opinions respected) just shows how damaging and blind we are to the real issues outside (and inside) of our community. I would strike the whole AIDS thing from the black and brown stripes but a good majority of y’all are the reason we need the new colors. If everyone felt included as you in your world perceive. We would be a more united front. Alas, you can’t see issues you can’t identify with when you’re privileged so ‍♂️‍♂️

  53. Dylan

    The only good thing about the rainbow flag flying is to let travelers know where the gay hot spots are. I can spot that flag 100 miles out. Usually a gay bar. If it’s a sticker on the back of a car let’s me know that guy might need a blow job before he goes into work. They do look cool in the pride parade.

  54. Adam

    I think it could possible get a little confusing because some of those colors already stand for something for example brown and black are bear pride colors. Further more as a person of color i dont remember taking a survey asking what color should represent my race (as if it actually matters that any particular groups are represented) brown and black is a little on the nose isnt it? I dont hate it i just dont see the point in it to be honest it wouldnt affect me either way i wont wear or fly but if you are feeling included in the community changing the glag wont change that

  55. Displaced San Franciscan

    I have always prefered the ‘Lambda’ flag. The lambda was first chosen as a gay symbol when it was adopted in 1970 by the New York Gay Activists Alliance, years before the rainbow flag was designed for 1978 Gay Freedom Celebration in San Francisco. I understand the meaning and the symbolism of the ‘Rainbow’ flag, but personally I think it’s really cheap looking and butt ugly. Plus as several other posters mentioned it can be a little ‘too in the face’ even for some gay men.

  56. Danny

    I will definitely keep my old one that I grew up with. It already has meaning for every group including people living with or have died from AIDS.

  57. Michael

    Don’t particularly care for it…. the flag is already ALL INCLUSIVE…whether gay, bi, lesbian, trans, black, white, brown or what ever…. by highlighting any particular group….seems to be starting a whole conversation as to whose struggle is harder…. and could possibly be somewhat divisive

  58. Matt

    I dont like the design ,its great to be inclusive of all but prefer the classic style to this one.the flag represents who we are and shouldnt be about color,race or nationality we all come together from all backgrounds and its about solidarity to me .we are one together and divided when it becomes about the perception that people are being left out.should we also modify the american flag .

  59. bill

    The new one is not needed. The original one would be the one to go if it is to change… As it is don’t fix it if it isn’t broke.

  60. Robert

    I think the Rainbow flag which was meant to represent GAY people—all gay people–should be left alone. When we try to isolate a group, give it a color and then add it to the flag and say we are “including” people, we are being redundant. We include all gay people with the original flag. I get very confused when people say they wish to be a part of the gay community and then want to be separated out and distinguished as a subgroup, those people are representing separatism not inclusivity! Keep the original 7 or 6 color flag–keep it simple. If we start to highlight different groups then we are not being inclusive. Do you see my point??

  61. Will

    Well I’ve never met Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, or Purple people yet, but I think it would scare the Hell out of me if I did!!!

  62. Daryl

    I’m fine either way, If someone thinks there left out, why not have the other choices too. Thats what this country is all about, you display the one that represents you. I like the idea of having more that one, looks impressive and forward thinking. Where can I get the new one

  63. Randy

    It needs 40 more colors and 9 more shapes. The mere 11 colors and 2 shapes symbolize your phobia toward the many other commendable genders, sexes, furries, fetishes, and robot persons. Don’t be a hater!

  64. urban

    I personally don’t like the standard rainbow flag, (I like the pink triangle that was the symbol in Nazi Germany), but the rainbow flag, as it is, has become recognizable across the world as the symbol of the gay community. I think our world has become a little too obsessed with inclusions – we went from gay to LGBT that was fine with me to Lgbtqiapd and now people have started calling us the alphabets. We have reached the point of becoming absurd in our desire to identify every fraction of our group. I say keep the rainbow flag as it is. If you keep changing things we become less recognized and a joke, next dinner party I’ll end up hearing that we have become the Crayola-alphabets.

  65. Billy G

    I posted earlier on this, but today I had an awakening about.. I think the best solution is to make it clear see thru , that way it will represent anybody who stands behind. It will cover every faction, section, group or color of the gay “community” …… Whoever is standing with it in front of them is who it represents.. Problem solved…………….

    PS: Is there a committee out there in the gay world who comes up with these crazy ideas ? And how much money is spent on it? How about taking all of the money and putting it toward a good use, like Aids, or homeless/abused gays or gay youth that are afraid to come out and need guidance so they don’t get fucked up like many of us older gay folk did; who were afraid to come out way back when……… BG

  66. Tim

    For Christ’s sake (yes I’m pi$$ing off the christians-they’ve been doing it to us for centuries) the PRIDE Flag is for PRIDE for all of us, we don’t need a Black stripe for Africans, we don’t need a Brown stripe for Hispanics, Gay Pride is WorldWide, Done extensive traveling, African Swedes don’t have a Pride Flag. Neither do African Germans-Italians-French, or the Hispanic Swedes-Germans-Italians-French etc, etc, etc, .GAY is GAY! That flag has been a universal symbol for us WORLDWIDE for decades. Did you all hear that? FOR US! ! ALL OF US
    What the hell has gotten into everyone. I’ts like the Stars and Stripes for the country and each state has their own. PRIDE IS A RAINBOW FLAG ! ! ! Bears can have theirs, Transgenders/sexuals/ and whoever else can have theirs but the PRIDE FLAG IS FOR ALL OF US ! Please people, don’t forget where we came from and all those we lost for it. How many of you were around for the quilt? How many of you don’t even know what I’m talking about? How many of you “It’s all about me”‘s out there even care.

  67. Mark heckler

    I do not see the reason for changing the rainbow flag, Pride for gay people is just that gay comes in all colors sex shapes and genders, from all over the world, we are gay people lets not get into anything more then that. I think someone just wants to cash in on yet another gimmick. Please out of respect for Gilbert leave the rainbow flag as it is

  68. Phil

    We Need a Distinctive Flag. Can we ask Hermes to design something for us that is UN caliber? No disrespect to Gilbert, a man I was honored to have met in his last years at committee meetings, but rainbow colors are:
    A) commercially overused
    B) used by other entities for a variety of purposes “it’s so pretty & colorful, don’t you like it Sally?”
    C) not symbolic enough of who we are. Yes, we are a spectrum of individuals, but our combined history is ancient. How does this flag suggest Alexander the Great, Byron, da Vinci, Jorgensen, Michelangelo, Whitman or Wilde. Yes, it says Milk and Rivera, but does it speak beyond what we should be proud of and offer reflection to our history? What would Sappho design if handed this task?

    It has been a helpful flag for the purposes of seeing the GAY RIGHTS MOVEMENT evolve to the LGBTI Rights Movement, but it needs to be more than a Mission identifier, it must become more Stately. The UN has a group called the UN LGBTI CORE Group with 22 countries, 2 ngo’s + the OHCHR, let’s up our game for 2020.

    We need to consider how we want to be seen & addressed moving forward. In the Media World we are LGBTI. Some use GLBT. Q is disliked by many still scarred by a word academia has tried to take back for our purposes. Our LGBTQIA+ alphabet soup is a big issue we should tackle head on and that includes our colors. How does this speak to ‘A’ or ‘Q’, who is next to step forward from our + and declare themselves part of the whole. Do we add a color once more time. w

    The NIH opened it’s SGMRO in 2014/5.

    SMGRO= The Sexual & Gender Minority Research Office. It is the latest iteration of what Kinsey was doing (from the same people who cut his funding), but now it’s really getting personal. Bing their website & just look at the 2017 report PRIDE, USING OUR VOICES. They should change the R to REPARATIONS at this point. How long can you study a defined Minority Class (they clearly define us) without ensuring they are given the complete intrinsic rights which are offered to every other protected vertical of society.

  69. william

    If they wanted a flag that included everyone, just have a black flag or white one. If you add all the colors, that is what you would get. Better yet, go to the local hardware store and take a picture of the paint color chip display.

  70. Guido in NJ

    It’s ugly.
    Why do things always have to change, can’t our ONE flag, that unites us all, be the ONLY flag? No need to go around readjusting everything because some new idea or group is included…
    The point is that we are all under one UNITY… The Pride flag was created once, keep it looking the same.. We just know that new folks will be under the same visual symbol.

  71. Robert J. Nadeau

    I love it and will order one as soon as they are available…………..we have to all stick together. Be whom you were born to be! Stay loud and proud.

  72. Chicago Tim

    Honestly, he needs his own pronouns? And his own flag? I’m shocked he has a name that can be spelled with Latin characters. Take this up with a therapist who specializes in Narcissism.

  73. Colorguard

    Ugly. Our current and original flag speaks volumes for us and has brought us into Victory. Please don’t keep changing the flag, it already stands for ALL of us..

    I will continue to fly the original flag only!

  74. JACK

    I don’t like it. It’s supposed to be the “rainbow flag” and it was designed for GAY men. Why does it now have to be so accommodating and political to include everyone? There’s no problem having individual flags to distinguish ALL sexual life styles. It also looks like a flag you would see representing a foreign country. Keep the original and maybe even make the original in the form of a “rainbow” as it is called and was intended to be. Why do people have the need to change a good thing for the sake of change. The American flag remains the same unless we develop another state. A simple additional star. IMAGINE the uproar if some group decided to change that!!!

  75. Steven

    Whatever happened to the Pink Triangle? I only read one mention of it in all these diatribes. I have an old pride flag with a large pink triangle at the top with the rainbow colors streaming below it. The triangle is more prominent than the colors are. I love it!! They used to be common in the 80’s and 90’s. I once had a full sized one. But I’ve searched the internet and you can’t even find these flags anymore, tho I found a small bumper sticker that has the pink triangle surrounded by the rainbow colors. I put it on my car.

    For those who are too young to know this, or those who simply don’t know our history, let me remind you: the pink triangle was the symbol the Nazis burned into the flesh of gay men in the concentration camps in WW2. It’s a Real Historical symbol of our oppression, something we still live with today. There are some in the religious right who’d love to see this symbol burned into our flesh again today folks. Get your priorities in order guys! They still want us Dead!!

    I don’t like this new flag at all, but I wish we’d put the pink triangle back onto the current flag. Then it would represent not just the feel-good, inclusive rainbow colors of Humanity but would also be a symbol of the oppression we struggle against our whole lives.

    And remember this too – the Stonewall Rebellion was led by Dykes, Drag Queens, Trans people and Gay men of many ethnicities and proclivities All Together. So don’t trash the dykes, trans folk or drag queens, or pretend they don’t belong. Without them we wouldn’t have our modern gay movement!

    Apparently some of us badly need a few lessons in Gay History. Educate yourself before you share your opinions!

  76. Victor

    Brown doesn’t belong in a “rainbow” flag! And neither does pink! There’s no white stripe yet white people aren’t trying to be “included”.

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