Fantasy: Sex At Work?

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If you take a cursory look at the porn channels that litter the internet nowadays, one of the more popular fantasies acted out is sex in the office. It’s easy to see why that’s the case — there’s the excitement of doing it in such a public space, especially if the rest of your co-workers don’t suspect a thing.

In fact, it’s such a recurring fantasy that there’s even a porn site that caters exclusively to this particular predilection — Grab Ass. Maybe it’s because of the sight of good-looking guys in suits makes you want to just strip it off them and loosen their ties a little bit. Or maybe it’s the thrill of bending your boss over and showing him exactly who calls the shots.

As it turns out, workplace sex isn’t just a fantasy for some Americans, but actual reality. A study conducted by Eden Fantasys, an online store, revealed that 14 percent of Americans have had sex in the workplace. The study involved 2000 men and women. Of the 14 percent that have had sex in the workplace, one in five of them have been caught in the act.

The sex these people are having aren’t all about love and lust either. Ten percent of the respondents revealed they’ve had sex with their boss, with 33 percent of that 10 percent doing it because they were hoping to get a promotion.

With all of this in mind, we’d like to ask our Adam4Adam blog readers: Is office sex a fantasy you’ve had before? Have you actually acted on it and had sex in the office, either with your co-worker or your boss? What do you guys find so arousing about it? Share your thoughts and stories with us in the comments below. Feel free to be as detailed as you want!

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  1. Matt

    My work takes me all over the place. Men and women find me attractive and some ask for sex. I make them walk funny and move on to the next. No need to be puritanical. If two adults want to consent to have sex, then do it. Granted it cannot interfere with your job responsibilities, but if you set your own hours as I do, then let’s fuck.

  2. Jimbo12000

    I have sex at work often. I own my own store and often I’m the only person working. So I get to have hook ups with friends and customers frequently. If you in my area and this is your fantasy contact me and we can make it happen. I had a mediocre BJ yesterday and a great fucking ( 8″) the day before at work!

  3. Cgubbybiguy

    First time with a guy was at work.. me and him closed store together and he came out to me.. talked about it for a few weeks and one day i was very horny and ended up sucking his cock.. still the hottest thing i ever done in my life and still think about it alot 20 years later.. now bi and enjoy cock when i can

  4. Jeff

    It was yrs ago, I had been messing around with my coworker at KFC (the bosses son) she had asked us to stay over to wait for the exterminator. As soon as the bug man left we swapped head in his moms office. In total we did various things about 3 different times. Stock room, breeding table, office. All after hrs

  5. Jason

    I am an employee at a very reputable hotel in DC. I take advantage of my opportunity to hook up whenever I can while I am working. Its mostly oral but I LOVE walking into a guest room and being made to drop toy knees to provide “world class service.” I see it as doing my part to improve customer satisfaction. I even keep a spreadsheet of all the rooms I’ve hooked up in. It’s a nice sized hotel so plenty more opportunities to take advantage of.

  6. Antonio

    It’s not a fantasy for me, it’s a true reality. When I worked for Hilton, I used to suck guys off in their rooms or the public restrooms all the time. The hotel I worked for didn’t have security so you stay in the restroom for hours and i would tell guys to request something from housekeeping or the front desk so I could have a legit reason to come up to their rooms. I remember one time, I was able to get 3 guests into a room. Sucks I was fired for being late lol

    • anonimatovato

      I totally agree! MenatWork or MenatPlay? The risk factors are very high, the chance of being caught (especially if you’re closeted) and forever be known as the guy that ‘slept with the boss’…. Not good on my eye. Very sketchy, especially for those that claim the ladder the right way without sleeping with your boss. Really not fair for those seeking a promotion and the other hoe (sorry for my language but it is what it is) got it by sleeping with boss. Of course these scenarios are with 2 consenting adults, but we all know there are cases where the boss sexually harass his worker and requested him to do favors to keep the job or get promoted. Not right at all. I see so many work violations here to be honest.

  7. Jim

    I have had a buddy for 11 plus years, where we meet at my work or his work, among other places. At my work it’s been mostly my office, with a locked door, but it’s also been empty offices, a bathroom stall with walls and door to the floor, or the company gym. It has been difficult to keep quiet, but we’ve learned. His favorite thing is to have sex while I’m on a conference call, even leading the call. I’ve had to bite my arm while cumming, but doing it during a call makes it incredibly hot and intense.

  8. DC 'Mo

    Yep, had sex at work with someone who reported me. We fucked up against the filing cabinets. I thought the guy in the office next to me was already gone for the day; turns out he came back and listened to us the whole time. The next day we moved it into the stairwell. Wouldn’t you know it, some exercise freak decide to “get her steps in” that day by walking down from the 15th floor past us on 9.

  9. John

    I work the night audit at a hotel, and yes, I have hooked up here before, though most times it’s just oral. I used to get fucked by a coworker (he was my fuck buddy before he got hired–that was a nice surprise BTW.) Plan on being here a couple of more years so I’m sure I’m gonna continue to have more fun.

  10. Blondcub4brown

    I work for a police department… I’m not a cop just a civilian employee…. so one day I was at my local porn video store in the booth area sucking dick thru a glory hole…. after a while the guy I was sucking asked if he could come into my booth with me… I said yes and unlocked the door and was on my knees when he walked in…. it was a Sargent from work…. I knew him to be married with a few kids…. he recognized me and said damn scott u suck good… pulled his dick out and we finished up…. after that I sucked him all the time… a few times in his patrol car but mostly he’d stop in at my house…. that went on for several years …. another time … I was at a porno theatre … I was sucking dick and didn’t care who watched… that was part of the fun for me…. one day I look up and a few guys are watching me suck a big blk dick…. one I recognized as an officer from work …. again straight married guy… very attractive…. he was standing up against the wall jacking his dick while watching me…. after I swallowed the blk guys load I got up and walked to him and when down to my knees ,,, he wouldn’t let me suck his dick though… only his balls,,, he show hit load all over my face and left…. we never talked about it …but I’m sure he recognized me too…. it wasn’t that dark in the theatre…..

  11. Hunter0500

    Sex at work is fine as long as you are the business owner. Beyond that, it’s all well and good until you’re caught by someone who’s not impressed, you’re fired, and then can happily go about whinning about how unfair that was and how you’re a victim.

  12. Lavaè

    Well it’s one of my fantasies to try it at work, so many times I was tempted to tell a patron to go hide in my office to slurp me up but it’s to risky and cant afford to be fired lol maybe I can duck one of the security guards there I’m sure they wont find out

  13. Tarzan

    My first time getting a blow job from a guy was at work. I posted on Craigslist looking for a nsa fwb female for adult fun. Had several guys reply if i dont find a girl, they would gladly suck my dick. Eventually i let a guy blow me at work, that led me to start sucking dick and to be a bottom. Have had sex at work about 6 times now.

  14. Charles

    Sex at work? Once. But not with a co-worker. Zev and I had been dating a few weeks – taking a hike in the woods, having lunch weekly, an occasional dinner together – the usual. He was fun, and I was having a great time of it all. So one day he showed up where I work (our lunches to this point had always been at HIS workplace), and when we realized we were quite alone, we decided (against my better judgment) to suck each other off in my office. It’s not the first time we had oral, but that was definitely the riskiest setting for it. No, we weren’t caught. But no, we never did it again at my place of work. Then I went overseas on a protracted trip; by the time I came back, he had found someone else to trade blowjobs with. And here I had thought he was The One. Silly me!

  15. Jake

    I met up with this married man through craigslist. He was white, married, hung 9 inches, and sexy as hell. As is commone his wife didn’t enjoy preforming oral on him so he oten had guys suck him. Told me to come to his office around lunch time because his secretary and coworkers would be gone. I admit I was nervous about it thinking anyone of them could come back early and catch us but the excitement outweighed the risk so I agreed.
    I walked in and he had a cushion from a chair to kneel on in front of his office chair next to his desk. He removed his dress clothes and got comfortable in the chair. I got down on my knees and worshipped his cock for the next half hour to fourty-five minutes. Said he hadn’t had anyone suck him let alone deepthroat him to his balls in a very long time. Did meet up with him again but not at his place of work. He liked to talk dirty to me which was a huge turn on.

  16. Tee

    I was seduced when I was 16yo by a co-worker in his late 20s to early 30s, who took advantage of my naivety. We worked as telemarketers, and i hated that job, lasted a week. But, on my 4th day during our 15 min break in the parking lot, he showed me his dick, and forced me to suck it (my first time). I never will forget that smell of his crotch, it turned me on immensely. But, after he came in my mouth, zipped up, and then walked away, I was really confused and felt used. I remember him being a tall lanky white guy that smelled of heavy cig smoke with a large very fat veiny uncut dick. Since then, I’ve had sex in the workplace a handful of times. No complaints here, I had a good time, but it’s been several years. I miss those days.

  17. Ron

    This was years ago. My mate and I had been together about 10 years. He worked 3rd shift for General Motors. He worked maintenance there. He had a very easy job, clean a few specific areas which would take about 2 hours, then and his co-workers would BS for the other 6 hours of their shift or he’d come home and sleep for a few hours then go back to punch out. One night he asked me to come into work with him. We both walked through the turnstile as if we both worked there. He said hello and I just waved to all the other employees. He then took me up to one of the offices and I waited there for about 30 minutes until he returned. When he got back, we both got butt naked and he fucked me down on top of one of the desks. I was sooooo nervous but I got over that very quickly once he pushed that big fat dick up in me.

    That man wore my asshole out, but in a good way lol. After he bust that nut, I curled up on the desk and went to sleep and he put his overalls back on and went back to work. A few hours later he came back to the office to wake me up. I got dressed and we left the building and we went back to our place. We jumped in the shower and proceeded to fuck again. I also had the opportunity to either blow or get fucked by a few of his co-workers, but that was at my place, not at General Motors.

    Before that, I ran a shoe store and had the hots for one of my employees. I had heard that he was a “cockhound” and would fuck anything that moved. One night he and I was working after hours so I threw very subtle hints that I sucked dick and that I heard he had some good dick. He said he had never had it sucked by a guy but since I was his boss, I could order him to let me do it, so I did. When I was sucking his dick he stopped me when he was about to cum. He said he knew I didn’t want him to shoot that stuff in my mouth. I laughed and started sucking it til he came and I swallowed that shit. I then asked him “what were you saying”? He just said damn man. After that he’d come by my house and get it sucked. That went of a couple of months until it was time for me to get rid of part of my staff. Of course when it was time to get rid of him, I got the threat of him going to the district manager to tell of me sucking dick of employees at work. I told him to go ahead and tell, and we’d see if he’s people knew that he let guys suck his dick. He then left quietly lol.

    Last episode for me, again at the shoe store. I had a customer that lived in the area. He’s stop by once a week to see what new shoes came in. One evening I got a call by someone saying they wanted to suck my dick. I said to come on to the store. It turns out it was the customer and a friend of his. We sucked each others dick and they both just laid their big fat dicks between my ass cheeks and grind into it until they busted a nut between my cheeks……………………these days we refer to it as “slick legging” or frottage. I’d love to run across those two big dicks today to show them that you’re supposed to bust that nut in the ass, not on it lol

  18. Rob

    In my mid 20’s I had the key to the “shop” and me and my date stopped by and had sex there after hours one pride weekend, but I’ve never had sex at work with a co-worker. I’ve dated a co-worker and learned that’s not for me either.

  19. Displaced San Franciscan

    LOL. And this is a ‘fantasy’? Guess a lot of Gay Men (???) have never heard of the ‘Boom Boom Room’ or that ‘special stairwell’ or ‘restroom’ in their office building. In large city’s FWAW (Fucking While At Work) is commonplace. My personal favourite is behind the dumpsters or the parking garage, sleazy and an air of being forbidden…

  20. Allen

    I haven’t had sex at work but I ended up having sex with an old coworker. At the time neither one of us knew the other were into guys. We ended up meeting up at a gay get together. He came up to me and we talked about what we were up to and then afterwards we went upstairs and had some fun.

  21. John Martin

    I don’t see any stories from truck drivers. I used to visit the adult book stores where they had truck parking and they were always pretty good for a hook up. Used to use the CB radio to see if there was anyone looking for a “good Buddy” to hook up with. That was always a little risky though. If you are parked at a book store then most everyone knows what you are there for.
    The sleepers can be pretty good as long as you are not expecting to wrestle around a whole lot. I have had times where it would start in the book store and then we would go out to the truck and take time to enjoy yourselves.

  22. Shane Bailey

    I met my first BF at work. He was my boss; at least 6’3″, hairy and SUPER hot; he was everything I realized I was looking for in a man (of course, I didn’t realize that until AFTER I came out). One night, as I didn’t have a car at that time and had to walk everywhere (it was two miles to my job, back and forth, and I walked it almost every day), he asked me if I wanted a ride back to my place. I said “Sure!”. After we closed for the night, I got in the car, and that’s when it happened. He his arm around me, and we drove…somewhere. It certainly WAS NOT my apartment. To my surprise, I found myself getting royally turned on (bear in mind that I had not come out yet; I had no idea what was going on, but I knew I liked it). We drove to a gas station, got drinks and then drove out to an abandoned…somewhere. And that’s when the fun started. He drove me crazy over and over again; every kiss, every touch, every time he rubbed his body against mine set fire to my skin. Finally, he pushed me over the brink, and I saw stars at the onset of my first climax. We were together for over two years, and each time was as good if not better than the last. And a good portion of the sex took place in public areas.

  23. David

    Dreamed about fucking all night, so on my list of things to do today I wrote the name of a store and “fuck L—” after it. Went to the store where my friend is the manager, told him what I wanted to do, we went into the back room (no pun intended) where I fucked him, then he fucked me with his big cock. We walked out after, and I walked up the sidewalk with my ass humming! No one in the store was any the wiser. It was hot! Next time would love to strip naked and go at it.

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