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Fantasy: How Do You Engage In Piss Play?

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When it comes to the watersports one practices in bed, it’s no surprise that golden showers are the first thing that pops into people’s heads.

After all, having someone pee on you is popular enough that it’s got its own nickname: the aforementioned golden shower. A visit to popular porn sites also shows that there’s no shortage of videos of that particular sexual activity. There’s also the fact that Donald Trump has become inextricably linked with it, although you probably won’t find a lot of people who wold think of Donald Trump when they’re having sex.

But golden showers aren’t the be-all and end-all of watersports. A recent article in Metro certainly disabuses readers of this notion. In the article, writer and dominatrix Miranda Kane talked to a number of people who shared the many ways they take part in watersports.

For instance, one of the respondents shared that they would love to have a man urinate in them while having sex, as they fantasize about feeling full as well as the wetness as they continue to screw.

Another one says they’ve started experimenting with freezing pee and turning it into icicles they can lick whenever they want.

Yet another one had a fantasy involving the football team. According to the person, he was completely in the closet at school and once had an anxiety-ridden daydream about what would happen if the football team found out about him. That daydream quickly found itself becoming sexual.

“Then, in the dream, they all got their dicks out and started urinating on me in the showers and it really turned me on – that feeling of being humiliated, and drenched in something so hot from these gorgeous jocks,” he shares.

It’s no secret that a number of you Adam4Adam blog readers are into watersports — a lot of you said so in our post titled “Hot or Not: Watersports/Piss”. But what we want to know now is how you guys engage in it. Have you also started freezing piss? Had the same piss fantasy involving a group of gorgeous jocks? Or are you fine with the reliable golden shower? Share what you guys do in the comments section below.

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  1. Jim Takemoment

    I take a cock in my mouth and wait for him to piss, drinking some of it and then letting him piss all over me.

    • Sub

      Love drinking piss. Have always wanted to feel it all over me, as well as in my ass. But the ultimate fantasy is to have a guy cathater himself and me. He would keep his cath clamped close while drinking some beers, and mine open draining my bladder. Then he would connect our caths, unclamp his cath and unload his now full bladder into my bladder. When he finishes, he then would clamp my cath so to force me to hold his warm piss inside my bladder. That would provide a unique mix of dominance, humiliation and intimacy.

  2. Hunter4B

    “Watersports” was a surprising concept to me when I first heard about it! Once while taking a shower with a partner, I was going to get out to use the toilet, and she said:
    “Why? You can just go right here…”
    So, I did, and it led to some silliness, which was all fine because we were ALREADY in the shower, and already FEELS a clean space to ‘get busy’ in. Any how, THAT was enough of a foray into Golden Showers for me, and I have no serious or deep seeded needs to do more. I did find it interesting that the article says there is no shortage of videos in that genre, however, I must say that I stumbled across a video in which a guy was pissing in strangers mouths before some outdoor activity, and while I get that it is stimulating for some, it really got my mysophobia (aka germophobia) out in full force

  3. Mantrick

    I had a trainer from the gym introduce me to piss play. We would work out, come back to my place, and he would hose me down. Eventually he got me to drink it straight from the tap. I wouldn’t waste a drop.
    My point is it all depends on the guy.

  4. dls245

    I enjoy playing with another guy of my liking to take his piss from the neck down. Usually do it in the shower and easy clean up too! The lighter the color of piss the better for me. If I have to piss while I am in the shower, I let it all go. Feels awesome!

  5. Chip

    I am intrigued by it. Have only pissed on myself in the shower. Have held a black man penis while he pissed after we had sex but haven’t had another person per on me.

  6. JBL

    For starters its fun to pee on each others cocks in the shower. Maybe asses. I like to give. I have a large pee hole and I spray quite a wide stream. If the other guy wants it Ill give where ever he wants.

  7. DM

    I’ve pissed on guys and don’t mind being pissed on but don’t want to drink it. I’ve had a fantasy about pissing in a guy’s ass while screwing him or having my ass filled with piss. Love watching guys piss at urinals, in the woods, etc. Hearing and watching a guy piss in a toilet is a big turn on, especially if they have a big piss slit and really gush.

  8. Kirt28202

    ♪PEE on me, when you’re not strong
    And I’ll be your friend
    I’ll help you carry on
    For it won’t be long
    ‘Til I’m gonna need
    Somebody to PEE on
    Please SWALLOW your pride
    If I have things you need to borrow
    For no one can fill those of your needs
    That you won’t let show
    You just call on me brother, when you need a hand
    We all need somebody to PEE on
    I just might have a problem that you’ll understand
    We all need somebody to PEE on♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪……..”THAT WAS EASY”.

  9. Luc

    A few interesting things about piss:

    1. Unless your piss partner has a UTI or STD, their pee is sterile. So sterile, in fact, that it was used to wash battlefield wounds up until the advent of sulfa drugs.

    2. Urine is almost all water, as you would imagine. It also contains trace amounts of overly abundant substances from your body such as vitamins. It does contain small amounts of “waste” but not the icky smelly kind you think of in regards to poo.

    3. About a quarter of the world’s population catches some of their own in a cup every morning and drinks it to recover lost nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

    4. The smell you associate with STALE urine is due to nitrogen compounds. If it doesn’t come into contact with the air, e.g., if you swallow it or it goes up your b-hole, there’s little to no smell.

    5. You were taught that it’s dirty and that’s why you think it is. You were also taught that there’s a magical man who lives in the clouds who’s coming back to save you.

    That shit ain’t right either. So much for what our parents taught us.

    Piss play is HOT!

  10. farmdude

    It started in the shower with my partner, and soon it became more enjoyable to the point while I was having sex I would piss in him, we take a break as he flushed out the piss, and then we would finish up having sex, so he was then full of cum. Also some morning when I wake up with a boner, it was easy to spoon him and drain myself in him, since he to had to piss, so he would piss for me, why get up. Right

    • David Ludlow

      Hey I like that concept I love to get pissed in I don’t have a partner want one though would love to get peed in if I can’t get cum in me pee works to

  11. Father Hennepin

    Yuck! It is not safe. You can certainly ruin a mattress that way. And even the bathtub needs bleaching afterward. It’s certainly not playful to drink piss. This really crosses a major line and I’m surprised you would venture there, let alone seem supportive. What’s next, shit play?

    • NewsyGuy

      Forgive them Father, for they KNOW exactly what they’re doing! Condemn not that thou be condemned. To each his own: The “Golden (showers?) Rule”? Do Unto Others A You Would Like To Do On or In You! Or, ..NOT, in your case!

  12. Xnetminder

    For me, to engage in piss play, the piss has to so watered down that it’s basically warm water cause i like to have a hot guy piss into my open mouth. I like to move in closer until his cock head is in my mouth as he continues to piss. I had taken my own piss while in the shower and it was fun. But, I was freaking blown away when I was giving a fuck buddy a BJ, he said he had to piss; you want to take it?? I couldn’t say YES fast enough and suddenly his hot piss was in my mouth…tasteless and making me want more!! It was the first time I had taken another guys piss and was hooked. Unfortunately, I’ve only had a couple more chances like this.

  13. De Bernard

    I love the golden shower bukkaka fantasy. It’s hard finding a group to engage for rush the was a site to get it started.

  14. justdirty

    Piss play can be fun, however I really have to be in the mood and prefer both of us are able to piss. Usually I do it in the tub or shower. I have swallowed piss, and love pissing for others as well. It’s a real turn on when I feel that nice warm flow going all over my body. Also maybe some of you guys into piss play might also be into the type of play with the stuff that comes out the back side. Not many are, but a few guys get off with both. Would be another interesting subject.

  15. Nheat4blkmeat

    I service a “straight” married Arab guy pretty regularly… he loves for me to drink his piss… I actually like the taste of his,,, I’ve tried a couple other guys but didn’t like the taste of theirs,,, I have a regular hookup when I travel to Palm Springs who likes to fuck me, then piss inside me…. that’s pretty hot too…

  16. Nastydogboy

    I enjoy piss play from the tap to being piss on (giving and receiving). I also enjoy freezing my piss to lick it like a lollipop or insert it up my ass. There nothing like a cup of piss, washing everything down.

  17. Edward Hinkle

    I’ve enjoyed having a guy stay inside me after cumming and then as he needs to he starts to peeing filling my ass with nice warm piss flooding my insides and only do it outside so it’s hotter and absolutely love it and love playing outside too

    • NewsyGuy

      Yes! Outdoors, completely naked, piss (or Cum) play is VERY HOT! I love that way more than any other! Call me ‘outdoorsy’…but, call me often!

  18. Jbobblj

    I love piss play. I have him piss in my mouth me swallowing some and then he pisses all over me. Then i do the same to him. I want to try someone pissing in my ass

  19. Jim

    For those of you of the “yuck” factors, you’d better get informed and put on your big boy pants. As “Luc” correctly pointed out, urine directly out of a clean tap is sterile and safe to drink (absent some sort of disease). It is important to know this, against the unfortunate day when you might be under any exigent circumstances of a disaster or emergency. For example, the men on the shipwreck which inspired Herman Melville’s great novel “Moby Dick” existed in the Pacific Ocean for months before they ultimately reach South America. Sea water is deadly to drink in quantity, so they had to survive on piss and collected rain water. And drinking piss is a lot less stressing than eating one’s fellow passengers, as did the rugby union team in the famous airplane crash in the Andes, where they weren’t found for 3 months. One of the Indian PMs also drank a glass of his own urine every morning, so reported in a major American news magazine in an interview with him, and lived to a ripe old age.

  20. youngsub

    yes, my dom likes to piss on me to mark his territory, he is the Alpha Dog,
    He can piss with a hard on, while fucking he will pull out and piss on my hole and shove back in and fill me up, HOT. HOT, HOT

  21. NewsyGuy

    Started for me as a kid, literally, older ten cousin and baseball team friends; at first masturbating on me. I STILL LOVE that. Then, eventually it was 6, or often eight guys first to shoot cum on me naked, then hose me down. Had guys take my piss, from the tap and in drinks, but, I have only tasted, drank my own. Outdoors cum/piss play is extremely HOT for me b/c I insist on everyone being completely naked!

  22. Steve

    I 1st got turned on when I had a beard. I was in the shower by myself when I let my piss run all over & through my beard. It felt so Hot then I jacked off.
    I was in a bathhouse shower, I had to piss I was by myself & did a repete of previous beard fun. I suddenly realized 3 guys w/ watching me. I motioned for them to join me. 2 wanted piss up their Ass & the other one wanted it from the tap.

  23. Mascbtmboi35

    Although masc in appearance I am a well built naturally submissive guy. It’s apparently obvious to alpha tops. Anyway, I met a guy at a bar who picked up on that and we went back to his place. He had me naked and on my knees and pissed all over me (no drinking it). I was drenched in his piss. He proceeded to fuck the hell out of me while dripping in his piss. It was my first time not my last. I loved it. For me I like dominant men so this is a great way to to experience his dominance to my submissiveness.

  24. Garry Tuttle

    I find it a huge turn on for me, few years back I was sucking cocks at the local bath house. One of the dudes watching pissed all over me as I was sucking dick. So fucking Hot have liked it every cense

  25. Bob

    if he’s young and cute he can piss in my mouth as i suck him. i have to swallow every drop because i really hate getting any on me or making a mess.

  26. scottsdalebear

    I too think piss play is fun and love it! Drinking it right from the tap is the best. But however the guy wants to give it to me is fine with me. Taking it up the ass, or being soaked, or drinking right from the tap, it is all good!

  27. Rob

    I love piss play. I have several guys that drink mine right from the tap, and they swallow it all. I love using a guy’s mouth as a urinal. I love it when I find a guy in a bar bathroom that is looking to swallow, it’s a great quick anon scene. Nothing hotter than seeing a guy on his knees drinking piss.

  28. Prluvs2suck4u

    How do I engage in “piss play?” Does peeing in the toilet or urinal like you’re supposed to count as “piss play?” Some people like the weirdest, most disgusting things and get mad when I reject them because of it. I guess you’re supposed to accept their disgusting fetishes and respect it but they’re allowed to not accept or respect the fact that you don’t like that.

    • Ben

      Not being interested and being a whiny judgemental you-know-what about it are not the same thing. Maybe a “No, sorry, I’m not into that” would do? If they get testy or demanding, repeat it. Just because you get invited to a party doesn’t mean you have to go.

  29. George

    I love ws! That’s why I’m h2oboiMA! I love drinking from the tap & getting my hole pissed in. The best for me is getting in both ends at the same time

  30. Ben

    I have two regulars who love me to treat them like a urinal. They both always thank me and reward me for using them with a blow job. One likes it all over him and the other wraps his mouth around my cock and swallows it all. The funny thing is I would much rather receive than give but figure it’s good karma to make them so happy and hope the same will flow my way. BTW for those of you in or near Chicago or NY there are great once a month piss parties in both cities. Check out chicagowaterbuddies. Nice guys, hot, wet time.

  31. topper

    I think about Donald Trump all the time when having sex. It’s better than baseball in making me last longer. But not too much or I go limp.

  32. Island Guy

    I’m an older bottom who decided a while ago to try new things. Piss play was one of them. I enjoy being pissed on. There is nothing like a stream of hot piss hitting your body. While some of it is invariably going to end up in my mouth, I can’t honestly say that I enjoy it…….yet. I think that comes from an experience where an older guy pissed in my mouth while i was sucking his cock. I will never forget the surprise and the taste. Occasionally, I will taste some of my own piss in the shower…..I’m working on it!

  33. OralKumSlut

    As a total submissive I absolute love ws. There are 2 scenes I’ve been through that make me instantly hard…. I use to serve two dom top guys on a regular basis. And their big rule was in order for me to serve them I had to take their piss immediately, before we played. Once they arrived, I was to be waiting in the tub, on my knees with a full hood on, that only had an opening for the mouth. They would then tape a funnel into my mouth and empty their bladders. If any spilled out, let’s just say, my ads would be beat red for days lol….. another scenario that happened years ago was a dom guy I served had a basement dungeon. He would strip me down, collar me and chain me to an eye hook on the floor, so I was forced to stay on all 4’s. I never understood how, but he would piss gallons, at any given time, on que. I would be chained for hours, as he would cover me in miss, occasionally making me drink it.

  34. Michael

    I discovered the joys of watersports when I was 12, that’s right 12. I was playing with a friend when his parents were away and I pissed all over him over the basement floor drain. That started it for me, but it wasn’t until I was 40 that I got to do it again. This time, a guy begged me to let him swallow my piss. Fuck, it was hot.

    After that, I continually looked for ws guys and loved to see them drink and swallow every drop. I always drink tons of water beforehand and piss and drink several times to ensure that the piss is crystal clear, never bitter, never salty, and never yellow. You could say it’s good to the last drop.

    Then one day, I was pissing down a guys throat and I asked that he do the same to me. Since then, if the guy is hot and well hydrated, I love to have piss in my mouth and tummy. To me, gay sex should be anything but vanilla and piss is the naughtiest thing a person can do. I’ve even made guys root beer floats with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry on the top and put in two straws. Nothing is more satisfying than to see someone gulp my piss.

    Popper me up and add some 420 and the sex is incredible and kinky!

  35. Noel

    Hell one time I had a guy piss in me when he had morning wood. He got so turned on he shot while his was pissing…never knew that could happen!

  36. jodibi

    i just love piss….have been pissing on myself for years and have been pissed on while fucking,,,,really like my early yellow stinky morning piss the most…..please piss on me….

  37. Immanuel

    Its simple enjoy it . enjoy it cause we all know you crave so why hide it. That one of the comman stress factors today is being someone ur not. Expamle how many are steel in the closet . aww someone you almost rasie ur hand. . see thatbthe the human mind is wants it cravs knowledge . it but to u to to feed it five etc . tgat why im giving you a golern opportunitéy to live your dr


  38. Immanuel

    Its simple enjoy it . enjoy it cause we all know you crave so why hide it. That one of the comman stress factors today is being someone ur not. Expamle how many are steel in the closet . aww someone you almost rasie ur hand. . see thatbthe the human mind is wants it cravs knowledge . it but to u to to feed it give iat why im giving you a golern opportunitéy to live your dr


  39. Bexley

    I discovered it while in the shower once, peeing down my leg. It was oddly comforting. I then tried laying down in the shower and peeing over myself. My head and face would get wet as well. When I was finished I’d rub myself down from head to foot coating myself with my own fluid. And oddly again, it felt energizing. It’s hard to find someone to do this with, and all too often when the moment comes to pee on each other, sometimes pee-shyness kicks in, or what you think would be a goodly amount doesn’t add up to much at all. So I started collecting my own from the time I’d get up in the morning, drinking lots of water to insure I’d have lots of pee to add. I saved a 1.75 liter plastic honey bottle and use that. The opening in the cap makes it feel like you’re being peed on strongly. Other quart or larger bottles work well too. Within a few short hours I can usually fill the bottle up with 4 or 5 times peeing into it. Once filled, I sit it in a bucket of hot water for about 30 minutes and then shower myself with it from head to toe, then rubbing myself all over feeling the slight slipperiness of the urine over my skin and hair. It’s very euphoric for some reason. Sometimes rather than a soap and shower to clean off, I’ll towel dry myself off and enjoy the feel of it on my skin for the day, while other times I shower it off completely, depending on if I’m staying home or going out. And sometimes it’s fun to go out with it dried on your body too tho. I’m told by a close friend that when I towel dry my hair that’s been saturated with urine, there’s no smell at all. It’s best to use it within a few hours of beginning to collect it. Sitting the part full bottle in a bucket of cold water helps keep it fresher, or if it’s cool weather I’ll put it out the back door in the cold until I’ve filled the bottle and then warm it up before using it. While being pissed on with and by a friend straight from the tap is fun, it’s also quite fun to collect it this way with a friend and enjoy showering each other with a whole bottle or two.

  40. Univegas

    I would love to find a man that gets off on being served. I’m a masculine guy and wouldn’t call myself sub but what I do love is taking care of man in ways he enjoys. I love rimming him, sucking him, massaging, smelling him, licking and massaging his feet and also with the right man who was into it would be into getting pissed on and maybe drinking from the tap. If you are into any part of this, and in Los Angeles let me know.

  41. Staykinkysd

    Love piss play! My favorite is to have my Dom piss in my ass while he is fucking me…it makes for great lube and the feeling of being filled with it and it dripping down your body while being fucked is so hot!

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