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Are you an Adam4Adam member currently in New York? Looking for a reason to party in Central Park? Perhaps you’re looking to meet RuPaul’s Drag Race royalty? Or are you searching for a fun activity you can take your kids to?

You can do all that and more this June 1 at ROAR 2018! Held annually at the Central Park Zoo, ROAR draws nearly 1000 supporters who take part and enjoy a night filled with activities perfect for young and old alike. This year, Adam4Adam is one of ROAR’s many sponsors and we’re happy to share the list of fun activities planned for those attending. Check it out and see if there’s anything up your alley!

This year, guests will be treated to live entertainment and music by NYC DJ Collaborative Occupy the Disco; an open bar and special adults-only martini bar; a delicious picnic buffet; and private access to animal exhibits. There will also be a children’s area with face painting and other activities, as well as drag queen story time with Merrie Cherry. RuPaul’s Drag Race fans are also in for a treat as Season 10 contestant Yuhua Hamasaki will have a special performance! Best of all, children under the age of 18 get in for free!

Tickets for admission are priced at $95, but Adam4Adam blog readers are in luck as we will be giving away six (6) pairs of tickets. That’s 12 tickets in total! All you need to do is go to the comments section, tell us why you would like to attend the event, and make sure that you’re in New York City on the day of the event! Make sure when you leave your comment that your email is written without typos and tell us your username as well so that we can get in touch with you easily. We will pick the winners Monday, May 28th, so you have 3 days to enter the contest! Share your answers with us in the comments section below and get ready to ROAR and support a great cause!

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  1. Irvin berth

    I would love to attend I’m a Rupaul Drag race since the beginning and it would just be awesome to go and have a good time

  2. Chelsea21St

    I would love to attend this event. The idea of a Gay Pride party in such a different setting as Central Park sounds really fun! And the entertainment line-up looks great. Please accept my entry to this contest. Happy Pride! -Chelsea21St

  3. James Edward Anderson

    Omg I’m off June 1at for the first time in 3 weeks and partying in Central Park would be the best way to welcome summer!

  4. born2love116

    Hello I would be honored to attend the Roar event. I’m a big Rupal fan and also watch the drag race. I don’t party much and this would be a good opportunity for me to party in a atmosphere I enjoy.

  5. Sharabian Horton

    I would love to go as well , never been to anything like that and would be a perfect fit to come out of my shell. I love the show would just love to chat with them I person would be an amazing experience

  6. Bearywhite

    Pick me! Pick me! This sounds like a blast! I just moved back to the NYC area and have been looking for an excuse to go to Central Park Zoo. Animals, RPDR contestants, and lots of hotties? Yaaassssss…

  7. Albloveu2

    This is a great opportunity to network with the LGBTQ community. I would love this chance to attend this event. I look forward to seeing some old friends and meeting new ones! Perhaps finding a soulmate. : )Happy Pride NYC 2018!

  8. Samuel Trinidad

    My 49th birthday was this past May 3rd. I really didnt do much, but stayed home. The following day, some friends of mine(whom Im thankful for), took me out for food and drinks at a nice restaurant & at a seperate bar establishment. I had an amazing evening with my friends. But the loss of my 17year old dog, Foxxy whom I lost in 2014, has devastated my happiness when Im home, but it has subsided. Id love to win two of those tix. Id like to surprise one of my bestfriends who took part in taking me out for my birthday. Hes a big fan of RDR and an avid animal liver, as I am too. I need this kind of entertainment and enviornment . This event will definitely be a therapeutic evening thats much needed for me and my friend. Please concider me as oe of the winners for the 2 tix. As for now, all I can do is pray, once I submit this entry. Good night & good luck to those who filled it out too! ✌️

  9. Wuane Johnstone

    Nothing like this happens in the cultural Mecca called the Berkshires. My partner (29yrs my junior) and I will be attending Pride and marveling at the decades of differences each of us bring to our relationship with the backdrop of Celebration all around us. Attending this event would the icing on the cake for us

  10. CharlesGay

    I would love to attend this event. I believe I am happy to be alive, and finally able to enjoy life at the fullest. I am happy to love doing what I am doing. I love guys, being silly, and life.

  11. Brian Ahern-Wilson

    I would be proud to attend ROAR 2018. It would be an honor to be in among such great company during a celebration of PRIDE. I also love the Central Park Zoo. I can’t think of a better way to start a new month than to have the best of both. Thank you for this opportunity.

  12. Kenneth Ferrandino

    I live in the suburbs and don.t get into the city as much as I used to plus I’m working two jobs.

    I would love to have the opportunity to get away and attend your exciting event.

    it would mean alot to me


  13. James Bush

    I would like to attend this even because I’m an avid supporter of this blog, I love and know all the entertainers that are line up and I enjoy a drink or two (responsibly of course). I’m gay, I’m proud and I would love to be amongst my people in Central Park at ROAR.

  14. Rikki Wosnuk

    I’d love to attend, I haven’t been able to go to pride for the last few years due to financial reasons so this would be huge for me.

  15. ARimWithAView

    I’ve had a lot of fun in Central Park through the years (wink wink), but I’ve never partied at the Zoo. My friend and I will have a ROARing good time!

  16. Darius Boose

    I would like to attend because it would be culturally different for me. I don’t usually attend prides because they are the same thing every year. Please pick me!!! Noboday wants to be sitting in the house on pride!!! Thank You MRDICKDOWNTOWN1

  17. Rev Joseph Mancinone

    Has a gay minister I think this would be an incredible experience for me as well as for my son.
    I have always been open about being gay and it is been very helpful along the path of life and working with other people who also gay. My son and I have always had a wonderful relationship and he has come to understand many things about this lifestyle that I believe have helped him To become the open, loving, nonjudgemental young man that he is. I think attending this event together Will provide a whole new level to the love and understanding that we share as a gay father and a straight son.
    Thank you,
    Rev J Mancinone

  18. Angel Gomez

    I would love to attend this event so that I continue to remember that while my family condemn and shun me for something I cannot control, I AM NOT ALONE, WE ARE NOT ALONE. They hate me for a life I do not know how to live. Thank you for considering me.
    -Angel a.k.a puffycheeks86

  19. byron k flanders

    I’ve known RuPaul Charles since our days together attending Georgia State University in Atlanta. His original drag has come a long way, and his success is amazing! I would love the chance to talk to him again, as well as meet SOME of the Drag race contestants. And New York in June? Fabulous! Recently widowed after a 35 year relationship and marriage, this party sounds like it could be just what I need to re-socialize myself. Pick Me!

  20. Phi L. Truong

    Two years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and bi-polar disorder. For the first year I was in such a bad place that I barely even left my bed.. I hated my meds which made me feel even more hollow, like I wasn’t a person just a numb empty vessel. During this time to myself I often watched RuPaul’s Drag Race to help forget how miserable I felt. It became something I whole heartedly looked forward to because it help me forget my thoughts of suicide and what a dark place I was in. Because all these girls had serious issues and obsticles they had to overcome to get where they are. It made me want to fight just as hard for I want. So I’m on the road to recovery and I’m even able to hold down a job again. So hopefully I will be able to make it to DragCon some time in the near future to meet everyone who unknowing helped me through some dark times.

    Thank you for your time,

    Phi L. Truong

  21. Harold Tighe

    I’d like to attend because I’ve never attended a gay show or event in general much less in NYC. I think this could be a fun experience for my first.

  22. Udidme

    I love a good drag and unfortunately it’s been a while since I’ve had the privilege to attend a good show. I’ve recently moved to New York and don’t live far from Central Park, so I feel like this isn’t a coincidence that I’ve come on my a4a page I found this contest. It would be a pleasure and a great honor to me the queen of drag Miss RuPaul and other contestants that have been on the show. Thank you for considering me for my participation in this project.

  23. Marvin O Long

    I recently just created my a4a profile and imlooking at my message and this happens to be one left in my box. I also just moved to New York and don’t live from from Central Park. It’s would be an honor to partake in such a wonderful evening. Thanks for considering my profile

  24. Duane

    I live in California but my soul lives in New York City. It just so happens that I am supposed to be in the City on June 1st so it would be so cool to attend and go with my good friend who lives in Manhattan. Whether you choose me or not, I wish you terrific success with the ROAR event this year!!! Duane (and my Adam username is redy2takeit)

  25. Okzebra2

    We are a partnership of 22 years, have a son, come to Manhattan regularly for the Met, have been to NYC Pride once, and would like to experience Pride once at the zoo. I did not know who Ru Paul was until we went to Baltimore Pride once just to see him. We then watched the initial season on Logo until it became trendenz, the cable rate went up, Logo became vapid, and the shows or movies even more so. I’d like to return my partner the “gay culture” experience he gave me at this show in our favorite city besides London (well, mine for the museums being free). It would be grand to do so with ROAR knowing we will meet the Adam Family. I do post here in response to your articles. It would be nice to meet. Thanks.

  26. AC

    Pick me. I just recently became friends with someone who came out of the closet recently but he has a pretty biased point of view when it comes to drag queens. however every time we go out he seems to enjoy himself. So it’ll be great to win so I could take him to an event with drag queens of a high-caliber and at the same time help him become more comfortable being around drag queens and being himself.

  27. Stephen R Smith


    Thank you for this amazing opportunity – I would never be able to attend such event without winning..

    I was late coming out and man was it difficult! I have fallen in love with the art of drag and any opportunity to see performers such as these would be another opportunity to learn; while attending a party of a life time.

    Thank you for consideration AKA Summer

  28. Ruan Pugh

    Oh my gosh I would love to attend ROAR. I’m a huge fan of Yuhua Hamasaki and what a unique place to hold such an event other than Central Park. As a newly recovering addict from opiods, I would be able to educate people and give available resources to those that may want them.

  29. PrettyRicky2015

    Hey Guys,
    I would love to be picked to win these tickets because I always enter these contest and never win anything lol, but maybe my luck is going to change. I have been really depressed lately and can use some good news. I have been feeling down since being away from my boyfriend. We had to separate so that we wouldn’t very homeless. I would have lost my dog if I had stayed so I had to make a very tough decision to leave the city. I miss him so much and I would really like to attend this event with him so that we can share a happy memory during this sad and lonely time. He has been so sad this month because of mother’s day and his mom’s birthday. He’s a really tough guy, but I have seen him cry more times in the last month than the entire 14 years I’ve known him. And I just cry with him. It breaks my heart into a million pieces seeing him like that. I just want to give him something that will make him smile and be something he can look forward to. It will a be my father’s day gift to him. He deserves something fun after the difficult year he’s had. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story and for considering us. Much love. Take care now.

  30. Matt

    If you pick me I will engage in fun hookups with other consenting New Yorkers. Makeout, cuddle and enjoy the celebration. I already live in New York so I can absolutely use the ticket!

  31. Levon watson

    I would like to go to show support for all the lgbt stuff happening in the nyc area. And have fun at the same time.

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