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Hotties of the Day: Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy

Photo Credits: Screengrab from Gus Kenworthy Instagram

Hey, guys! Our hotties of the day are openly gay Olympians American figure skater Adam Rippon and American skier Gus Kenworthy. The duo has been spotted taking adorable selfies together during the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games in South Korea. The selfies were captioned: “We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it.”

They are not just two of the few out LGBTQ athletes in the 2018 Olympics, Adam is also said to be the “first openly gay man to compete at a Winter Game.” But the 28-year-old Olympian is not just talented, he is witty, too. Take a look at his response below when asked what it’s like for him to be a gay athlete in this day and age.

Gus on the other hand, went home from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia with a silver medal in Men’s freestyle skiing and a bundle of stray puppies in his arms.


Both men have been adamant in their refusal to go and visit the White House. For his part, Adam said, “I won’t go because I don’t think somebody like me would be welcome there. I know what it’s like to go into a room and feel like you’re not wanted there.”

Pence has since then tweeted Rippon saying:

That being said let us all send Adam and Gus our love and encouragement by commenting on the Instagram photo shown below. Let us show them both that the entire A4A community is behind them as they compete for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

We wish you both all the best of luck, Adam and Gus.

Can’t get enough of Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy? Check out their Instagram accounts here and here. Also, don’t forget to follow Adam4Adam’s official Instagram account.

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  1. Kirt28202

    Are they waving the rainbow flag too? Is this a Pride parade or the Olympics? Just focus on winning the gold medal and not what you play with in the bedroom. That was easy.

  2. Matt

    So they’re hot because they are openly gay? While not hideous looking, they are not off-the-charts sexy to me. The refusal to visit the White House is petty, petulant, and shameful. #DRAHMAH

    • Coolguy10013

      I agree they are not all that in looks. Just not my type, but on the other hand I think they are awesome for staying away from anything Trump.

    • Ama

      I mean, I wouldn’t go to the White House either.

      The whole place stinks of trash, why get involved with it? And I laugh at the guys mentioning “class” when the commander in Cheeto hasn’t had any since he ran for office. I guess he gets the pass though , huh ?

      Regardless, nah. These boys aren’t my type but good for them for having integrity.

  3. Randy

    Their refusal to go to the White House before they have even been invited shows a lack of class. Where are the hot gay guys with class, dignity and no chip on their shoulder?

      • Matt

        If SUPPOSEDLY the White House is against gay people then the first place to go to would be the White House. Their stance is shameful, but hey, once their 15 minutes of fame is over, no one will remember them. Being petty on this issue just makes people think that all gay people are petty drama freaks.

        Going to the White House would be the same mentality Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had when he sat down at a “for whites only” lunch counter. But then when someone lacks the courage of his supposed conviction it is easier to throw drama.

        • Hunter0500

          Well said, Matt. These two guys are in a rare position where they can perpetuate hate or chose to effect positive change on a global scale.

      • goldenloverinmym

        I agree with Dave and Adam n Gus. The only reason Pence did that is because they are Olympians. Would he accept gays in general. Hell no he won’t. We all know how the White House feels about ALL gays

  4. Mrvin

    A couple of young, white, privileged “good looking” athletes who…”know what it’s like to go into a room & feel like you’re not wanted there”…SERIOUSLY?! I doubt they have the slightest idea of what it’s like. Try walking in the shoes of a person who doesn’t look like you or have your skin pigment. Then you can speak about not feeling wanted!
    Please be quiet. Your privilege is showing!

  5. Marvin

    A couple of young, white, privileged “good looking” athletes who…”know what it’s like to go into a room & feel like you’re not wanted there”…SERIOUSLY?! I doubt they have the slightest idea of what it’s like. Try walking in the shoes of a person who doesn’t look like you or have your skin pigment. Then you can speak about not feeling wanted!
    Please be quiet. Your privilege is showing!

    • Boyd

      Some people hate gays as much as people of brown or black or even yellow skin. I’m 65 yrs old and have experienced it.
      Prejudice isn’t just about color. Many, many gay men and women have felt unomfortable at times walking into a room where we aren’t welcome.
      I support all our athletes- I hope you do, too.

  6. Scott

    (my previous post of this was not directed to you, Matt. Was to be a “new” comment)

    …. so, I guess reading all of the left-wing articles and NBC, CBS crap about Trump being anti-gay, you’re dumb enough to believe what OTHERS TELL YOU TO BELIEVE??

    Is being on the fairy bandwagon making you feel like you fit in, or belong? I’m gay, not much into caring about any lifestyle or politics I’m told to follow.

    Go… go to the White House. Check out Trump. FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF if he’s an assho/e or not. THINK for YOURSELF, son. Liberate more than your penis..

  7. James

    Mike Pence sought to deny gay rights in his home state. He now as Vice President is no friend to the gay community and neither is Trump. I applaud them to stay away. Our current Presidential administration is not open to gay or transgendered citizens.

  8. Terry

    I dont think either one is hot and especially not rippon, like my men more manly, and not all of us think the Olympics should be used as a platform to present our cause, but to each his own

  9. John

    They dont do anything for me, and way to much DRAMA, they are turning people off with their platform (gay and straight) doing more harm than good, all I heard Sat from people was this is why lgbt gets a bad name

  10. Hunter0500

    The Olympics is about unity. We set our differences aside. It’s no place for anyone to push their social or political agenda.

  11. discreetboricuaM

    Hotties? More like notties. They aren’t hot just because they’re openly gay and apparently flamboyant by their “we’re here, we’re queer, get over it” statement. If anything they seem like the uppity gays who have a chip on their shoulder who want to be recognized for being effeminately gay while at the same time chastise maaculine gay men because “they’re not being true to themselves.”

  12. Calvin

    Wow! Randy you couldn’t have said it better. If the gay community ever wants to be accepted as equals it will have to first think of itself as equal, then behave as an equal, and compete at the Olympics as an American, not a “gay American”. And leave your silly petty protest at home!

    • dave

      Why not being gay American? What’s wrong with that? After being repressed for years, it is normal that gay men are proud to be olympians and gay olympians that is. I think they are good example for young folks across the world (in the US as well), to show them that even LGBTQ people can be successful, the bests in the world. Do you know that LGBTQ community is still the community with the most suicide attempts? More than 4 times their straight counterparts. As a kid who grew up in the 80s, with a very religious family, with a baptist pastor dad, let me tell you that I would have LOVED to have such examples at the Olympics to show me that it’s ok to be gay.

  13. Huntin4B

    Gentlemen (take that term as you wish), I have read many articles in the general media regarding these two and others. The commentary is saddening to say the least. I come on here (once, maybe twice a week) and am even more disheartened to find that guys who should understand, however, are much more disrespectful of their brothers (and our community) in general.
    It took me FOREVER to get to where I am. When I was younger guys came at me for sex, now that I’m in my 40s it is difficult to find a guy who wants more than sex … so I hope you’ll all understand that when I read about gays being tortured in Ukraine, Political Issues, or even someone else expressing their rights as they wish (just like you get to wave a Flag or NOT wave it) then I am more cognizant of how BLESSED I truly am to be safe and free.
    I am happy for them, but also proud of their taking a stance so I may more fully accept a part of myself which was very difficult for ME to come to terms with – having been both molested and raised in a very religious family.
    I AM NOT as TALENTED or HOT [Hot defined by ESPN body-issue, where Kenworthy is adorable] as these gentlemen, but I stand with their refusal to support a POLITICIAN (and a POOR ONE with a record of homophobia at that!) when Pence truly only takes media stands! How awful to then come here and read the ‘sad queens’ who then DENIGRATE the achievements of ANY of our brothers! I am not speaking of “IF” they win, I am addressing their RIGHT as AMERICANS to tell the residents of the White House that an anti-gay stance is unacceptable. Kenworthy and Rippon EARNED their spots on the USA Team, they can & may express themselves as THEY deem fit! I’m sure it would be politically expediant to smile and shake Pence’s hand, to smooth over the ripples in Trumps rhetoric, but I seriously applaud their defiant stances, to me it says ‘your past record denies my current support’! Classless? Classless is speaking about how YOU would handle it if you were the one there. Read a book about how long it took to get to where WE are today. There are plenty of times when I am aware it is NOT safe to be out, and I am lucky in those situations to have a choice – how dare anyone of US judge others for their choice to be very OUT and PROUD! If I were blessed with their talent, I might not choose to be that out, but I certainly wouldn’t disrespect MY community by pretending to kiss Pence’s ring (and ask yourself why Pence is so homophobic: because honestly, I see some of that same self-loathing fear in both Pence & Trump & the sanctimoniously glib statements each makes). So THANK YOU Dave for the story and your comment on Randy’s post …
    I get that I may not like what every one says here, but you are my brothers, and I would defend to the death your right to believe or say it, even though I disagree

    • Dave

      Huntin4B, thanks for your very nice comment! You obviously have lots of maturity and compassion for the community. Like you say, we don’t need to agree with everyone, but still, we can support each other without calling each other names!
      Big hugs from cold Montreal

      • Hunter4B

        For certain Dave, nothing like self-loathing coming from within the ranks, guys stratifying the gay world (I’m better because: I’m not like, more than, or less than you”) I have very little experience in “the community” but I know how lucky I am that people sacrificed to garner my RIGHT to feel safe in expressing WHO I am. I’ve responded to hundreds of these blogs, and it always gets me the way we can overlook the suffering of others or sit behind ivory keyboards typing nastiness to those we SHOULD support. WHO we like is a private thought, WHAT we say say publicly should be spoken with forethought and decorum: have some RESPECT for one another!

  14. NoSirDontLikeIt

    Not hotties at all. They look as average as the next gay guys in line. Just because they’re tooting the rainbiw flag in everyone’s faces doesn’t make them icons or status symbols and, least of of all, “hot.” Their snarky remarks and attitudes remind me of the effeminate gays who want to be accepted by everyone for being gay while at the same time chastise naturally masculine men for not being gay in their flamboyant view of what gay people should look and act like.

    • Dave

      handsome for some, average for others… like everyone on this planet.
      And what’s wrong with effeminate guys? They’re less? Come on man! This kind of comment its not welcomed here.
      Next time, keep it for yourself.

      • NoSirDontLikeIt

        Hello Dave.

        If you weren’t busy being snarky and ignorant you’d see my comment didn’t say anything about feminine guys in a negative way. I said, clearly, that they are like the type of feminine gays who cry out that everyone needs to be accepted but then at the same time look down on masculine men as being closeted and not being true to themselves, whether that masculine person is out or not.

        Next time keep your own words in your own mouth instead of trying to push them into others’. That kind of thing shouldn’t be welcomed here.

        NOT Dave.

        • Dave

          Yes you did…
          By saying “feminine gays who cry out that everyone needs to be accepted” it is negative. Some gays are feminine and some are more masculine and you know what some are SUPER feminine and even dress like girls sometimes. Who cares? And if they want everyone to be accepted, then they are totally right! Everyone deserved to be treated with respect, mister. And no one here talked about closeted guys who need to be “true to themselves”. Did you hear Rippon or Kenworthy say anything about that, anywhere? Maybe you should watch them speak on TV or social media before making assumptions.

          • Rich

            No, he didnt. You’re once again shoving words in other peoples mouth as usual, Dave. Stop looking at only one part of a sentence instead of the whole thing. He clearly didn’t discriminate or act negative towards feminine men. You’re making stuff up. Again. You’re lumping all fem men doing that while ignoring the “reminds me of the effeminate gays” followed by “who”. This means there is a correlation between those who do and those who dont.

            English lesson: “I like men who have jobs.” This sentence doesn’t automatically mean ALL men have jobs.

            “Men who beat their spouse are assholes.” This doesn’t mean ALL men beat their spouse.

            “This reminds me of the feminine men who like to x, y, z.” This doesn’t mean ALL feminine men like x, y, z.

            Please stop making social injustices where there are none.

  15. Steve

    If they are competing in victim-hood and feeling sorry for themselves and pettiness, they are a shoo-in for the gold! And respect should extend beyond one’s own self.

  16. Dujon

    I just saw Adam skate. He had on a cute blouse!! Perpetuating the gay stereotype. …and going home to protest! How arrogant and classless.

  17. Hunter0500

    Adam Rippon gave a great interview after his skate Sunday. He discussed his over 20 year journey to get there. When the network commentator asked a question that included his coming out, his response was that he “was at the Olympics to compete and to support his team.” He did not discuss his sexuality. But there was no question he is gay; his demeanor made that clear. He played to the camera and fit the stereotype to a perfect Gold Medal 10.

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