Contest: Win a Luxury App-Controlled Butt Plug

Hey, guys! We have a little contest for you today. We’re giving away a Je Joue NUO Luxury App-Controlled Butt Plug (shown above), a value of $139, as features in ‘s scene.

How to enter the giveaway, you ask? Well, for the next 48 hours, simply leave a comment in the comments section below as to why we should give it to you. Tell us where you would use it and with who (or alone) and be creative! The lucky winner will be notified via email Friday night.

Discover a world of pleasure with NUO by Je Joue, a butt plug that can be controlled at a distance using a smart phone. It is also the world’s first dual-motor butt plug with remote control options that let your partner control the NUO as you lay (or stand) at their mercy. Some of the reviewers say the size of the head of NUO is rather large so we recommend that you use an ample amount of water-based lubricant and voila, it will be easy to use.

Best of luck to Adam4Adam members who would play along!

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  1. Rich

    An app controlled plug! How exciting, and the possibilities are humorous. I can totally see me using this at a dinner party where my mate won’t even know when I’m about to send sensations UP his spine. This could be great or even a bit evil (insert devilish laugh here).

  2. carl

    I have water lube and have been interested in this for a longtime but out of my price range—will be happy to receive it and let you know the results–both by myself and when my bud visits.

    • carl

      I have water lube and have been interested in this for a long time but out of my budget. Hope I’m the winner and will let you know the results. Will try it along and also with my bud when he visits—Thanks

  3. Simplesimp

    I’d wear it to work and give my friend control so when we aren’t around each other he can still know with the touch of a button he could bring me much pleasure

  4. David felix

    Hi there I met a guy on here we became FWB and we play every Friday evenings for the past 2years we get into kinky stuff blindfolded or he tells me how he wants me to be ready for him when he walks in jockstrap harness blindfolded on my knees what ever he wants me to be ready for and with this controlled butt plug he will have me on edge this will make are sex more exciting and intense

  5. Alberto E Escoffery

    I should be picked to win this simply because I really really want it ! I could just about use this 24/7/365 … In the shower, while driving, while at work, during a lunch break, on the way home, out with friends for dinner and drinks. Edging the whole day before FINALLY giving myself relief before bed. and then wake up and repeat the next day 😉 Would use the same approach on a buddy, but I would most likely increase the vibes 😉

  6. Robert Alburger

    would enjoy giving my mate control of my hole even when we are completely dressed.
    would also give me the ability to know when he is ready to play…also would make me even more submissive to his desires.

  7. Chris

    I need this plug because I’m secretly a hungry bottom, who would love to leave it in all day and get a heap thrill. I love that it is so large! It’ll prep me for hung guys. If you gift this to me I promise to share me sexploits on tumblr.

  8. Jason Reid

    I bought myself my first butt plug in years earlier this year. I am single and enjoy using it whenever the mood strikes me. I had great fun wearing it out and about downtown earlier this month, something I wouldn’t normally do. I could imagine wearing this to an opening at my favorite art museum while taking in the art and increasing my pleasure. Of course it would be fun also to get a fwb involved and let him control the sensation.

  9. Aaron Jenkins

    I’d use it on my boy when we’re not together making sure he wears it throughout the day and I can turn it on whenever I feel like it neither of us knowing where he will be when it happens >;)

  10. Frank

    All those remote control butt plug porns turn me on. The idea of someone having control of me, at any time, makes me insane. Love having my bubble butt controlled.

  11. Trevor

    As a college guy with an older boyfriend who works a lot, this would be amazing when we can’t see each other that often. He could turn it on when he’s feeling frisky (could make class more exciting!) to feel closer to me. And of course, it’s perfect for preparing me to take all of him during our nights together.

  12. Anon

    As a massage therapist, I’d have it inside me Incase I get a Hot client. I can work and get off at the same time. Keeping it a secret of course 😉

  13. W

    Let’s be real, my boyfriend travels a lot. And ther are times when it gets lonely lol. I would use this bad boy to keep me entertained during down time

  14. TitanFL

    I would be the perfect recipient of this device because I am a dominant bondage top and I will use it on my bottom boy to drive his tight pussy crazy only stopping once he begs me to take it out and breed him repeatedly until my essence oozes out of his well used pussy.

    I will use my cum to lube the plug back into his pussy so that I can drive him over the top till he cums without any manual manipulation.

  15. R

    You should give it to me, I’d use it while working. I work in retail and instead of being fucked unpleasently by customers, I can actually fuck myself and feel 1969977 times better 😉

  16. Jose

    Would be nice to have something like that, to play around with my bf during unannounced hours. Also, my bf could do the same thing with me… Imagine playing video games and your bf turns on the the device to cheat at winning. That’s one of the ways I would use the device.

  17. Rick W

    I’d love to have it and make sure a couple of my friends had the app on their phone. Then when they knew I was wearing the plug…at the bars…out eating…out shopping…they could cause all sorts of mischief for me, even if they weren’t around to watch the results.

  18. Jack Sommers

    I’m active duty military, stationed at The Pentagon. I’m known to talk too much when briefing senior officers. I’d wear this under my uniform and have my buddy “alert” me when I go too long!

  19. keith

    I have a young man who would like to do this with me as I stimulate him while im at work so hes ready to get plowed when i get off.

  20. Hunter0500

    It’s great to see so many guys fired up about something that for me is a “meh”. “Party on!”

    Genetics has me just not wired in the ass for such things. No regrets as I have way fun with other options genetics gave me and good men in my life who know where those are and how to make me howl.

    It’s all part of the diversity of gay men when it comes to what turns us on!

  21. Mike

    I have always had the fantasy to give access to multiple people for one of these. Maybe someone turns it on while I’m at work, and then another guy turns it on while I’m out for dinner with friends and family. All the while, my hole is getting worked and those around me have no clue. I mean, isn’t that the point?

  22. Tim Sherman

    I had a stroke back in January 2016 and don’t have full use of my right hand an app controlled one will make it much easier, I’d use it at home by myself

  23. Timarrie Baker

    Ok…on some real shit this fucker looks amazing, ok. Talk about prostate stimulation. That cuuurb! Fuuuck dude! Honestly the hottest place to use this would be at a video/book store, on your knees jerking off, while sucking a guys dick through the glory hole. I’d just control it myself.

    Better yet, when I get my kinky clients, I’ll have them slide it up my ass giving them total control of my hole making me cringe in total pleasure as the NUO by Je Joue, works my fucking prostate dude.

    Or…days when I wake up with hard fucking boner and am jerking off my morning wood…I could slide it in to help me get off…maybe give one of my fuck buddies access to it and get some phone play in.

    Do people still do phone sex?


  24. Kevin

    I’d immediately look for a way to hack the controls to link it to, say, a text message coming in, or a tweet, or an email alert, or even a button on my A4A profile that lets guys give me a jolt.

  25. David

    I think I should be selected because I dont use toys and think that this would be a great way to break me into using them. I am single a single vers guy and when I don’t have anyone to pleasure me I can use this toy to pleasure myself. I think I would be a perfect candidate to advertise your product as I’m not use to toys and if this is what I think it is it will make me want to buy more toys to play with. I hope I’m selected over these other guys, but if not thanks anyway for the opportunity.

    Thanks and hope I’m selected

  26. Jake

    I would use it with anyone wanting to fuck my ass using it, especially my best friend JR that lives 60 miles away. I hope he will be able to activate this butt plug and fuck me anytime. It would be interesting to be teaching my students and have it go off in front of them. Or perhaps on a weekend with friends around and have it go off when least expecting it

  27. Ian

    This would be an amazing toy for me to use at home with my boyfriend. We’ve been in a committed relationship for over three years now. Unfortunately because of medications he has to use his sex drive isn’t what it used to be. We’re happy together and he encourages me to hookup and fulfill my needs with other partners, which works great for us… But it would be fun to have a quality toy we can use together at home as well to enhance the time we still spend together.

  28. Bill

    I have a bud I met on adam that also loves to play with toys, I’m sure he and I would have a lot of fun playing together with this one! While one guy simply lays in bed relaxing with it on, the 2nd guy can use the app to make the 1st twist and turn with pleasure, while massaging his naked body. I get turned on just by thinking about it!! Maybe even make a little video with my bud and I playing with it would be nice, and post it online for the viewing pleasure of many horny men like me 🙂

  29. Mike

    I am an airline pilot and have been fucking a cute twink flight attendant. I would stick it in him and then rev it up while he is working his trolly. Watch him on the cabin camera and pick my spot to light up his ass. After a long flight I bet his ass be wet and ready for me to pick him ragged when we get to the hotel

  30. Jon

    The people at my work are uber uptight about everything, ESPECIALLY ANYTHING SEXUAL. I wanna wear it at work and let my partner control it. When it kicks on and that smile hits my face and they wonder why I’m smiling, I’ll just answer, Oh, just because”. And only I know the real reason!!!!!!

  31. Anthony P

    Damn, this would be perfect. I recently started a new job and there is somewhat of a connection between me and my CEO. We both know each other is gay but he has this thing about hooking up with employees. We are always sexting and the tension is CRAZY! This would allow the both of us to have some fun and feel “each other’s touch”. I can imagine him using it during our board meetings. Give me this chance to fee him and be at his whim. I will gladly share stories with you all.

  32. gene

    The NUO, just sounds like the perfect butt plug, it has been a little bit out of my price range, but that would be a good reason for y”all to give it to me. It would be so sexy to use it just about anywhere, but I would use it out in a public, so that everyone around could wonder why I have a big smile on my face. (at home by myself would be nice too).

  33. Seantwibk86

    You should give it to me because… I just recently started dating a Military man who likes to be in control. This way he can whenever he wants even when we are not physically close.

  34. Gary

    I would use the butt plug on my buddy. He is a corporate trainer. I would love to have him presenting to his class and I randomly hit the button to stimulate his prostrate. Then take him to the nearest bar and every time the bartender walks by, I hit him with a jolt.

  35. Mike

    No body needs this more than me. I live in Utah valley, in Utah. Land of the repressed Mormon. My m2m experience is very limited. I’d wear it to church. (I don’t go to church .) But I would enjoy it. I’d try to find a friend to share it with.

  36. Russell Akers

    Because I have never used a butt plug before and think it would be hot to have my partner blowing me as he’s using that on me

  37. Dj

    My straight friend would love to be able to use this on me. He would control it and when he and i are hanging out with his straight friends. He would be having so much fun, with it watching me trying to not make a sound, as i was getting more and more turned on and horny! Hanging out playing cards with his friends. He would use every setting it has to try and make me tap out.

  38. Joeschmo

    I think I’d be a good choice because I’ve never had a dildo before or any sort of toy and i would be super stoked to finally have something to spice up my masturbation sessions haha. I’d also consider finding a guy i like to take control of the app.

  39. Trey Arnault

    Most the time I’ve stuck to being a top so I haven’t needed toys like this. Lately though I’ve met this guy, sexy very well built personal trainer I like and would be willing to be a sub bttm for him =). Just the thought of him getting on top of me in bed and having what he wants with my ass really turns me on! I normally top though and don’t have much to help prepare for that. I’d use this to give him the control to use it on me for the day when and where he likes and get ready to take this big stud full on

  40. R-L-S

    Aaaaah, pick me, me, me! I’m a total Top and seriously thinking about experiencing being a bottom. I would definetly put it to use at home and also let a friend use it on me at his pleasure to open me up. Good ole phone sex is cumming back .. love it..

  41. Keyani Ibe

    I’ve always been pretty secretive about my pleasuring myself and this will make it easier. I’m 22 and still exploring and this would be another chapter in my book. I love A4A for this opportunity

  42. J. R.

    Who doesnt want? I love buttplug. I love to play alone and with my people. In this country ist not easy to find a good toy like that.

  43. Lu

    Been a really long time since I’ve been anally pleased and have seen a couple porn videos with something similar. Looks crazy hot. Wouldn’t mind wearing one of these on slow nights while bartending hehe or whole commuting late night. Always see sexy bus drivers…maybe they might want to play along. 😉

  44. Mason M

    While i’m sure there are good reasons for everyone to win this…. Here is mine.
    I should win this orgasm creator, because i have never had a anal orgasm. Winning this would allow me to get closer to the “spot” even while on the go. I would use it all the time, in all the right places, elevator, mall., driving, indoors, outside on a hike…. the locations are endless. So you should revisit with me after i have had it for a month, and i’ll leave in all those erotic details….. 😛

  45. Jon

    Hi, I have a FWB, who is a great guy. He has helped me become a better top, and is letting me explore becoming ver. Our schedules don’t line up often, but when we do get together, it is amazing. I would like to give him this, with the knowledge that something interesting will happen later. He has a great sense of humor and would enjoy it. I bet he would turn the tables on me though. LOL

  46. nycoink

    Men are difficult to find. I would prefer a always ready device to take care of my needs. Considering giving up on the flesh and just purchasing the parts I need.

  47. Kevin

    I’d use it every night if I win. Haven’t been fucked in over 2 years and could use a toy to stimulate my neglected prostate 😉

  48. KZA

    I would love a NuO. I would persuade my unsuspecting date the app was a novelty for rating his mood for sex. If he didn’t “move me” sufficiently, I would make up some excuse, show him the door and take matters into my own hands. My date might fall through, but my NuO will always be in for a good time.

  49. James

    Would love to win it because I’ve been single for a long time, and tge rare times I hook up, I top because I can’t last as a bottom. I need this to help me become the cock hungry vrs boi I should be!

  50. Buddy Morris-Eacret

    My husband and I would love to take turns keeping the vibrator inside our ever hungry holes while the other one of us takes control if it. Even using it throughout our day to day life with the other randomly triggers it just to keep things exciting. But also use it while we’re playing and one of is doing into the other work this you inside us and the one from my fucked controls the counter inside the one on top!

  51. P kenny

    Ive got my little sissy boy in chasity and would love to have this in his asscwhen we are out. Hes trying to order dinner and wham! He has to do it without giving away that he has a vibrating butt plug going off in his ass andcticling his spot. Or when asking the lady at the DMV how much his license renewal is. The possible ways to get him. And of course i woild habe it all on video. Wait until his mom visits.

  52. P kenny

    Ive got my little sissy boy in chasity and would love to have this in his ass when we are out. Hes trying to order dinner and wham! He has to do it without giving away that he has a vibrating butt plug going off in his ass and tickling his spot. Or when asking the lady at the DMV how much his license renewal is. The possible ways to get him. And of course i would have it all on video. Wait until his mom visits.

  53. genjacksn

    Late bloomer here, limited experience…..let me have this learn and explore with till I find the one to explore with for real…….Great site A4A is…..been great to be on here…….

  54. Ramone

    I’ve “toyed” (no pun intended) with the sexy and deviously fun idea of wearing one of these bad boys around my daily routine. ALL DAY!! At home, to work, to the bank… (I work in the business of trade and marketing, in suit and tie) interacting with colleagues and business professionals regularly… Often I’m required to give speeches and sometimes travel abroad meeting important clients.. The very idea of dealing with some of my handsome, “straight” or gay associates while it massively massages my P-spot by command, gives me a raging pre-cummed hard-on as I type this! Or the thought of one of them controlling it! Maybe standing in an elevator or crowded train, rock-solid, on the verge of exploding with my dirty thoughts and no control of the pulsations, thinking about being finger fukked by the bloke behind me…Yes, I’d definitely make great use of this perfect little device if given the chance! Choose me and I GARANTIE to put it to great fantasy fulfilling fun! Hell, I’ll even do discreet-like recording and share a bit of my debaucherous, pleasure-seeking, lust-filled experiences. Choose my hole to cottle one of your luxury app-controlled beauties please!

  55. Cecil Daniel

    I would like the Je Joue NUO . I’m single which in and of it’s selfs should put me close to the top of the list. But I think use it every chance I could. Like at the grocery store, while running errands and walking my dog. I work as a bartender, may even use it there to put some peep in my step. I think I would be hot to were it out to a club or bar and have strangers adjust the settings. I could thing of many ways and places to get use out of the Je Joue NUO .

  56. Cole H

    I would love to win this gift to us it on myself while I’m in public, give the controls to someone else and let them surprise me while on a date. Maybe even make a new game called guess the level or something where you have to guess which setting its on and if you get it wrong you have a punishment or embarrassing dare you have to complete. Would be so fun and mischievous.

  57. Thomas

    I’m a truck driver, i’m on The road a lot and have very little time with other men. I would use this device while in my truck. Parked for the night, driving down the road, or even while delivering to customers. I get excited just thinking about it.

  58. Kyle

    I think I need it. I’ve had a long time fantasy of having something like this, and my boyfriend using the app while I’m driving or at work. (I work with the general public) just the idea of this gets me worked up! And I know the idea of torturing me in a public place gets him going too!

  59. Shawn

    I’m a sub bottom cuckold. My husband lets me watch him with his twinks. This would rock my world while I’m watching a younger thinner boy getting pounded by my husband.

  60. Phil

    I should totally have that device, I would use it on each and every setting with a different boner worthy stud and document each and every feature with my phone to create the ultimate user’s guide for it.

  61. Travelingtroop

    I’m a top looking to become versatile. This would be a nice way to ease me into a new way of experiencing pleasure. No greater gift than that.

  62. ForTheHorde

    This looks interesting
    I’ve thought about trying toys like this since I’ve never bottomed before. But I never win anything so I won’t keep my hopes up to high
    But it does look like something fun to try and might not hurt as much as the real thing

  63. Tino V

    I would love this to have a nice n happy day after all the “customer” complaints I get at work and have it in me during work hours.
    I work for a school district at the student services department. We always have parents coming in for one reason or another. Most of the time we have parents that come to complain. You would think it’s easier to work with parents than children, wrong. Parents are the worst to work with and by the end of the day I end up having a shitty day. I would love to have it in me while at work so when parents complain i’ll Hear them out but at the same time stay happy and enjoy my work day. It would be amazing to always have an amazing day at work.

  64. cuteasian

    I have a hot married bottom boy that comes over every week. I would love to give it to him when he’s home with the family.

  65. nitewolf45

    Would be nice to win something like this to use by myself and with some friends from on here at anytime of day or night while at home or about town

  66. Codey

    I wish I had a reason like these guys but I dont have a good reason on my I deserve it. Ive been single for quite some time and have self image issues, so I guess I would want to to feel i have a connection to someone.

  67. JuJu

    My boyfriend and I would have a blast using this, especially for our OnlyFans account. As an incentive if I am the winner I will show the video of it getting put to good use 🙂


  68. Mion94

    I would definitely use this at work. I sit at work on app looking for tops to pound me when I get off. Would love to put this in before I go to the office so I can be at my desk teasing myself while I search for a big dick to ravage my tight, twink hole.

  69. Eric

    I’ve been fascinated to try this out since seeing the scene for job interview with remote control butt plug. I think I’d let my FWB control it remotely. It would beat the hell out of getting a text to let me know what he’s thinking about controlling my ass.

  70. Chris

    Never had a plug up my ass before but always wanted to try it. Sitting at work bored af with it up my ass and pull out my phone to use the app. Or during work meetings that take forever I could use it subtly to make the meeting more enjoyable.

  71. Donavan

    Hey guys, I think I should get it because my boyfriend has not touched me in 3 years. I need some HOT Alone time and get my self ready for a hot top.

  72. Neill K

    I have very limited range of movement in my shoulders and elbows. Assuming I can get this little buddy crawling into the right direction, the remote app would give me flexibility of movement in me that I don’t enjoy with other similar toys.

  73. Simba V

    This is something that I would try alone. Because I’m single I perform a lot of self exploration. I work three jobs and one of them is a group fitness instructor for a gym. During my classes there are times where I’ve become sexually stimulated and have wondered what it would be like to have one of those to use while teaching class . I think that the thrill of knowing what is really going on compared with the heightened endorphins I have going while working out would provide the ultimate orgasm hopefully I am able to receive your product thanks.

  74. Jamel Mills

    I want je joue butt plug because I did watched the all ass controller series on it’s my favorite porn ever seen

  75. Justin Zabel

    My partner and I have been exploring our selves and each other. We have been together for 14 years. In that time we had fallen into a rut. Both physically and emotionally. We consciously decided to expand our knowledge of our true selves and found role play to be especially revealing. Even though I manage the restaurant I work at, as well as being my partners boss, I have come to embrace my submissive side. We have started to introduce toys to the mix with the intent of taking it outside our house. I am getting hard just thinking about this but He wants to play with me out in public in normal settings. Shopping, movies…….or my personal favorite, church on Easter Sunday. (Side note:Easter is on April 1st. Does that mean that I can tell people April fools, Jesus didn’t rise from the dead or would that be too much? Wait, I was just talking about being used and played with by my Man so what’s a little more sin right?) I would even give a description of the experience if I win this plug. Another reason you should give it to me…………….because I’ll take it and more when I’m in my head space. So vote for me, don’t let the Russians meddle with this election.

  76. Mike C

    I love getting naked outdoors in the woods and parks here. I would use it when I walk around with just a tee shirt on. Love getting caught naked in secluded spots. The wife does not pay attention to me any more so I have to be creative before and after work !! So I will give it a work out in semi public places. I do t get to play much so you should help this horny neglected piggy !!!

  77. Shane

    Recently got out of a relationship in which I was exclusively a top.
    I haven’t been a bottom, which I love, for just over two years.
    This looks like it would be a lot of fun until I can find someone to plow my hungry tight hole! Yes please!

  78. Cristian Campuzano-Sanchez

    I think I should get it because I want my daddy to be able to please me with it when he’s away at work and I’m all alone and horny.

  79. Jah

    I feel like I should be awarded this butt plug because I am a young Top that just realized recently that my ultimate fantasy is to flip fuck but my ass is always too tight.

    I am very much interested in exploring my nice tight hole with a toy that us really going to make me feel good.

    Also, I would love to have it in while topping, and have my bottom controlling it while I fuck them. I am not sure i will ever be able to take it out!

  80. Roger windell

    I would use it on myself. I work in an office and would like to use it at work and adjust it with the remote while working. Everyone will wonder why im always smiling not knowing im getting butt action all day

  81. Bill Thorsbu

    As a bottom I would wear this and when it goes off I know buddy is hard and ready for me. I’ll drive to his house (5min away), he will bend me over, tie me down, remove the plug and replace it with his cock. After filling my ass with his load he will reinsert the plug for further calling.
    If I receive this I’ll sent you a video of it in use.

  82. mat

    You should give it to me because first of all I would love it, My partner and I have been together for 14 years. He is experiencing some erectile dysfunction. I think it would be fun if we could bring back the spark and he could give me an anal orgasm like he has before. It might rekindle his desire and wake his sleeping penis up again.

  83. ryq

    With every marketing effort you want to reach as many as you can. I will use this buttplug on many, many men and let them each know where they can buy one. You will reach as many as read the article above no matter who gets it.

    There will be men who leave here and purchase one as soon as they get home. Some will have broken teeth–from clenching so hard. Others may need to be taken home in a wheelbarrow, as they can barely move. Still more will need to wear sunglasses, even at night……they stare vacantly into the distance saying they can’t believe the experience. Meanwhile, I’m trying to get it back from someone who has not let go for hours. Oh, one will tighten up and need to go to the hospital for removal. When the doctors x-ray him and prepare for extraction, he will shout, “Don’t take it out, just change the batteries.”

    But I will keep on demonstrating it and generating new sales for you. Who’s next? Mr. Demille, he’s ready for his close-up…

  84. Rod

    I have a date in the next few weeks with a guy I have been trying to get with for YEARS! Now that I finally have my chance, I want to give him something to remember…and maybe get a second date! (And if it doesn’t work out, I will have something for myself to remember it by… )

  85. JR

    My Sub lives in another City. I do keep him in Chastity and expect him to follow direction and serve my needs. This would be a great way to send a message that his hole is mine and I can even control it from a distance.

  86. Adam

    I would like to win this toy because I’ve seen men who use toys like this and have some of the most intense prostate orgasms I’ve ever seen. I’ve never had one myself, and I want to experience it. I bought an aneros and that doesn’t really do much for me. I’ve let myself get fucked and though it can (sometimes) feel good, it doesn’t compare to the pleasure I see these other man experience on sites like CAM4.
    If this toy does everything it says, then it’s possible I can not only have a prostate orgasm but also a hands free orgasm. Both of these are something I have never experienced before and I really want to.
    Thanks for reading, and if I win , I will respond with a testimonial if that’s helpful

  87. Jeremy

    Should give it to me! Don’t have a sex toy and this one would be perfect! Would put it to a lot of use! 24 bottom here ;p

  88. Ryan

    I would love to win this toy and finally feel the intensity of an anal orgasm. I would love to use this with some of my partners and give them control of it while i wear it when separated or together. It’s perfect for warming up while on a date giving the top control to buzz while out on dinner so he gets me ready and open to be enjoyed by him. Even better to share it with my international A4A friends to play around with until we meet again. I can see myself wearing while out w my boys for drinks and having my guy buzz through the night until i couldn’t take it anymore and rush home to see him. I REALLY want to win this toy! The options are endless in my mind.

  89. Donald

    I need it for my virgin hole. What a better way to prepare myself for the real thing. I have seen it being used in videos. I have a friend that I want to be my first and the thought of giving him control of my ass is hot. It would certainly get me ready for his 9 inch dick!!

  90. Jamaal

    I would like to win this toy because I would like to try out some of the scenarios I seen in the videos. I can imagine letting my fiance have control of the device while I’m at school or work. Especially when I’m home alone and he can tease me from wherever. I’d also try it on my fiance since he is a top. I’d love to “torture” him with it. Hope my entry will be considered

  91. John

    As a married bisexual male I would love to have this toy as I can use it with my wife as well as my boyfriend. I could see giving either of them the controls while it was inside of me. The male prostate is a miracle and all men should know how to stimulate theirs.

  92. Mark

    I’d luv to win this product as I haven’t had good luck with products from Adam, everything that I have purchased has broken in a week or less so maybe this would change my opinion of Adam s you store
    Another major^ reason is I live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a small island and 90% of the men here are total bottoms … I am vers here but haven’t bottomed in more than 18 months (damn almost a virgin ) I would want to experience it at home alone or maybe do a web cam show on chaturbate or something..i can guarantee that my butt would luv it and I’m sure it will fill a much needed void in my life

  93. Tom

    Well I would have to say there’s no place I wouldn’t wear it. Top place I can think is at church. With my partner and family. He makes me weak as it is. To let him have complete control while being at his Mercy. To feel the pleasure while getting communion or just talking with other churchgoers. The feeling of ecstacy in the house of the Lord would be monumental. Anything that can bring family God love and sex together amazing I think. Please bring this sexual wonder and pleasure to my life.

  94. Vers673

    If I was the lucky winner, I would change the Bluetooth settings to make the Je Joue NOU discoverable to anyone with the app. This would allow anyone nearby to see my Je Joue NOU and give them the control of the NOU in me. I love the idea of the co-worker in the office next door or the guy waiting for the bus on the corner to anonymously control my NOU.

  95. Gerardo Zarate

    I’ve never actually tried a butt plug before. I’ve only seen it in porn and have often wondered if it really “hit’s” the prostate. I’ve tried massaging myself but I dont think I was doing it right. So I figured “what the hell? Why not try a butt plug that takes all the guessing work out?”. So here I am leaving this comment to try and win this butt plug and experience my first orgasm by actually massaging my prostate

  96. james kirkpatrick

    I would like to have it is the reason you should pick me. I tell my fuck buddies the app and when we are all kicking it together I won’t no who s in control of my ass

  97. Buckstroker

    I’m involved with a married man. I do fuck him but he’s always asking me to get a dildo to try out. This would be an amazing thing to try on him. I love it when he cums hard and think this would send him over the edge big time. And I’d like to try it too. Getting hard just thinking about it in our asses.

  98. James Roberts

    Because I’ve been celibate for 2 years, not because of reasons – but because I believe in old school romance and , yes this is a hookup site but doesn’t mean I would not enjoy a little help now and then with trading pics and yet I’ve use this website to meet really nice people and connections with friends and who respect me for my choices and there is good people in the gay community and that’s why I should win because I keep a tradition alive outside of what is portrayed by your website and shows there is another side to A4A

  99. Nicetomeetme81

    I recently been experimenting with anal play and using toys because I want to start bottoming more. I’ve use vibrating bullets small dildos but I’m still having a little bit of trouble finding the toy that works for me. I also think with the app control settings I could finally start playing with others and give them the opportunity to participate while theyw watch.

  100. BLADE

    Hey there!!! I think that I really deserve this device because there are not many tops here and it gets real frustrating. This device would be perfect for me while I watch some videos. This ass truly needs attention and would love to win this great device…

  101. Rob

    I am thrilled to say, that I have the sexiest, hottest, and most HUNGRY horse hung, all bottom boyfriend… We at most get to connect twice a week so this would be a gift for the both of us:
    For him a large headed plug to replace me, and for me the ability to show him while away , or surrounded with others and dressed, just how very much I love him.
    Sex has never been better and this incredible toy might just extend it even further.. he is such a love he deserves it!

  102. Blu92

    Being single for the past few years there isn’t much you can do to spice up a love life that really doesn’t exist but this toy and it’s ability to turn it on and use it so inocuously anywhere at any time with a few screen taps and swipes opens up entirely new avenues of pleasure where you don’t necessarily need a partner and if you happen to have or find a partner then you’re able to take that added spice with you wherever you go.

  103. JJ

    My brother-in-law recently lost a bet to me and I haven’t yet decided on a punishment. If I was able to win this contest, I would make him wear it during an upcoming marathon we are running together next month. I would give access to anyone who requested it, then film his 26 mile journey from behind, making sure to give him a jolt at every mile marker.

  104. Mark Manning

    Being a total top you might wonder why in the world would want to win this but this could be a real…uhm….ice breaker on my next adam4adam encounter. Here’s how I imagine it…. I have messaged this hot bottom on a4a for almost 6 months now and for one reason or another we just haven’t been able to get together, We are both definitely into each other and this may. be just the thing to make sure we have one awesome a4a encounter. We will meet up at my place. But this isn’t a quickie by any means. I will hand him the discreetly wrapped box and suggest that he open it in private so I leave the room for a bit. Inside he finds the Je Joue NUO Luxury App-Controlled Butt Plug with a generous amount of water based lube and instructions to go ahead and “put it in”. Now is where the adventure begins. I have a full evening planned of cocktails, cabaret shows and even some hot sweaty dancing at the gay bar. All the while I will be using the app to remotely control the Je Joue NUO Luxury App-Controlled Butt Plug and tease my Adam4Adam find until he simply can’t stand it anymore. Both sweaty and shirtless on the dance-floor he leans in and whispers in my ear the words I’ve been waiting to here….let’s go. And NOW the real fun begins………..

  105. Onixstar

    As an 8x5cut top, I want to finally feel a cock sliding balls deep into my hole as I’m mercilessly pounded into submission by one of my fellow top fuck buddies. Instead of tag treaming a tight hole, I want mine totally destroyed for the 1st time, but if A4A gifts me with this awesome toy, I can at lease be warmed up a little before my cock-filled destiny becomes reality. I think this toy is exactly what I need to help bridge me into being a true versate/top. A4A has helped me find some great ass over the years, and now I you guys to help me properly prepare to return the favor! I can’t wait for it to hurt oh so fucking good as I’m throbbed stimulated to a milky hands free release!

  106. Just Me

    As a 53 y.o. anal virgin, this would be a great opportunity to see what the fuss is all about regarding butt play, especially alone on the couch, watching Will & Grace and eating a pint of Halo Top for dinner.

  107. Long1

    If this contest is still open then PLEASE send this plug to me!! It would be such a wonderful addition to my arsenal!!

  108. PostGayGrandDad

    Two questions occur to me.

    1. Is there a telltale sound of vibrations in public?

    2. What is the range, i.e.: what is maximum separation between wearer and app controller?

  109. SCIPIO

    You should give it to me so I can use it to recreate every hilarious Remote-controlled Butt-Plug scene on with my friends and relatives.

  110. broketop

    You should give it to me cause I’m married with children and they don’t know I’m bi so I don’t get many chances to pleasure myself

  111. Connor

    If you still haven’t given them all out…I would love one to use with my partner so that it may help spice up our ever diminishing sex life. Along with the useful and playfulness of this toy, that we could both enjoy, it could also benefit to stimulate our sexual energy with each other!

  112. PaulTed

    you should give it to me since i have to completly rebuild my toy collection. My last relationship ended horribly with a PFA order filed , and he took all my toys and toy bag and apparently there them all away.

  113. Rich

    Hi, you wont pick me,not for lack of grammar, punctuation,spelling or gratuitous use of profane language. You wont pick me because i’d show you all how easy it would be to use it so much that it would burst into flames causing me to belch fire and burn down the gym at my 2nd graders science fair. Don’t think it can happen? Check the “We are Farmers” bloopers Dunt Dunt Dunt Dunt Dunt Dunt

  114. allin88888

    +Give it to me cause I’m new to bottoming and love to give control to my friend down the street and let him control it while i was walking in the mall or while i was at the movies. Hell I’f let him control anytime i was with him even at work we work in the same area and I’ll have him video it as I’ll never know when he will do it . So hope you pick me for this toy because it’ll be fun time in my ass….

  115. Richard

    I could use it since my husband went through cancer treatment. The #1 side effects is ED and I haven’t received any thing in over a year. I forget to know what it feels like to be pleasured.

  116. M8k1976

    I think I should get it because I think it’s super discreet; and also the concept of being able to be naughty in whatever situation . I also want it because after watching the videos online… I instantly became interested. . .

  117. FreeSpirit

    A friend of mine who is a proctologist (medical doctor who specializes in diseases of the anus and rectum) told me that one day, this very distressed-looking new patient, Anthony, walked into his clinic. Anthony, pointing to his ass, said to my physician friend: “Doctor, there is something in there”.
    When my doctor friend examined him, he found a deeply-lodged gigantic dildo in Anthony’s rectum. My doctor friend then said: “Oh my, it’s too deeply-lodged. I have to take you to the surgery room at the hospital to remove it”. Then Anthony said to my doctor friend: “Doctor, I don’t you to remove it. I just want you to change the batteries!”

  118. Willie Robinson

    The main reason why you should give it to me,is because I got plenty of guys both gay and str8. It will also be a good way to have them wear it in when I need them I can buzz them the company so much easier than trying to get them to hear you from across the room. And I would use it myself I still haven’t found my prostate yet so maybe this can help me up. And as for where we can use it anywhere damaged please it will be great to do this in the middle public as a high here I am

  119. Albloveu2

    I would the chance to win butt plug so i can spice up my sex drive and perhaps allow someone else to enjoy it with me. Lets do it! ; )

  120. Mike

    It would be fucking hot to get that for a gift. I’d use it to loosen up my tight hole that pretty much has turned back to virgin since its been so long since any cock has entered it. So either you guys can give my that, or cum on over and break me in yourself.

  121. Pat

    I’d love to win this specific toy to add more spice in my relationship. After close to 20 years my partner and I love each other but the bedroom doesn’t see as much action. Using this to enhance our sex life could really get my partner’s fire burning hot!! He could use it on me and prime my hole for his big tool. Very excited just thinking about the many ways we can use it together. Fingers are crossed hoping to win.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  122. Willie Bustanut

    Great, I gust got your message about you contest about the remote controlled butt plug, almost 1 year after the contest is over ! If I would have known about it timely and won, I would have taken it to the swinger nudist resort and advertised it for you and let everyone be able to “turn me on “

  123. Stan

    I’ld like to use it on myself.
    So far i’ve Only topped. I decided to try to bottom but the friend I was going to use as a top ended up blowing his load before he could get it in. Blamed it on me being to tight and not relaxing. But with this toy I could find out what it feels like to bottom. The toy won’t cum and leave me waiting

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