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Pornstars: Taylor Reign for Garçon Model

(Photo Credits: Garçon Model)

Harness enthusiasts out there, you might want to check out Garçon Model‘s interview with model, designer, and CockyBoys exclusive adult film performer, Taylor Reign. Going by the enthusiastic response we had months back on the harness article and contest we did, we know quite a number of our blog reader/members are into harness.

Anyway, during said interview Taylor spoke about his love for harnesses, art, makeup, and body paint among others. Taylor is so into harness that not only does he wear Garçon Model’s branded designs he also personally creates his own using leathers and fabrics. Take a look at the interview below:

Thanks to the emergence of bondage-inspired fashion, we can now wear a harness many ways: over or under our shirt or we can go shirtless if that’s what we prefer. Why not? Whatever suits our fancy, right?

Indeed, harnesses have come a long way from being that piece of BDSM equipment for bedroom activities to something that can be worn in the streets because of bondage fashion trend. What’s more is that there is quite a range of bondage-inspired leather accessories in the market. It’s not limited to harnesses at all: there are cuffs, chokers (collars), chains, and many other leather pieces that can complete your bondage look.

As for Taylor’s outfit in the video, he was sporting the latest GM Gold collection underwear and harness. If you are curious about bondage fashion or if you wish to recreate Taylor’s look, you may check his outfit here at Adam4Adam Underwear Store.

Want more of Taylor Reign? Check him out in his Instagram account here and don’t forget to follow A4A’s official account while you are at it.

Happy viewing!

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  1. Trent

    He’s an ok looking guy. Nothing special. But of course it’s only my opinion. I’ve seen a lot better looking one in and out of my salon. Every single day !!

  2. Charlie

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