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Promotion : 6 Black Friday Gifts For You!

Photo Credits: Adam4Adam Store

Black Friday is only three days away! However, at our Adam4Adam Store, our special promotion for Black Friday has arrived early!

If you make a purchase worth over $29, you will get 2 gifts worth over $40, while those who buy items worth over $69 will get 4 gifts a value of over $80 and if you spend over $109, then you will get 6 gifts gifts amounting over $120

That’s right, guys. The more you spend, the more gifts you will get so treat yourself to the stuff you want, and get a whole lot more from the store with this incredible Black Friday deal. Click here for more details and how to get them!

Now let’s talk about the fabulous, free sex toy packages!

At $29, get one of our most popular Suction Cup Cocks plus a Silicone Ball Stretcher. That cock has a great head definition and curves, but is reasonably-sized enough for an ambitious beginner to take it on. The ball stretcher will give you a nice tug and look super-hot when you unveil your package to your partner.

At $69, you get everything from the first tier plus an Ultra-Premium Silicone Lube and a Triple Cock Ring Plug Combo. First off, if you know someone who fucks with silicone lube, they don’t go back. Silicone lube lasts and keeps things more smooth and comfortable than water-based. That Triple Cock Ring will hold the base of your cock, shaft, and balls; keeping you extra hard and making your cock and balls look fantastic. Even better, it is attached to the anal probe, so you’ll feel a tug in your ass with every thrust into your bottom.

At $109, we throw on top a Tom of Finland Aluminum Cock Ring and a Vibrating Cock Head Teaser. This Aluminum Cock Ring is beautifully finished and is perfect for fancy dress events. The Vibrating Cock Head Teaser on the other hand, will engulf the head of your cock in stimulating vibrations until you blow your load. We recommend warming it up in warm water and also, use plenty of lube so you can stuff your cock into that hot wet humming hole.

Hurry! The offer is good until November 27, 2017 only. If we run out of any of the free products, it will be replaced with a similar product of equal or greater value so fear not and shop away to your heart’s content.

Happy shopping!!!!





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