Hookup : What Are Your After-Sex Rituals?

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So, you just had an amazing sex with this hot guy, what do you guys do next? Do you have an after-sex ritual?

If he’s a boyfriend, husband, or a regular fuck buddy, do you perhaps do a quick cleanup, wash, or shower together after? Ah, the possibilities of going for a second round in the shower—sexy, don’t you think so, too? Although I must admit sex is kind of hard to pull off in the shower not to mention there’s the likelihood of shower sex accidents. Yes, unfortunately it happens so be careful, guys!

Maybe the two of you eat snacks or share a meal? Watch a movie, why not? This one is my personal favorite: cuddle and indulge in a bit of a pillow talk until we drift off to sleep then we eat breakfast together during the morning-after.

With a one-night stand it could be a bit tricky. Most likely, depending on the location (a sex hotel, is it your place or his) either party will grab for their underwear and jeans and scram. Or engage in a short, awkward chat while both slip into their respective pants before bolting for the door. As most of our readers said in the previous post, we are Gone in Sixty Seconds. Just curious though, has a supposedly one-night stand stayed the night instead of leaving at once? Did he sneak out in the middle of the night or did you guys end up eating breakfast and becoming regular fuck buddies? Or boyfriends? Or husbands?

Whatever the case is, we’d love to hear your stories so please don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Dylan

    I have a ritual that has NEVER failed me. All my friends think I’m crazy but every one of them has/had stds/sti/hiv multiple times. I’ve never had ANY thing(and I thank god daily!). I’ve been with more guys then I could ever remember(in the thousands). Some call me a whore but I do have a very rare condition called Satyriasis (male version of being nymphomaniac). I need sex to breathe. It consumes my every thought. It’s not fun, it’s not a way to go through life. But like I said I’ve been with many guys and never even had jock itch.

    I have a ritual that envolves me chugging listerine mouth wash (the shitty original flavor), Purell my hands and lips, wash my cock and anything that touched his body with bacterial wipes (shower if possible) as soon as I’m done with the guy. I keep a to go kit in my car, at work, in my luggage, and larger bottles at my house.

    I’ve had sex in parks, the Fens in Boston (back in the day 10-15 guys a night), bathrooms, stairwells, adult stores, glory holes, abandon buildings, bars, on a loaded train outside of Yankee stadium in ny and anwhere cock is available. I’ll do it anywhere I can. Don’t care about getting caught. I’ve never had ANY STD WHATSOEVER!!! It seems to work for me. I suck a lot of cock and fuck bb all the time. I get tested more than regularly. It’s scary as fuck but I can’t stop. Been to several docs, groups(good place to meet guys lol), counselling none of it works. So that’s my ritual. See you at the booths.

      • FreeSpirit

        Joey Nojack,
        Dylan is definitely a top, or he fucks raw as a top only. That’s why he did not catch HIV.
        Years ago, I read that a negative raw bottom has a one in 10 chances of catching HIV while for a negative raw top, it is one in 300! The probability is even lower for the top if he is circumsized.
        Before PreP became available, one could assume with good accuracy that a raw bottom was HIV+ while a raw top, who did not get fucked raw, was not HIV+.

  2. Luigi Nonono

    Shower. Brush my teeth, use mouthwash. Get depressed because I realize he was just using me and I’ll never see him again; because he was a lousy lay, because he didn’t care if I came, because he came and went, because he couldn’t cum or get it up, etc. Back online to find a replacement.

  3. Knightknight

    Most of the time I get up and leave. If I’m the host I try to hurry them along out the door. I’m not one for cuddling or pillow talk even if I’m dating the person. There have been times when I may try to stay the entire night, but after laying there unable to sleep I just get up and go.

  4. Matt

    After I nutt, all my sexual desires are completely gone. My mindset is to wash up and get out as soon as I can. If I’m hosting I want him to clean up, get dressed and hit the door. I think because I’m more straight than gay I don’t want to kiss, cuddle or shower together afterward. Before I nutt I’m really into it with the cuddling, kissing, oral giving and receiving. Love foreplay and long exciting sex sessions. Once I nutt, that’s it. Lol. Bye

  5. Thad

    I was in Kingston, Jamaica, last week for five days. After sex with one 20-something, we showered together. With another beautiful young Jamaican guy, we cuddled and talked. With a third guy, he fell sound asleep and awoke eight hours later, washed up and dressed and said good-bye. Different guys like to do different things. And I love Jamaica and Jamaican men.

  6. rick

    I hooked up with a guy who was an out of town salesman at his hotel a few years ago and we have a hot fuck session after which he went to the desk and started working on his laptop, after sitting around on the bed for maybe 20 minutes, I climbed under the desk and started sucking his dick since he was sitting there naked. he loved me servicing him while he worked, every few minutes he would stop typing and hold my head as I sucked him deeply and he would moan and then he would let go and start typing again….I guess he had a lot of work to catch up on, but it was so hot and a lot of fun doing it.

  7. Mitchell

    Usually getting the bucket and mop to clean up all the manjaculum, awkwardly saying this will be great for a repeat (and it never does), making the offer/getting off for round two/second time, and then the messed up hair, semen-stained shirt, “I’ve got errands” walk of slut shame leaving and texting how insane his cock was/and wow all that cum…

  8. Jlinmd

    I know it’s cheesy, but I love to spoon after… Even if he gets hard thirty min later and uses me again.
    Something about feeling like his bf for a bit…

  9. [email protected]

    After I and my regular fwb finish a 3 hour fuck session (I know it may sound long, but I was told I’m a marathon runner and it doesn’t seem long to me and the hotel room is only 3 hours) I like to romance get my partner in the mood and myself it only feels like we’re in the room for a few minutes but as the top I always focus on make my partner have maximum pleasure, give long slow or fast strokes, kissing sucking, pounding making him cum hands free, I can go the distance trust me, after we clean up shower together wash one another cuddle and chat, then we leave separately and meet up then we go to a fast food joint and eat something cause he’s super exhausted, he always tells me I’m the best sex he’s ever had makes his body do things he didn’t know, guys b4 r just selfish and cum I’m 8-15 minutes and when they cum that’s it, I always try to pleasure him more than me cause when he blows my cock I like that and he would usually spend a good 2 hours on his knees trying different things to give me maximum pleasure, only right I return the favor in his ass.

  10. Commandobttm

    I usually clean up, get dressed and leave, but the last guy I hooked up with took me out for dinner then we went back for round two.

  11. Bedlampgh

    And this is why I don’t do hook ups. What a sad pathetic empty unfulfilling existence. Reading all of these comments makes me so sad for so many of you. Your sex has become a means to an end and that’s it. For all that most of you would’ve been better off using your hands. It’s fwb or fb for me and it takes a few weeks, yes weeks, I know my worth is more than an hour of your time. I swing a big dick and please you proper. You want that then earn it. But my after sex rituals if we don’t just lie there cuddling and panting while I’m still inside of them. Is I clean them up. I tend to my bottom. Make sure he’s ok. Hugs. Cuddles. Gentle caressing. Then we both hit the shower where I tend to give him a massage. This tends to lead to more sex usually oral unless there’s some kind of lube about. Then it’s dry off grab blankets and snacks. Kick back with them for some Netflix or gaming. You all’s sex lives are dull. Ditch the NSA crap. You’re all worth more than that.

    • Andrew

      @bedlampgh I hear u brother, I commented almost the same thing u did, u should have read my comment as a fellow top I can’t do the NSA thing, turns me off sexually and I get no thrill from meeting random ppl for sex that I dont know I constantly think about disease or hygiene of the other guy. I like giving pleasure as a top and my bottom guy gives it back 10 times, I like to enjoy my time not a sex dog that’s looking for a hole to breed if I’m feeling that I have my hands to quench that thirst.

      • FreeSpirit

        @Bedlampgh and Andrew
        There must be at least 10 bottoms for every REAL top so you guys have the embarrassment of riches and can leisurely pick and choose from the bottomless ocean of bottoms, especially if you are a well-endowed top.
        As far as friends-with-benefits (fwb) and fuck buddies (fb) are concerned, some tops have several fwb/fb bottoms so they can fuck 3 or 4 different guys during the week.
        You should try to put yourself in the bottom’s shoes by creating a “bottom” profile with your same top stats except the dick size. Then, you will see a HUGE difference between the number of messages you receive on your top profile and your “bottom” profile. However, if you have a big dick and you put it in your “bottom” profile, then you will definitely attract the dick-loving fake “tops”.

  12. Hunter0500

    Usually, I have sex with guys I’ve known for years. Most often after we’re done we stay in bed and talk about family, work, events, etc. That “after” time is just as important as the physical sex because it allows us to get to know each other as men and it enhances our overall sexual experiences down the road. Other times, when we’ve squeezed a “service call” into our schedules, it’s “Get ‘er done. Get dressed. And get on our way.”

    A few times a year, I travel out of town. Weeks ahead of the visit, I’ll start chatting with local guys and will set up a play date with the one or two of them who comes across as safe, sane and healthy. In the weeks before the the play date, I usually ask them what they’re plans are for once the fun is done. Their answers vary. Some like to chat and see if there’s a Round 2. Others admit they are a “Once and Done.” The variation is all just part of the fabric of men.

  13. Cory

    I like a good second round with a guy or 3rd if he’s a marathon top.usually it whines to my hole getting ate on or fisted or if it’s was a 3way grand final a double penetration.most of the time we play longer if we are fb.i wait for them to get dressed befor i do cause chance for one more for the road could arise.guy that I still only know by their screenname just came for the easy quick ass and depart quickly

    • goldenloverinmym

      Exactly right. A FB can n has stayed for more. No prob with that at all I prefer extended play time makes all the cleaning time and waiting worth it. For a quick hook up either I’m in the shower n getting dressed or he is. Every time is different so just how things are going. If we just had mind blowing orgasms let’s catch our breath and go again

  14. hardtopftl

    as a top, I take a good piss and wash my junk with soap, even if he/they are staying for a while. and either mouthwash or cola (highly acidic) if I have been sucking cock…

  15. andy19806

    Showering together is great. Had a shower built which easily took two with multiple shower heads. Great chance for some conversation, some more touching and clean up. Also great if one or both gets hard again. Given my age, obvious this was all from years ago.

  16. Gman

    If it’s a regular Fuck Buddy I try and get them off then ask if they want to get a beer or something to eat. Then shower or wash my cock and go from there. If it’s a new guy I try to get them off and head out. Unless they’re scary then I just hit the road.

  17. Brandon Gregg

    Im a top so personally I just rest with my mate, hold him and depends of if it day or night I just cook something for us.

  18. bjjj

    Well, the first time I met my BF, we had oral sex (at that point it would have been considered a hook up), then I met him and again, we got together, had some sex and after words went out to eat. We’ve been together almost 2 years, doing all kinds of things. and not just sexual stuff. Neither of us ran off after sex, we just latched onto each other. Hookups are great, but love is where it’s at.

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