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Over the past couple of weeks, clowns made a comeback in American pop consciousness as “It”, an adaptation of the Stephen King novel, ruled the box office. Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal of Pennywise the Dancing Clown has been especially lauded. With Skarsgård being younger and frankly sexier than the Tim Curry version, it’s not surprising that a horny fandom has sprung around it.

Head on over to the Pennywise Confessions Tumblr and you’ll find quite the number of people revealing some less than pure thoughts about the terrifying character. There’s the one guy who’s “jacked off to low res gifs of Pennywise twisting out of the refrigerator like 5 or more times:. There’s another person who wants “to call Pennywise Daddy while he chokes me with his big hands”. And there’s the one that just wants Pennywise’s claws up his ass.

Of course, this clown fetish didn’t start with Bill Skarsgård and his interpretation of Pennywise. As early as 2005, clown porn was referenced in shows like “Family Guy”. A cursory look at several tube sites show that there’s quite a bit of clown porn being made. There’s also Ouchy the Clown, a clown dom who bills himself as the “premier provider of adult clown services” and has made appearances at San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair.

Aside from that, there are also a number of online forums where people share talk about this particular fetish. People have even come up with a name for sexual arousal from clowns — coulrophilia.

Adam4Adam blog readers are a diverse bunch, even when it comes to their sexual proclivities, so here’s the question: Do you have coulrophilia? When did it start for you? What is it about clowns that you find attractive? Any stories that you want to share? Feel free to do so in the comments section below!

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  1. Hunter0500

    Unsettling. Creepy. Non-sexual. For me, at least. Clowns are a metaphor for the gay stereotype: flamboyant and loud on the outside; sad, tragic, and broken on the inside. Not the kind of guys who cause me to be attracted to them.

    Clowns are not for me, but to each his own.

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