Fantasy: One Night with a Fratman

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One night with a fratman, who here hasn’t fantasized about it? After all, fratmen’s got allure of their own. Do you agree?

I blame my fantasies to their fraternity houses. I mean, guys living together—cleaning, cooking, eating, doing their schoolwork and playing video games and partying all night together—their living arrangements do make a good fodder for my overactive imagination. One wonders if there is also a lot of hot man-on-man action going inside their shower rooms. And does their pledging and initiation include blindfolding the pledges while they had their fun with them? Does it include group sex? Maybe!

What are the chances that these instances will actually happen in real life? I know, I know, there’s the porn for that and this is why it’s called fantasy.

When I was in college I veered away from dating fratmen on purpose because in my university, frat wars run rampant and I didn’t want to get caught up in drama and in trouble. I am however, friends with some fratmen and while I didn’t care much for their fraternities’ seemingly endless drinking parties per se, they were sweet guys.

What about you, have you ever had a fratman for a boyfriend or a fuck buddy? How was it, being in a relationship and being in bed with them?

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  1. Hunter0500

    Isn’t the notion that a guy would automatically be ultra desirable because he’s a “fratman” just about as accurate as a notion that all gay guys are faggie femmie fudge pushers?

  2. Steve

    Went to a local community college and always wondered about frat houses or living in dormitory with roommates. Close I ever had was always showering in locker rooms and checking out other dudes In the showers. Had some fun cause it was shower room and not stalls.

  3. Rick

    Lived in a frat house for undergrad and I used to suck off my brothers often. Guess I was the designated cocksucker then despite us all having gf’s. Lol.
    Miss college days.

  4. Frank

    was in a frat in college…. definitely fun. Was not a gay-friendly environment though…. funny that a number of my frat bros were gay (as I now know through facebook….)

  5. Bedlampgh

    Fantasy? Nah, I’ve had that reality more times than I can count. I live in a college city and i found out long ago that so many college boys have daddy issues and big black dick dominance fantasies. I’m both. And would have anything from one night stands to being the center of all night orgies. It’s a fantasy anyone can have come true if they simply try.

  6. Jay

    Well they don’t date. They have fun and that’s about it so enjoy. Some are all about butt play and some are into sucking it like a bitch. lol. I took the bottom route with one last week. I’m about 15 years older and heavier than him but he definitely took control on all levels. So I thought I let him lock my legs apart and gave into his sleeper hold grip until I had to let him know to let up some because he cut my air off for a few minutes. He was totally in control. I like how he kept it in mutual bro mode until he took charge in the bed. It was a good and exhausting 5 hour session all over his house, yard, porches. He gave his number and told me to stop by anytime.

  7. KCguy

    Was that long time ago or more recent (last 10 years)? Just wondering. I think the younger generation now is more casual about sex and not reluctant to have sex with anyone…. I may be wrong……just my opinion.

    • Jay

      The younger generation is pretty fearless. I’m a rideshare driver. I won’t say which one but the frat’s highlight words were “I got a big dick,” “if you want to get naked and freaky, I’m game.” He wasn’t as drunk as he was pretending to be either. This happened during Irma.

      A really cute hot 18 yo Indian jock played it the smoothest though. “You look familiar. Did I see you on Grindr?” I told him that I had been on Grindr but didn’t have an account anymore (lie). He told me he was horny and did I mind if he jacked off some. Next question, can you help me out with this. I got him off and dropped him off. Total trip time 9 minutes including the pullover in a shopping center parking lot. I have his number too.

  8. Keith

    I think the younger generation has no issues with gay sex and many participate. Oh how I wish it was that way when I was in college! It’s the Roman Empire reborn from a sexual perspective.

    • KCguy

      I know, right? I’m sure 20+ years ago, fraternity sex had happened, albeit lesser (my assumption. Please let me know if I’m incorrect). But with casual attitude now towards sex, sexual fluidity more out, and the advent of the Internet and apps, it’s so much easier and more frequent to hook up. How I wish it were like that during my time 🙂

  9. Rich inPa

    Had a frat guy come over my house once while on xmas break. He wanted his coxk sucked. Was really into it said he wanted to try sucking. He said his gf was home in another state. Found out when he emailed me over Easter break when he wanted to meet up again that he actually was on the football team. Knew he was some kind of jock cause when he was nakes he was built.

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