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Sex Toys: Five Sex Toys For Your Fetish Needs

As a sexual minority, we’re often the ones more comfortable taking part in sexual practices the mainstream may frown upon. Of course, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, as long as it happens between two consenting adults.

One particular sexual practice that the community has embraced fully is S&M. We even celebrate it annually with the Folsom Street Fair. Of course, you don’t need to restrict your S&M activities to just one weekend in September. With the Adam4Adam Store, you’ve got a whole range of fetish toys with which to explore your less vanilla side.

1. Strict Leather Rainbow Flogger

Of course, one of the basic implements you’re going to need in an S&M lifestyle is the flogger. Try your hand at the Strict Leather Rainbow Flogger, made out of high quality leather and about 36 tails. It’s got a wrist strap on its handle so you can have a firm grip when whipping. Plus, its colorful tails stop this from becoming a totally monochromatic affair. It’s selling at the store at $84.99, less 25% from its usual $112.99 selling price.

2. Japanese Clover Clamps

Pressure and restriction are some of the things that S&M toys deal with, and these Japanes Clover Clamps are perfect for exactly those things. The clamps are joined together by a silver chain, and are designed to get tighter and tighter as you pull on them. Be imaginative and don’t just use it on the nipples! It usually sells at $20, but the store currently has it at 10% off, which means you can buy it for $17.95.

3. CB6000 Male Chastity Device

If you want your sub to know that his cock is only yours, then there’s nothing like the CB6000 Male Chastity Device to drive this point home. It’s made out of durable and lightweight polycarbonate, so you won’t be unnecessarily harming your sub. The five plastic locks it comes with are also tamper-proof, so your sub won’t cheat his way out of it. Best of all, you can get it at $149, 22% off from its usual $189.95 selling price.

4. Pressure Point Beaded Glans Ring

There’s an oft-repeated saying that big things come in small packages, and that’s certainly true for the Pressure Point Beaded Glans Ring. If you want to reward your sub with some pleasurable sensations,  have him put on this ring. The two steel balls constantly stimulate the underside of his glans, which is the most sensitive part of the cock. You can even use it on yourself and have our sub blow you while you’re wearing it. You can buy it at the store for only $19.95, 20% off from its $25 selling price.

5. Electro Shank Electro Shock Blade with Handle

More advanced S&M practitioners look beyond just clamps and floggers. They can use electricity to great effect, and this Electro Shank Electro Shock Blade with Handle is something they’d probably enjoy. This toy delivers an intense shock on whomever you use it on, and will surely train him to be more obedient. Buy it at the store for only $24.95, 29% off from its usual $34.95 price tag.

Any blog readers who’ve had a go at any of these toys? What do you think? Care to share some of your favorite S&M toys? Do it in the comments section below!

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  1. Locksley

    Oh, well, restraints can be fun, but my fetish has to do with foot fetish, I have been as well as restrained other men, then subjected them to various forms activities involving foot-play…

    I don’t even have an interest for the others sex-toys that some people do, but, I don’t frown on them for it, to each his own, right?

  2. Ed

    Have not tried restraints yet but definitely planning on doing so ,I also have a foot fetish and enjoy with intelligent men and women and recently discovered sounding do love it

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