Pornstars: Marc Dylan Walks Naked on the Streets of San Francisco

A video of porn star Marc Dylan strolling down the busy streets of San Francisco is circulating online with good reason. Marc had nothing on except for the hat on his head, the shoes and socks on his feet, and his trusty camera on his neck.

The crowd doesn’t look surprised however and they even gamely took his pictures for him whenever Marc asked. Does this mean they see naked people walk the streets of San Francisco in broad daylight all the time? Well, do you? Common or not, it doesn’t stop them from taking a second look at him though and I don’t blame them, the guy looks gorgeous!

Marc’s video runs for almost three minutes and he even had his hair cut done at a local barber’s shop without a hitch. Mind you, he even dropped by a café and ate. I thought the reaction of his seatmate was hilarious. My reaction would probably be the same to be honest. Take a look at the video below.


There you go, guys! We hope you enjoyed the video! Before you attempt to do a Marc Dylan however, please make sure that public nudity is legal in your area. While public nudity is legal in some places, in others you could get penalized for it.

Anyway, do you want more of Marc Dylan? Here are some sexy pictures of him for you that we got from his twitter account.

And you may also check his works with Raging Stallion here.

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Happy viewing!

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  1. Andrew

    I’m a be honest, that’s just down right nasty, time and place for everything, but u just gatta go out and show your private parts to society and kids, because the area is legal, I tell you it seems ppl of the lgbt community take this attention seeking thing to a whole new level. I don’t wanna be that guy, but for this I would, when we start to loose public decency and respect for our selves and fellow man we r noting more than animals, soon ur gunna tell me lets have sex with whom ever we please in public, it just makes me sick the lengths ppl will go to turn a head and eyes or get more likes and views.

  2. HunterWI

    Isn’t it fabulous that the US has a city that is so forward and progressive that it has legalized nudity!! Here individuals who are, or who identify as being, or who are curious about their being, exhibitionists or attention whores can freely stroll the streets with no worries that they will be judged negatively or could possibly offend anyone as they fulfill their personal needs and desires.

  3. Dudesdude1

    Marc is def. a hottie. Subscribe to his blog – he’s always got something interesting going on. I just discovered a new dude name Kaleb on Sean Cody. I’d love to know more about him. Maybe A4A could check him out?

  4. John E

    To me, there is a certain element of the pathetic when anyone feels the need to do something so outlandish in order to gain a little attention. I think his behavior speaks volumes about his character, and it does not speak favorably.

  5. hotstache

    what’s with the clown shoes and stupid music? I don’t get the running around nude just for the heck of it either!

  6. Goldenloverinmym

    what a hoot he is a hottie, hell if it’s legal i dont have a problem with it. i’d even do it. i love being nude. if you don’t like it don’t look sneakers would have better and as far as the hat i doubt if it has anything to do with his Scottish heritage. the music is something from the 20’s

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