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Watch This: Football Hottie Showcases Wrestling Talent (and Bulge)

Photo Credits: Screengrab Jason Cummings Twitter This football hottie’s video is making waves on the Internet as he was filmed strutting at their training center’s canteen to Madonna’s Like a Prayer in nothing but his underwear and a white bandanna on his forehead. Netizens were not looking at his face, however, but at the quite noticeable bulge he was sporting and at the words “Cum Dog” which were scrawled across his chest. The guy’s name is Jason Cummings, a striker for Hibernian F.C., a Scottish professional football club based in Leith, Scotland. Cummings was apparently putting on a show for Grado—a Scottish professional wrestler and actor—who was visiting the football club’s training center. Cummings climbed on top of one of the tables before he was seen launching himself at Grado and seconds later they were grappling and trying to pin each other down. Cummings’ teammates could be seen and heard laughing, cheering, and clapping. In the end, Cum Dog overpowered Grado and he emerged victorious. He then took to twitter to tell his opponent, “Oi Grado, it’s Yersel Cumdog!! Think you can eat lunch in my training centre think again brother.” To which Grado replied, “this is far from over cum dog… attack a man whilst he’s at his soup.” If you ask me, I think Cum Dog won by virtue of his, ahem, massive bulge. It definitely stole the show. Without a doubt the pair’s antics are downright funny, if nothing else. I’ll let you decide, so go ahead and check out his video below. Do you agree? Share with us your thoughts on the comments section below.

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